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Sherabling Monastery, located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, is a historical site representing the beauty of Tibetan Buddhist culture and spirituality. It is a perfect place to experience the serenity and peaceful environment closer to nature in one of India’s most famous tourist destinations. This centuries-old monastery in Himachal Pradesh is a living example of the ancients’ timeless structural and cultural beauty. It is a perfect place and a must-visit site to experience something new and for a relaxing vacation in the Himalayan region to create the memories of a lifetime.

History And Foundation of Sherabling Monastery

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Sherabling Monastery was believed to have been established by the 12th Kenting Tai Stupa in Himachal Pradesh near Bir town to preserve the vibrant culture. Over the years, this monastery has been used as a site to promote culture, life values, and spirituality. This place provides a relaxing gateway away from the hustle and bustle of the city, closer to culture in nature’s serene and timeless beauty. Throughout the year, Sherbaling Monastery holds multiple festivals and ceremonies that offer deep insights into Tibetan Buddhism. The most significant festivals that are organised there are Losar, which is Tibetan’s New Year, and Saga Dawa, which is a festival that lasts a month. It is celebrated to respect and enjoy the life and teachings of Buddha.

Sherbaling Monastery is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy the serenity of nature and Buddhist culture. For ages, it has been a home for many monks who live there and perform daily rituals at the monastery. This place is the most preferred among tourists and locals for doing yoga and meditation in the tranquility of nature. The temperature there doesn’t get too cold or hot, but it varies between 19 and 30 degrees Celsius, so plan your visit accordingly to this beautiful heritage site.

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Places To Stay Near Sherabling Monastery

1. Stupa Guest House

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Stupa Guest House is located at an exclusive location closer to the Bir Paragylding landing zone and is nearest to the station. They offer comfortable and well-maintained rooms at their property at a reasonable price. This guest house also has a restaurant serving delicious mouth-watering traditional food and some local favourites. Stupa Guest House provides guests with all the essential facilities along with cycling and spa along with yoga classes at their property for the comfort of the guests, so book your room at this accommodation now to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing gateway in the lush green hills of Himachal Pradesh near the historical Sherbaling Monastery.

Address: Baijnath – Bhattu- Sherabling Monastery Rd, Bhattu Samula, Bhattu Uparla, Himachal Pradesh 176125
Starting Price: INR 800 onwards
Highlights of the Resort: Picnic area, cycling, luggage storage, yoga, spa, minimart on the site, terrace, dining Area

2. Astitva Camp

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Astitva Camp is one of the most preferred accommodation options near the Sherbaling Monastery in Himachal Pradesh due to its natural surroundings. They offer luxurious comfort at a reasonable price which won’t burn a hole in the pocket. This place would be a perfect fit for a staycation and a short vacation to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature in the beauty of Himachal, one of the most popular destinations to travel, especially during the summers. They offer some exclusive services like bonfires and a kid’s play area for the guests to enjoy their time during the stay. You should definitely visit Himachal Pradesh to witness nature’s timeless beauty and wonder and create memories for a lifetime.

Address: Bir, Keori, Himachal Pradesh 176077
Starting Price: INR 3000 onwards
Highlights of the Resort: Bonfire, caretaker, cafe, kid’s play area, terrace, verandah, restaurant, dining Area

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3. Camp Cedar Bir | Luxury Tents & Rooms

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Camp Cedar is located in the Bir region of Himachal Pradesh, home to many tourist attractions, and there are some adventurous things to do, like Paragliding. Many people from all over India and the world especially visit this site to paraglide on the Himachal hills. This luxury stay is located close to that famous site, offering luxury comfort tents and rooms at a reasonable price. Book your accommodation at this property and enjoy the experience of living in a luxury tent amidst nature and enjoy star grazing and lush green landscape views to its fullest.

Address: Village Gharnala, P/O Bir, Teh Baijnath, Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077
Starting Price: INR 3000 onwards
Highlights of the Resort: Bonfire, caretaker, cafe, kid’s play area, terrace, verandah, restaurant, tours and Treks

How To Reach Sherabling Monastery

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Sherbaling Monastery is located at a distance of around 5 km from Bir, and it hardly takes 10 minutes to get there by road. The region Bir in Himachal Pradesh is well connected to the major cities Palampur and Dharamshala via road and bus transportation. It takes a couple of hours to reach there. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Kangra, located at a distance of around 67 km from the Bir of Himachal Pradesh, and the nearest railway station is located 140 km away from this area. It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothes during long travelling hours to avoid any discomfort. Pack lightweight bags and only necessary things with you while on a vacation. Book your accommodation by keeping all your needs and wants in mind and try to book in advance to avoid any last-minute problems.

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Plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh for a relaxing and peaceful journey in the hills of Himachal. This was our comprehensive guide to Sherbaling Monastery, specially curated just so you can plan a trip without worry. This guide provides information on the monastery and nearby accommodation options, as well as nearby places to visit. So plan your trip now and book your tickets to enjoy the serenity of Himachal Pradesh without any delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sherabling Monastery

What would be the best time for a trip to Sherbaling Monastery in Himachal Pradesh?

The best time for a trip to the Sherbaling Monastery in Himachal Pradesh would be the summer and winter seasons. The temperature there doesn’t get too cold or too hot so anytime would be a great time to visit this peaceful destination because.

Are there any special festivals or ceremonies at Sherabling Monastery?

Losar and Saga Dawa are two special festivals, Losar is celebrated during the Tibetan New Year whereas Saga Dawa is held to celebrate the birth of Buddha in a month-long activities.

Can I participate in the monastery’s activities?

Yes, you can participate in some of the monastery’s activities like prayers, meditation, some of the rituals and offering sessions.

Is photography allowed at Sherabling Monastery?

Photography is allowed only outside and in some of the places inside but it is strictly prohibited inside the prayer hall.

What are the entry times of Sherabling Monastery?

Sherbaling Monastery gets open at 8:30 in the morning and remains open until 4:30 in the evening. No visitors would be allowed within the main hall after the gate closing time.

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