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Apart from the beautiful islands, there are many other things to see, especially historical ones. One such historical beauty to witness in Mauritius is the Ruins of Balaclava. As one of the significant historical sites of the destination, there are many other things you will get to witness in this destination. Therefore, you must plan your trip accordingly. Apart from visiting Balaclava ruins, there are many other things you can explore in nearby areas. So, make sure that you thoroughly explore the places to see and things to do to relish the true beauty of the place.

Ruins Of Balaclava History

You can come across some of the most prominent destinations at Ruins of Balaclava.

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The French had already settled in Mauritius by the 18th century. The first governor was Mahe de Labourdonnais who became a part of the administration in the South. The new capital was then baptised as Port Louis in honour of King Louis XV.

The iron from the nearby ruins of Balaclava was used for building the new capital and the harbour. The same metal was also used for building gunpowder and weapons during the Mahe de Labourdonnais’ campaign. Furthermore, it was also used for building naval arsenal, gun powder factory and then the foundry which was further used for completing the fort.

Post that, there were several efforts of taking over Mauritius by others. However, the others did not get any such positive luck in this effort. The power store however underwent massive damage in 1774. Then it was sold in 1864 to Mr Wiehe. Mr Wiehe used the space for building a place called Mon Desir and school for children and his workers. It soon became one of the most popular and frequently visited destinations or rendezvous areas. Mr Wiehe also used the area for building a rum distillery which was hailed to be pretty modern, as compared to earlier times.

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Ruins Of Balaclava Present-Day Conditions

The historical ruins of Balaclava have a lot of beautiful things to offer.

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If you are planning to visit the Ruins of Balaclava today make sure to be ready to take a trip down the past. You will get a hint of the presence of colonial society of the 1800s. The remains or ruins of the fort also act as the support that there were settlements in the earlier generations. It shows the evidence of the existence of French rule and even beyond that of the Dutch rule, especially when they came into existence in Mauritius.

You will come across the old flour mill which was the home to several flours being used for producing a wide range of food products. You will also come across the beauty of originally built seawalls that are built around the fortress. These are quite visible. If you’re staying in the Maritim Hotel, you will be able to witness the true beauty of the place. The lush green vegetation and surrounding Citron river seems to be taking over the beauty of the place. Since this makes up for a natural footpath, you can always explore the place’s true beauty.

Apart from the historical beauty, you can also see the vast mountain ranges of Ruins of Balaclava. Upon the original site of Mon Desir, the Chateau Mon Desir is a restaurant built. From this main destination, the view of ruins and Turtle Bay is available. If you visit the ruins of Balaclava, you will have an opportunity to travel back to the colonial period of Mauritius. In order to get the best view of the ruins, it is advisable that you plan your stay at the Maritim Hotel. You are sure to get a touch of the actual beauty of the place with the historical touch added to it.

Islands To See Near Ruins Of Balaclava

Some of the best islands that you must take a trip to near Ruins of Balaclava are as follows:

1.Ile aux Cerfs

Enjoy various water activities at Ile aux Cerfs.

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This beautiful beach is one of the most prominent ones in Mauritius. It is the perfect place to go snorkelling and swimming. You can witness marine species such as blue stripe snappers and blacktip groupers.

Location: East coast of Mauritius
Best time to visit: October and November

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2. Flat Island

Flat Island is the destination to go out with your loved ones.

Image Credit:Chong Fat for Wikimedia Commons

This is the perfect getaway for couples. You can book your Mauritius honeymoon package to this destination. If you want to explore the best, you may prefer to book a cruise trip.

Location: South China Sea
Best time to visit: October and November

3. Gabriel Island

 The pristine water of Gabriel Island Sea.

Image Credit: dany13 for Wikimedia Commons

If you want to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should prefer visiting Gabriel Island. There are cruises that you can take to the place. The cruise usually lasts for around seven hours.

Location: The Arctic Archipelago in the territory of Nunavut
Best time to visit: October- December

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How To Reach Ruins Of Balaclava?

 You can experience the historical past at Balaclava.

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You can book a taxi or a motorbike to reach the Ruins of Balaclava. However, most people recommend taking a taxi to reach, especially if you’re new. The drive to the Ruins of Balaclava from the Grand Bay is around 10 10-minute as you move from the coastal town towards the South. You will have to cross Turtle Bay too. However, to cross the Turtle Bay, you must seek permission from the security guard.

After receiving permission, you must enter the main gate and cross the ruins. Usually, the entrance is around a 30-metre walk. If you want more accessible access to the park, you may prefer to stay at the Maritim Hotel. Once you have gotten the approval, exploring the ruins becomes more accessible, especially because you can take a bicycle and go around the tours.

If you are taking a bicycle to explore the Ruins of Balaclava, you must know that not all areas can be accessed by it. Therefore, you must keep up with the footpaths to avoid the potential dangers. Since the entrance is free, you should visit the place earlier. Ruins of Balaclava fee will only be applicable if the location is used for fashion photography or film shoots.

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The Ruins of Balaclava can be one of the best places to visit if you wish to explore its true beauty. With Mauritius having so many things to offer, it can be challenging for you to choose. However, the Ruins of Balaclava will not take away much time, especially when visiting. You must ensure you trip to Mauritius  accordingly to explore the beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ruins Of Balaclava

What are the Balaclava ruin's timings?

The Balaclava ruins are open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visiting a little early is advisable to avoid crowds. Moreover, the afternoons can be sunny, so they may often be slightly uncomfortable.

What can I do around the Ruins of Balaclava?

If you're visiting the Ruins of Balaclava for the first time, it is advisable to look around you and consider what you can do. You can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as fishing in the river, visiting the giant tortoise river, and also indulging in a variety of archery sessions.

What is the entry fee for the Ruins of Balaclava?

Currently, there is no entry fee for the Ruins of Balaclava. However, the only condition is that tourists be respectful and not spoil any of the monuments or historical ruins.

What is the temperature like around the Ruins of Balaclava?

The temperature around the Ruins of Balaclava is quite comfortable. On average, it ranges between 19 and 21°C and does not go beyond that. However, the temperatures might get a bit extra uncomfortable during summer, so you may have to plan your trip accordingly.

How many hours do I need to explore the Ruins of Balaclava?

You will need around one to two hours to thoroughly explore the Ruins of Balaclava. However, you should take some extra time to visit the place, especially if you're going with your children. Moreover, you can also plan your trip with a tour guide who can guide you through the history of the Ruins of Balaclava.

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