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As the number of adventurous young people visiting Sikkim is increasing every year, river rafting in Sikkim is becoming more popular. Rafting, as you already know, is an adventure sport where you sit on a raft and it makes its way through the fast and turbulent rivers. You need to control and steer the boat through it without tumbling over in any of the rapids. This brilliant sport allows you to enjoy the adrenaline rush which punches in during the whole rafting trip.

River Rangit and Teesta are the two best rapids in the entire Sikkim which promise to deliver a lifetime experience to all adventure lovers. The Sikkim river rafting scene is just perfect not only for experts but for beginners as well. Both the rivers have rapids and high-intensity points that range from easy to very intense. Hence, you need to choose the right point according to your experience and overall knowledge of the sport. Melli river rafting is now one of the most popular of them all. Find all the information on it below.

Best Time For River Rafting In Sikkim


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When you are in Sikkim, the best time to go river rafting is during the months of March to May. This is the spring season in Sikkim and that is why the temperature and overall atmosphere in the state are soothing and really beautiful. The rivers are gushing with water as the ice melts after long months of cold winter. Making them ideal for river rafters to set out on a rafting trip. River rafting during this time will provide some of the best memories because you can experience the sweeping waters, flourishing greenery and lush landscapes of Sikkim at their purest form. The temperature in Gangtok is anywhere between 18°C to 25°C during the spring season.

There will be a blend of warm sunshine and chilling winds all around, that makes the climate comfortable and convenient throughout the day. This magnificent weather makes it possible for facilitating a lot of adventure activities like river rafting, parasailing and various other sports. Once this season ends, monsoon sets in from the end of June and that is why it becomes quite risky to plan a trip for water rafting in Sikkim. So, we recommend you to visit Gangtok between March to May and enjoy white water rafting.

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Best Places For River Rafting In Melli


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Melli also known as Malli, is a quaint and peaceful town on the West Bengal-Sikkim border, a situation very near to the River Teesta. Tourists visit this town to take part in different adventure activities and white water rafting is clearly one of the most popular. The ideal location of this town makes it a great starting point for white water rafting trips and you will have no problem in finding an agent who will be more than glad to organize it for you. The Teesta river gushes down by Melli and offers one of the best experiences that you will ever feel. A lot of people also combine their rafting trip with camping beside the river. All in all, once you invest in Melli river rafting, you will expose yourself to something really magical.

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Cost Of River Rafting In Melli


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The prices of river rafting in Melli varies on the duration, location and type of rafting you have selected. However, the estimated cost of river rafting in Melli price is anywhere between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6000, per person. You need to contact your trip organizer for more details. If you are lucky enough, then you can get your trip done at even lesser prices during this time.

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Tips For River Rafting In Sikkim


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Take a look at these important tips that will help you to plan and organize your trip to Melli for river rafting in a more convenient manner.

  • Pack all the essential equipment that you will be requiring for the rafting trip. The tour organizers will provide you with the safety tools and gadgets like helmets, life jackets and tripod for cameras.
  • Make sure to dress warmly. The river water will be really cold and that is why we recommend you to wear a thermal inner in order to keep yourself warm. You will get waterproof jackets for hire as well.
  • You must contact the river rafting trip organizer at least a day ahead of the journey. They need time to organize it properly and check on all the necessities.
  • Consult the prices and terms of the trip with more than one tour organizer. This will help you to get a better idea about the prices and a more affordable deal always.
  • Choose the starting point and course carefully by consulting it with the trip organizer. You need to be absolutely sure of your skills in white water rafting. If you are a novice, never opt for the higher intensity rafting courses down the river.

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What To Pack For River Rafting In Sikkim


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When you are going for river rafting in Melli, you have to carry some really important things with you. The most crucial of them all being your rafting shoes. Make sure to invest some money in good quality shoes that provide you with a nice grip and study boot lock. Without a good shoe, you will always be worried about slipping on wet surfaces. Next, you will need a waterproof jacket or thermal wear. Even though you can get waterproof jackets on hire at Melli, you are always allowed to carry your own.

Bring a pair of waterproof gloves that have efficient grips on it in order to steer the oar in a better way. You can choose to pack your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the splashes of water. Quick-dry shorts/bathing suit is a must so that you do not get completely wet quickly. Wear synthetic shirts or t-shirts during the trip, this is because cotton gets really cold when wet. A set of dry clothes and a warm jacket is a good thing to pack in your suitcase because you will need them after the river rafting trip ends.

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River rafting in Sikkim is an ideal getaway for all the adventure lovers out there. You will bring home some amazing memories after you are done with the fantastic river rafting trip on your vacation in Sikkim. Make sure to read our blog and plan your trip to Melli for river rafting even more efficiently.

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