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A new sport is gaining wide-spread popularity among travel enthusiasts for all good reasons. Snowboarding stunts are breath-taking to watch but are even more exciting to perform yourself. If one calls himself an adventurer, there’s no way to miss this outstanding sport in turkey. The snow-capped slopes in Turkey are absolutely appropriate to unravel with a snowboard. Snowboarding in Turkey might have come in the limelight now but it has been practiced for a long time. Through this piece, let’s know much more about it.

Best Time To Snowboard In Turkey

Say hello to 270 kms high slopes in Turkey which make for a perfect platform to snowboard without any hassle. Snowboarding in Turkey is considered to be one of the best for all the adventure-seekers out there. If you have been planning to unleash this exciting experience, you may want to choose Turkey.

December to early April is considered to be the best time span to take a snowboard & get engaged in this fun snow sport activity. There are over 18 ski centers in the entire Turkey which is why thousands of visitors come from all the corners of the world to experience unbeatable snowboarding experience in Turkey.

Best Snowboarding Resorts In Turkey

1. Erciyes Ski Centre

Erciyes Ski Centre

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The Erciyes Ski Centre is located in the Central Region of Anatolia in Turkey which makes it a popular destination for ski enthusiasts. This centre gives an enthralling experience of snowboarding by providing up to 55 kms of slope for the purpose of skiing and snowboarding. To be precise, 2,100 and 3,360 m is the maximum range of elevation you can expect in the Erciyes Ski Centre.Additionally, there are about 14 lifts available for the purpose of transportation of the guests.

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2. Uludağ – Bursa, Turkey

Uludağ – Bursa, Turkey

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Located in the Marmara region of Turkey, the Uludağ – Bursa ski resort has a total of 28 slopes. The slopes are stretched to be utilized for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing. This ski resort can be tracked in between the elevation range of 1,767 and 2,322 m. There is a total of 16 ski lifts that are available in Uludag – Bursa. You can visit this resort anytime between 9 AM to 4 PM.

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3. Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center)


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Another ski resort which is located in the Anatolia region of Turkey is the very renowned Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center). If you are a beginner or are just waiting to dip your toes into snow sport activities like skiing and snowboarding, Palandöken is one of the best resorts to visit in Turkey. The total stretch of slope in kms in Palandöken is about 43 kms in which 19 kms is marked “easy”. A total of 13 lifts operate for the to and fro transportation of the guests.

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4. