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Anse Cocos is one of the most stunning beaches on the eastern side of La Digue Island in Seychelles. Encompassing roughly 500 square metres,  Anse Cocos features golden sands, azure waters, and large stones along its shore. Wading far into the water during high tide is not advisable due to the unpredictable nature of the water currents. On the other side of the beach, where shallow pools are a natural occurrence, you can swim, though. Massive granite rocks shield these protected lakes. On one side is lush forest cover, and on the other is palm plantations.

Places To Visit Near Anse Cocos Beach

The C-shaped beach is well-known for its amazing promenades of golden-white sand, unspoiled, crystal-clear seas, and little natural pools. These are the perfect pools for proficient swimmers. A common location for photos is the beach. It is reachable on foot from Anse Fourmis and Grand Anse. The nearest parking lot is located at Grand Anse. Discovering Anse Cocos Beach environs reveals a mosaic of enthralling sights, ranging from quiet natural beauties to historically significant sites. Together, we will explore these experiences, all of which add to the allure of this stunning region of the Seychelles.

1. Anse Source d’Argent

Enjoy the great aerial view of Anse Cocos

Image Credit: By Dronepicr for Wikimedia Commons
The famous Anse Source d’Argent Beach hailed as one of the most famous in the world, is only a stroll from Anse Cocos. The scenery changes as you get closer, becoming a surreal canvas of granite rocks surrounded by powder-soft white sand and caressed by glistening waves. Whether swimming, snorkelling or just lounging in the sun, Anse Source d’Argent invites you to experience moments of pure joy. Don’t miss the chance to photograph this beach’s ethereal beauty, especially at low tide when the magnificent boulders display their sculpted forms in splendour.

Location: Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

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2. L’Union Estate

Explore the rustic charm of La Digue Anse Cocos

Image Source: Shutterstock
L’Union Estate, which is next to Anse Source d’Argent, is a symbol of Seychellois culture and way of life. With its rustic charm and cultural relevance, this ancient plantation entices visitors and provides a window into the island’s past.

Explore the estate grounds decorated with lush foliage and authentic Creole architecture. Discover how this valuable spice is grown by touring the plantation where aromatic vines reach for the sky. Head to the enormous tortoise corral, where these docile animals roam freely in their native environment, capturing the enduring essence of the Seychelles. Remember to stop by the coconut mill powered by oxen, where traditional production techniques are still employed, fusing heritage with contemporary living.

Location: Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

3. Grand Anse

Black sand beach of Grande Anse Cocos

Image Source: Shutterstock
Just a short distance from Anse Cocos Beach is Grand Anse, a remote haven of unadulterated beauty and peace in the natural world. You will enter a world of lush greenery and towering granite formations as you travel the trail that leads to this pristine stretch of shoreline. Grand Anse welcomes you to take leisurely strolls around its beaches, making designs in the sand and taking in the waves’ melodic beat. Spend some time beachcombing, searching the coastline for treasures the tides have carried ashore. Grand Anse is a perfect getaway from the bustle of daily life, whether you’re looking for seclusion or just a chance to get back in touch with the natural world.

Location: Guadeloupe
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

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4. Petite Anse

Get to know how to get to Anse Cocos La Digue and explore its beauty

Image Source: Shutterstock
Located between the tranquil Grand Anse and the known Anse Source d’Argent, Petite Anse is a secret cove of unmatched beauty. Here, surrounded by luscious greenery and jagged granite boulders, powdery white sands are caressed by turquoise waters. With its allure for peace and solitude, Anse Cocos Beaches urges you to lose yourself in its calming embrace.

Enter the glistening, clear waters to see a thriving underwater ecosystem filled with marine life. Snorkelling along the coral reefs that encircle the shoreline is a great way to see tropical fish dancing in a kaleidoscope of colours as they inhabit their natural environment. Enchanted by the ageless allure of Seychelles, you will find yourself lost in thought as you soak up the warm embrace of the sun among the splendour of Petite Anse.

