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Here, here! Visit Andaman Nicobar’s Saddle Peak National Park for a staggering tour and experience of the thick forests with endangered species of birds, frogs, and insects, and explore activities like snorkelling, which will introduce you to the Marine biodiversity and life of Andaman Nicobar Islands. From wildlife to adventure activities, there are myriad things that you can enjoy at this stunning national park, so plan a perfect day out with your family and friends.

A Traveller’s Guide To Saddle Peak National Park

Saddle Peak National Park is located on the Andaman Nicobar Islands, in the northern part of the Indian Ocean of Mahé. It has many endangered species, including land life, plants and trees, and other species like the Seychelles Tree Frog, Black Parrot, Blue Pigeon, and Kestrel. You can see the animals living in their natural habitat while hiking up the trails built right between the forests. Check out what all you can do at this amazing destination.

1. Hiking To Saddle Peak

view of saddle peak from the top of the mountain

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Adventure Enthusiasts must try hiking to the peak of Saddle Peak National Park Diglipur Island when visiting. It’s a challenging but rewarding trail that many in this group will love. As you climb up, you pass by all types of plants, bushes, and trees, distinguished ecosystems from the one before. The hike lets you exercise in the most exotic forests with majestic views. As soon as you walk into the clearing at the peak, you will be presented with the view of the Saddle Peak National Park and Nicobar Islands from an aerial view, with the ocean stretching in front of you, dense forests on the mountain down to the beaches and shores. The Saddle Peak trek is a beautiful experience offering more than what you paid for.

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2. Birdwatching

Nicobar Pigeon bird.

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With such dense forests and protection on all sides of the Island, many birds and animals inhabit the Island, including rare and extinct ones like the Andaman Woodpecker, Andaman Drongo, and Andaman Crake. It’s better to go early in the morning when the forest is slowly coming alive, and birds will start moving around looking for food; you’ll be more likely to spot the birds and even see the flowers and fauna in the early lights of the Island. It’s better to bring binoculars in case the bird is too far to view, along with a guidebook if you are an enthusiastic bird watcher.

3. Exploring Flora And Fauna

Nature and its residents on the island.

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The rich biodiversity extends beyond just the birds; The blossoming of flowers, plants, trees, vines, leaves, etc, is also a part of the island. They grow in thick environments in natural sources and look very different from the nature you will find on the mainland. Take a guide with you to see all of them and know what you are looking at. You’ll observe towering trees, colourful orchids at almost every step, and overcrowded undergrowth of vines. The guides will provide detailed insights into each plant, flower, bird, and other creature you will find, along with their ecological significance and efforts of the part.

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4. Snorkelling

Snorkelling kit.

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While Saddle Peak National Park is known for its terrestrial beauty and life, Saddle Peak Diglipur Andaman offers incredible underwater experiences. The pristine waters are clean and clear so that people can explore the vibrant ecosystem under the water on the corals and the sea creatures on them. If you are worried about safety, there are guided underwater tours with professionals in the shallow waters. You can see sea turns, fishes, crabs, and other marine creatures in the safety of experts and the ocean. This activity offers a beautiful distinction to the park’s lush land beauty and to anyone interested in learning about Saddle Peak and Andaman’s marine diversity.

5. Visiting Waterfalls

Waterfall on the Islands.

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Saddle Peak is home to magnificent waterfalls, so they become a much-needed break from all the exploring and hiking. A waterfall well-known on the Island is the Saddle Peak waterfall, which falls from the side of the mountainside, creating a picturesque setting with the sounds of the waterfall flooding your ears. However, it’s required to hike up to the waterfalls because they are not near the ground but a little up the mountain. Trekkers will trek through dense forests and crossing small streams. The water at the base of the pool of water is calm and gives a chance to escape the scorching heat of the island after a challenging trek.

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6. Mangrove Exploration

Mangroves in the water of Andaman Nicobar Island by the National Park

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Exploring Mangroves provides a unique opportunity to witness diverse ecosystems overflowing with wildlife, ranging from exotic birds to marine life. This adventure promotes eco-tourism, supporting local communities and conservation efforts. Navigating the mangroves by boat or on foot gives appreciation for these vital coastal buffers that protect shorelines and sustain biodiversity. Additionally, the serene environment offers a peaceful retreat from urban life, encouraging mindfulness and a deeper connection with nature. This exploration educates and fosters a sense of responsibility towards preserving fragile ecosystems. The mangroves give a great advantage to all those walking or gliding through them- in terms of experience and knowledge.

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Now that you know what to do in Saddle Peak National Park, let’s make your trip a reality. You can enjoy myriad activities at this national park from birdwatching to snorkelling. Don’t let this amazing destination slide away from your itinerary on your next trip to Middle East. This is a perfect escape for a family day and collecting countless memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Saddle Peak National Park

When would be the best time to visit Saddle Peak National Park?

If you want the weather to accommodate your schedule and allow you to experience everything, November to April would be the best time to visit the park. The water would be cool, the weather would be pleasant, and the views would be more visible.

What are the directions to get to Saddle Peak National Park?

You can take a ferry or a helicopter from Port Blair to Diglipur and then drive to the park entrance.

What should I carry while trekking in Saddle Peak National Park?

It would be wise to wear comfortable athletic clothes, shoes, a backpack with enough water to last a few hours, sunscreen, a raincoat in case the weather turns, and a first aid kit in an emergency.

Can I camp in Saddle Peak National Park?

Camping is not allowed anywhere in the Saddle Peak National Park, but eco-huts are available to accommodate people near the park.

Are there entrance fees to enter Saddle Peak National Park?

There are entrance fees to the park; however, the price depends on whether you are Indian or foreign.

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