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The alluring resorts near Morjim Beach are on the threshold of a world where there is luxury and peace as the shining sun touches the shores. Morjim Beach is found in northern Goa, a wonderful place few people know about. It is where you can relax without the noise of other beaches in this state. Because of the rare Olive Ridley turtles that lay their eggs there, Morjim is also called Turtle Beach; therefore, anyone looking for a quiet holiday surrounded by breathtaking landscapes should visit this part of India. Let’s take a tour of serene sands and lavish retreats that make up coastal living at its core near this undiscovered paradise beach.

Top Resorts Near Morjim Beach

Whether a calm refuge or a trip filled with activities is what you seek – resorts near Morjim Beach present an ideal mixture of cosiness and attractiveness. Allow yourself to keep the memory of this extraordinary coast, coaxing you back again to inscribe fresh tales along the sun-drenched Goan shores.

1. La Vaiencia Beach Resort

Sunset view from resorts near Morjim beach

Image Credit: Leonardo Rossatti for Pexels

If you’re after an intimate and more personal holiday, La Valencia Beach Resort should be at the top of your list of places to stay in Goa. The lovely place is just a minute’s walk from Morjim beach, so if you want to get into those waves or play around with sand, it’s easy here! The design of each room in La Vaiencia is modern, with air conditioning units for all suites and flat-screen TV sets where guests can enjoy their favourite programs any time they feel like resting inside them without getting bored. Another feature that characterizes some of the chambers available in the facility is an exclusive view over the Arabian Sea, which makes it possible for a person residing here to have an excellent sunset. Among the retreat’s highlights is an exterior swimming pool surrounded by verdant gardens and sun loungers. The resort is also home to an eatery that serves mouthwatering local and international dishes and a bar where one can enjoy excellent, refreshing cocktails.

Address: Plot No. 1430, Tembwada, Morjim Beach, Goa 403512
Starting Price: INR 3,695 per night

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2. Foxoso La Alphonso Beach Resort

Resort room at resort near morjim beach

Image Credit: Engin Akyurt for Pexels

Foxoso La Alphonso is a charming property situated directly on Morjim Beach. The resort is ideally located on the beachfront and boasts beautiful views of the Arabian Sea and proximity to soft golden sands. The rooms at Foxoso La Alphonso are spacious and well-kept and come with modern amenities, including air conditioning, flat screen TV and a private balcony. Direct beach access is available for some of the rooms, which means that’s how close you are from your room to the sand. The outdoor pool in this resort is a prime attraction, especially on hot afternoons. It also has a restaurant that serves both local and international cuisine that is mouth-watering, including a bar for cocktails while catching the sunset.

Address: nr. Vithaldas Vado, Morjim Beach Road, Beach, opposite Morjim, Morjim, Goa, 403519
Starting Price: INR 6,664 per night

3. LaRiSa Beach Resort

Sea view resort room at resorts near morjim beach

Image Credit: Curtis Adams for Pexels

The LaRisa Beach Resort is a delightful resort that sits directly on Morjim Beach, giving access straight to sand and water through its hospitable staff, cosy rooms and casual ambience, which is ideal for people interested in enjoying a relaxed holiday. The rooms of LaRiSa are clean and neat, providing contemporary features such as air conditioners, plasma TVs and personal verandas, to name a few. Others have breathtaking views across the Arabian Sea. One of the standout features of this resort is its swimming pool, which is located outside, complete with sun loungers and green gardens. Besides serving delicious local and international dishes, the resort has a restaurant and bar where you can sip on excellent cocktails.

Address: Vithaldas Wada, Morjim Beach Road, Morjim, Goa 403512
Starting Price: INR 12,185 per night

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4. Golden Sands Resort

Swimming pool landscape

Image Credit: Rachel Claire for Pexels

The GOLDEN SANDS RESORT is a luxurious resort situated near Morjim Beach. This resort offers a highly pampered stay for anyone willing to spend a big portion of their vacation in Goa, with its refined decoration, high-quality facilities, and careful personnel. Rooms in GOLDEN SANDS are again spacious but elegantly furnished, where you will find things that make all the difference, like soft linens on big beds, television sets mounted on walls, and balconies that overlook either beautiful gardens or stunning Arabian waters. There is a lovely outdoor swimming pool surrounded by expansive green gardens and comfortable sun beds, which are among the attractive features of this resort. This resort also houses a restaurant whose assorted tasty meals include local dishes alongside international ones, and a bar has been set up where guests enjoy chilling out with great cocktails amid that awe-inspiring environment.

Address: Morjim Beach Road, vithaldaas, pernem, Morjim, Goa 403512
Starting Price: INR 4,256 per night

5. Turtle Beach Resort Goa

Terrace lounge at resorts near Morjim beach

Image Credit: Colon Freld for Pexels

The Turtle Beach Resort Goa is right on Morjim Beach, one of Goa’s protected turtle nesting sites. This eco-friendly resort has a variety of accommodations, from cute cottages to large suits, all aimed at being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Turtle Beach Resort rooms are nice-looking and fitted with contemporary necessities such as air conditioning systems, flat television screens and verandas. What makes this resort different is its emphasis on eco-tourism and preservation. Collaborating with the local societies, it also operated hand in hand to safeguard the Olive Ridleys from extinction, which lay eggs at Morjim beach, thus availing guided trips and educational lectures to help visitors discover more about them.

Address: 1435, Kannaikwada Morjim, Goa, Morjim, Goa 403512
Starting Price: INR 3,357

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Now that you have a list of things to keep in mind for your next vacation to enjoy at Resorts near Morjim Beach make sure you plan your trip to Goa to these fabulous spots accompanied by your loved ones; this experience will be more rewarding as you experience all the fun with them. Don’t miss out on these opportunities; book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resorts Near Morjim Beach

What services do the resorts provide?

The resort close to Morjim Beach has many facilities such as large-sized rooms, sitting areas, meditation centres, poolside pubs, and restaurants that serve various dishes made of exotic international and local Goan foods.

Which water sports and outdoor activities are on offer at this point?

Guests in this area are allowed to practice water sports such as jet skiing or parasailing in addition to riding a banana boat. They are also able to see for themselves the surrounding environment by going on boat trips along the Chapora River or visiting Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which is just nearby.

What historical sites are worth visiting?

To learn about the history of the region, explore places of interest such as Chapora Fort with its stunning views of the Arabian Sea. To get a feeling for local customs and traditions, come to celebrations or festivals: Shigmo festival, as well as the Goan Carnival, should be mentioned in this regard.

Which are the highly-ranked resorts nearby?

As per reviews, some of these resorts are the Red Thread Hotel, Marbela Beach Resort, and Turtle Beach Resort adjacent to Morjim Beach enjoy top rankings from guests due to their locations, facilities, and best experiences.

What does this location imply for the conveniences that the resort offers?

Near Morjim Beach, the resorts are close by enabling quick access to the beautiful seashore that’s its attraction as well as other points. Moreover, Some of them are even based between Calangute and Baga tourist attractions having a 15-20 km radius.

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