Location: Mahe Island Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

5. Vallée De Mai Nature Reserve

Breathtaking beauty of Anse Cocos Beach

Image Source: Shutterstock
The Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, situated on the nearby island of Praslin, provides evidence of the Seychelles’ abundant natural history and biodiversity. You will be engulfed in a world of old palms and rich foliage as soon as you enter this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stroll along paths shaded by tall palm fronds while taking in the melodic sounds of native birds like the Seychelles bulbul and black parrot. The famed Coco de Mer palm, whose majestic seeds and towering fronds have captured people’s minds for generations, is the focal point of the reserve. Discover a refuge of unmatched beauty and ecological significance as you explore the Vallée de Mai; it provides a window into the prehistoric history of the Seychelles.

Location: Praslin, Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

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6. Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve

Explore the Scenic landscape of La Digue

Image Source: Shutterstock
The Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve is just one more natural treasure on the Anse Cocos. With its verdant trees and expansive views, this unspoiled wilderness beckons hikers and nature lovers to its safe retreat. Set out on guided hikes that take you deep into this ecological reserve along routes winding through dense woodland.

Along the route, you will discover uncommon native plants and animals, such as elusive bird species and towering palms. Reaching the summit will reward you with expansive views of the surrounding islands and the verdant interior of Praslin. This stunning vista serves as a constant reminder of the Seychelles’ timeless beauty and natural diversity.

Location: Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

7. Curieuse Island

Image Source: Shutterstock
The mysterious Curieuse Island, a historical and biological treasure trove just a short boat journey from Anse Cocos, is waiting to be discovered. Go ashore and explore the island’s mangrove woods, home to a colony of giant tortoises known as Aldabras, whose ancient shapes bear witness to the passage of time.

Explore the repurposed leper colony, which has been turned into a museum providing historical context for the island. Explore Curieuse Island’s mysteries as you meander amid the ruins and artefacts of past times, where history and nature blend into an enthralling tapestry of exploration.

Location: North coast of the island of Praslin, Seychelles
Timing: 10 am – 6 pm

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What To Expect Once You Arrive At Anse Cocos

The jaw-dropping view of a beach in Seychelles

Image Credit: By Dronepicr for Wikimedia Commons
Some well-known beaches, such as Anse Source D’Argent are stunning, but sometimes you want to escape the throng. You’ll be rewarded, of course, if you make the effort to travel to Anse Cocos with quiet nature at its best.

A long, white sand beach with an arching cove that offers good protection encircles this location. There is a little beach bar called “Coco Bar” at the southernmost point of the beach. After the strenuous hike, the amazing people who work here treated me to some delectable tropical fruits.

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La Digue Anse Cocos and the beach surroundings provide many enriching experiences, ranging from serene natural beauties to historically significant sites. The timeless beauty and allure of the Seychelles will enthral you whether you choose to explore the famous beaches of Anse Source d’Argent and Grand Anse. Learn about the history of L’Union Estate and Curieuse Island, or spend time in the pristine wilderness of Vallée de Mai and Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve. Book your trip to Seychelles, put on your hiking boots, and set out on an adventure of exploration and discovery through this tropical haven.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anse Cocos

Where is Anse Cocos Beach located?

Situated on the southeast coast of La Digue Island in Seychelles lies Anse Cocos Beach

How to get to Anse Cocos La Digue?

There is no direct road access to Anse Cocos Beach. So how to get to Anse Cocos La Digue? Hiking and riding along a picturesque trail from La Passe or La Réunion, the main communities on La Digue, leads to the beach.

How much time does it take to reach Anse Cocos Beach on foot?

Depending on your pace, the hike to Anse Cocos Beach takes between thirty and forty-five minutes. It's a moderate hike past granite outcrops, over wooden bridges, and into lush woodlands.

What should I bring to Anse Cocos Beach?

Water, snacks, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, snorkelling equipment (if desired), picnic lunch, camera, and a trash bag to remove any waste are essentials.

What amenities does Anse Cocos Beach offer?

Since Anse Cocos Beach is a remote, undeveloped beach, it lacks amenities like bathrooms and stores. Guests should arrive equipped with all they'll need.

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