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Take ‘the road not taken’ this time and opt for an exciting adventure! Wondering about where to start? Well, read on and you may know! Lush green gardens, rich culture, and heritage with excellent connectivity give reason to thousands of tourists the destination every year. Yes, it’s Nagpur! Nagpur is an isolated city that holds significance and is the dead geographical center of India. It may have fewer significant attractions to see but holds various parks and reserves, such as Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park. But the best thing is the exciting road trips from Nagpur that you can undertake for an unprecedented experience!

5 Top Road Trips From Nagpur

Nagpur has so many nearby places where you can enjoy and make plans for road trips from here. There are long lists of attractions; some of them are listed below:

1. Bhedaghat – 272 Km From Nagpur
2. Khekranala – 56.9 Km From Nagpur
3. Adilabad – 196 Km From Nagpur
4. Pachmarhi – 227.3 Km From Nagpur
5. Kanha National Park – 253 Km From Nagpur

1. Bhedaghat


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Bhedaghat is one of the popular destinations and a small town which is known as the Marble Rocks. It has gained a reputation for 100 feet of rocks on the Narmada river, and it is well known in India and across the world too. Bhedaghat is 272 km from Nagpur and one of the closest places to visit, which is located in Madhya Pradesh. This place is renowned for its Dhuandhar Falls, where the waterfalls in a massive cascade from the height of 98 feet. Boating in the moonlight is one tourist that will gain an unforgettable experience in Bhedaghat. Bandar Kidini and 64 Yogini temple are other attractions that you can visit on your road trips from Nagpur.

Best Time: October -March
Ideal duration: 1 day
Distance: 272 km from Nagpur

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2. Khekranala


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Khekranala is the perfect destination for trekking and adventure lovers. The distance between Khekranala to Nagpur is 60 km; it offers an adventure trip along with the best spot to enjoy nature. Khekranala has a beautiful blue lake that forces you to reach when you are on road trips from Nagpur. There are so many things and activities you can experience, such as water sports and other places that leave you hungry while on tour.

Best Time: October -March
Ideal duration: 1 day
Distance: 56.9 km from Nagpur

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3. Adilabad

Beautiful Adilabad

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Adilabad is 196 kilometers away from Nagpur and one of the most scenic road trips from Nagpur and known for the waterfalls of Kuntala which is nestled amidst lush green forests. One of the best places to visit if you are nature lovers and will offer you historical buffs. Telangana is the second-largest district and keeps various cultures and traditions, which is a perfect example of Telugu and Marathi fusion. Adilabad is a witness of multiple great dynasties such as Maurya, Chalukyas, Mughals, and brahmans. The city has a combination of flora and fauna, which is covered by dense forest and known as “the city of cotton.”

Best Time: November -March
Ideal duration: 1 /2 day
Distance: 196 km from Nagpur

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4. Pachmarhi


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Pachmarhi is well known as the name “ Queen of the Satpuras’. ‘ It is 277 km from Nagpur and magnificently located in the heart of hills. One of the famous hill stations of Madhya Pradesh and a favorite destination for love birds and honeymoon tour packages. Pachmarhi is situated at an altitude of 1067 m and offers scenic views of hills with green beauty of nature. A fantastic destination enjoys the road trips from Nagpur to hills with the best climate that makes you mesmerize with the vision of hills.

Best Time: throughout the year
Ideal duration: 2 /3 day
Distance: 227.3 km from Nagpur

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5. Kanha National Park

Adventurous Kanha National Park

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Kanha National park is situated in Madhya Pradesh, 253 km from Nagpur; it is one of the largest parks located in central India. It is counted as one of the best national parks in Asia; and an exciting Nagpur road trip will lead you here. The national park is spread in 940 km and divided into two sanctuaries with Hallon and Banjar. It is the home of the rarest species of deer, which is also known as Barasingha, along with wild dogs, wild cats, sloth bears, hyenas, leopards, etc. It was under the project of Tiger Reserve and abundant in fauna and flora. Kanha National Park is open between October to June. It is the best time to visit and enjoy road trips from Nagpur.

Best Time: October to June
Ideal duration: 1 day
Distance: 253 km from Nagpur

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If you love road trips, then you can take any of these road trips from Nagpur for scenic views and a great experience. It serves so many attractions to the real travelers who are adventurers and want to experience road trips from Nagpur and hub of many hill stations and waterfalls at the same time. Don’t miss the chance to explore the city and unforgettable moments of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Maharashtra and get going!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Road Trips From Nagpur

What is Nagpur famous for?

Nagpur is the city of juicy oranges and winter capital of the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the essential cities in Vidarbha.

What can I buy from Nagpur?

Nagpur is majorly known for oranges, sweets, handicrafts, and antique currency. So, these are some of the things you can buy.

What is the famous food of Nagpur?

Patodi and kadhi is a besan curry which is very popular in Maharashtra. This curry is mainly served with spicy gravy that can be eaten with roti or bhakri.

Which language is spoken in Nagpur?

Marathi is the local and official language of Nagpur. It is a cosmopolitan and famous city of Maharashtra

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