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Traveling does not mean you take a picture of yourself at famous landmarks. It is something more than that. For some traveling means experiencing the taste of the local food at restaurants and local stalls while for some traveling is to discover the heritage of the place. That depends upon the preferences of a person. If you are a food lover, if you love to explore cities based on food, if you love to explore rich heritage then these restaurants in Hanoi are the perfect place for you to visit.

Best Time To Visit Hanoi

Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam has hot and rainy weather while Hanoi has four seasons named as winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Although Hanoi is the place which offers you best whenever you go there regardless of the season because it has its own natural beauty in every season thus you can visit the place anytime in a year while spring is the ideal season to visit the place. You can have the dish at a street food stall if you love to have local experience else you can visit Hanoi restaurants where you will get the dish.

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How To Experience The Real Flavor Of The Place

How To Experience

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Hanoi has gained its reputation because of its unique food. The place has been considered as the paradise of the food. Around every sidewalk, visitors are invited to sit on chairs and enjoy the real flavor of the place Hanoi. Not only this, they are able to offer a variety of dishes which are the specialty of Hanoi. People come here in Hanoi to treat their taste buds. Hanoi always has something unique and fascinating for its tourists, not just things to see and do in the city but as well as in food.

Must-Try Restaurants In Hanoi

Here is a list of a few food dishes which you should try at Hanoi restaurants whenever you visit Vietnam.

1. Hanoi Pho

Hanoi Pho

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You might have had enjoyed noodles before but noodles at Hanoi is something really very incredible and unique. You might have heard before about these rice noodles. The buzz of these noodles had spread all over in the world because of their deliciousness. Hanoian Pho contains three components which are rice noodles, broth and meat. If you really want to experience the food at Hanoi then start with a bowl of noodles along with the soup. You will have a great delicious, mouth-watering start. Find it at Essence restaurant in Hanoi.

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2. Banh Duc – Dipping Sauce with steamed rice cake

Banh Duc

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Banh Duc is really very famous dish in Hanoi. A cake is prepared with steamed rice and then molded in various sizes and shapes. You will have this steamed rice cake with dipping sauces. The name of the dish is enough alone to make you slobber. Enjoy the cake pieces with the delicious sauce. If you love to taste the dish then you need to visit some of the best Hanoi restaurants. This dish is pretty similar to some other dishes.

3. Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dak Kim

Bun Cha

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It might not be a national dish but the taste of the dish forces me to include it in must-try dishes in Hanoi. It consists of three components named as grilled fatty pork, fresh greens such as coriander, perilla and rice noodles. The pork is a meatball which is served by restaurants in Hanoi in a bowl contains soup. You can’t enjoy the dish anywhere else other than Hanoi.
Its own unique characteristics make it unique which you can find only in some well-known restaurants in Hanoi

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4. Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền Thanh Vân

Bánh Cuốn

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Although the dish can be enjoyed anywhere in Vietnam while it comes under Hanoi specialty. So, make a visit to Hanoi to enjoy the real flavor of the dish. The dish is prepared by a thin sheet of steamed rice batter. Then this is filled with wood ear mushrooms and pork. Then the dish is topped with various greens such as coriander. Usually, fish soup is served with the dish. You can enjoy the dish at well-known restaurants in Hanoi where you will love to enjoy the dish.

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5. Bun Thang

Bun Thang

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You will serve these noodles with chicken soup. The preparation of the dish is really very unique so as the taste. This is a local dish in which a housewife use remaining food named as Tet to create a new dish. The dish is made up of the chicken soup and noodles while one can enjoy these with shrimp, garlic, onions and much more. if you love to taste the real taste of the place then this is a must-try dish.

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Here, you will discover the rich heritage along with experiencing the delicious food of the place. Hanoi city is the capital and the second largest city of present Vietnam. If you are planning to a vacation to Vietnam then Hanoi is a perfect place to discover the country’s north side. Hanoi is known for its Vietnamese food.

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