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Reethi Beach, Maldives has got to be the beach destination of your dreams, pristine blue waters and luxurious beach resorts are the highlights of the Reethi beach in the Maldives and there’s only more to it, let’s find out:

About Reethi Beach, Maldives:

About Reethi Beach, Maldives

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The Maldives has long been known as a honeymoon spot for couples but the country has lots to do even for families, groups of friends and even for solo-travelers. Reethi Beach is located on the Fonimagoodhoo Island, lying to the north-east of Baa Atoll (the administrative division of the country of Maldives).

How To Reach Reethi Beach?

How To Reach Reethi Beach

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The Reethi Beach map shows you a tiny island called Fonimagoodhoo, where the beach destination is located. You can reach the beach by Malé, the Maldivian capital by flight. Once you reach Malé, a domestic carrier flight will fly you to Dharavandhoo (an island of Baa Atoll) in about twenty minutes after which you’ll board a speedboat that drops you right at Reethi beach which will take another fifteen minutes.

The second option is to take a seaplane that takes you over the turquoise blue Maldivian waters and drops you directly to Reethi. On reaching Reethi, you disembark from the flight on to a pontoon (a boat used for inland river transfers) while the Dhoni boat is on its way to pick you up. Depending on your accommodation, these boats will drop you off to the close to your resort.

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What You Need To Know Before Going To Reethi Beach

What You Need To Know Before Going To Reethi Beach

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  • Bringing alcohol from other countries to the Maldives is strictly not allowed, if you are found with any kind of alcohol that is brought by you (from the departure airport or that you bought in-flight), the airport Custom authorities will confiscate it.
  • If you plan to go diving at Reethi Beach, make sure you carry appropriate swim-wear. Also, Maldivian law prohibits nude/ topless bathing in the waters and defaulters are heavily fined.
  • Fancy taking back sea-shells, corals and other naturally found things as souvenirs? Do not pick these up or even buy them from vendors as taking these products back from the sea is not allowed. Buying or taking any products that are made from shark teeth or turtle shell are not allowed so make sure you ask before buying these.
  • Being a tropical country, Maldives does have its share of insects. So carry mosquito repellents or patches when you visit.
  • The Fonimagoodhoo island has no ATMs so make sure to carry enough cash or a credit/ debit card. US Dollars are accepted everywhere so it’s safe to carry the currency with you.

The Reethi Beach Resort In The Maldives

The Reethi Beach Resort In The Maldives

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The Reethi Beach Resort is a 4-star resort in Baa Atoll, located on the 600m x 300m island of Fonimagoodhoo. The Reethi beach resort has luxurious services coupled with the best of the views. The staff members at the resort are warm, greeting you with smiles and fresh coconuts as you reach the resort after a long journey.

Villas In Reethi Resort

1. Regular-villas

Regular villas

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The Reethi Beach Resort has about forty separate and some semi-detached Villas that are spread across the western and eastern side of the Fonimagoodhoo island. The Reethi Villas are comfortable regular-sized rooms. If you thought that was it, the villa rooms also have open-air bathrooms and a terrace where you can sit on the sun loungers, enjoying the views of the scenic beach.

Cost for Reethi Villas: Being the cheapest villa rooms, these are priced at about INR 12,000 (per night).

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2. Deluxe Villas

Deluxe Villas

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The Reethi Beach Resort has about fifty Deluxe Villas located right in front of the glistening sandy beaches. These villas also have open-air showers with bathtubs, large seating areas and traditional Maldivian swings that you can use while you admire the views of the beach. When you step out of your Villa room, your feet will be covered in cool fine-grained sand and you’ll hear the gushing waves of the Reethi waters.

Cost of the Deluxe Villas: If you’ve got a bigger budget, go in for the Deluxe Villa which costs about INR 17,500 (per night).

3. Over-Water Villas

Over-Water Villas

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The over-water Villas at the Reethi beach resort are to die for and look like they are straight out of a Bollywood movie. These are cottages that are built over the beach water, with raised wooden passages that lead you to your over-water villa, these cottage-like rooms have attached bathrooms furnished with bathtubs, separate showering booths and a balcony that overlooks the Indian Ocean, giving you access to the sea.

Cost of the Over-water villas: Each over-water villa costs about INR 21000 (per night).
Insider Tip: If you’ve got a smaller budget, we suggest you stay at the regular villas and take a one-night transfer to one of the over-water villas as it is definitely an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Restaurants At The Reethi Beach Resort

Restaurants At The Reethi Beach Resort

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The Reethi Beach resort is a one-stop shop for everything you want. The resort has five in-house restaurants that include a buffet restaurant, a gourmet restaurant, specialty restaurants, and sprawling bars.

Rehendhi restaurant: The Rehendhi restaurant is Reethi beach resort’s buffet restaurant that serves lavish buffets spreads according to various themes decided by the hospitality staff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Reethi Grill: Another restaurant, the Reethi Grill is an open-air restaurant that dishes up sumptuous grills, tandoors, and wood-fired pizzas. You’ll never be bored with the restaurant’s lip-smacking food as they have lots of variety.
Alifaan restaurant: In the mood for some snacks? Head to Alifaan, a casual daytime restaurant by the resort’s poolside. Local Maldivian cuisine is based on coconut gravies, rice and fish especially the skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna, and the wahoo.
The Saima Garden restaurant: The Reethi Beach Resort has The Saima Garden, perfect for a boutique style romantic dinner date. The Saima restaurant offers local Maldivian and International cuisines combined with premium service.

Water Sports At The Reethi Beach Resort

Water Sports At The Reethi Beach Resort

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Where there’s a beach, there are water-sports! Reethi has plenty of water sports options. Through these water sports, you’ll be able to see marine life up-close. The Water Sports center called H2O World at the beach resort is managed by Sasha Waterworld, a larger sport that is being operated since 1998. H2O World offers water-sport activities and courses, right from Dolphin Safaris (INR 13,850) to Catamaran courses (Basic course consisting of 8 lessons costs INR 27,700).

Diving and Snorkelling at the Dive Centre: The Reethi Beach Resort has an array of diving courses for different diving levels. Some of their diving courses are day/ night house reef and boat dives, trial dives, snorkel excursions, complimentary snorkel classes for newbies at the house reef. The Dive Centre is looked after by Sea-Explorer, an S.C.U.B.A/ SSI/ PADI certified center and has professionals that train aspiring divers and monitor your dives.

Tip: Most of the water-sports options in Reethi are steeply priced. So, another option for you is to hire some snorkeling equipment for about INR 950 (per day) and explore the waters on your own.

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Things To Do Near Reethi Beach

Want to make the most of your trip when you’re in the Maldives? Sign up for the excursions planned by the Reethi Beach Resort.

1) Island Hopping:

Island Hopping

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The Island Hopping excursion involves a full-day trip to Baa Atoll. The excursion begins with Kamadhoo (an island in Baa Atoll) where you can get a first-hand experience of the Maldivian style of life followed by a visit to an uninhabited island where you can spend some time snorkeling or just basking in the sun. Grab some lunch prepared by their in-house chef who cooks up a mouth-watering lunch buffet and some local dishes only for you.

Timings for Island hopping: 10 am to 6 pm
Cost: INR 21,218 for the boat and an additional INR 1800 for lunch (per person)

2. Sunset Trip:

Sunset Trip

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The Sunset Trip is a planned visit to the Dharavandhoo (an uninhabited island in the Maldives) where you can watch the beautiful Maldivian sunset amidst the quiet of the island, with your drink and some Maldivian snacks in hand. The last stop after lunch is to Royal Island in Horubadhoo, a five-star spa resort known especially for its rejuvenating spa center.

Timings for Sunset Trip: 6 pm to 8 pm
Cost: INR 1500 (per person inclusive of the drink)

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3. Moonlight BBQ

 Moonlight BBQ

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Ever imagined a barbecue night under the stars on an island? The Moonlight BBQ night is essentially everything that you’ve imagined and more. A personal chef prepares some juicy and tasty BBQs for you and your group of friends on an island away from the hustle-bustle of tourists or locals. As the day comes to a close, what more do you need than some BBQ dinner and your close-knit group of friends?

Timings for the Moonlight BBQ: 6:30 pm to 10 pm
Cost: INR 3066 (per person). The Moonlight BBQ experience needs a minimum of ten people.

Weather In The Maldives

Weather In The Maldives

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The Maldives has a tropical monsoon climate and two main seasons. The dry season that lasts from the months of December to April and has little rain, very low humidity while the wet season that lasts from the months of May to November has strong winds blowing across the islands in the country. The average temperature in the Maldives is about 26 degrees Celsius and is more on the warmer side owing to its tropical climate type.

Best Time To Visit Reethi Beach

Best Time To Visit Reethi Beach

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The best time to visit Reethi would be early August as it would just be the start of the monsoons, you’ll find lesser tourist crowds at the resort and even cheaper prices as it is not a peak time. If you’re looking to visit around December, which is the peak season-time in the Maldives, expect the prices to be the steepest but with pleasant weather and lots of tourists to accompany you on your holiday.

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Holidaying in Reethi Beach, Maldives is no ordinary deal, you might find the stay options and the activities a little pricey but the trip will be worth every penny! While you book your tickets to the Maldives for a beach-y holiday at Reethi beach, do check out other places in the country for an all-inclusive experience.

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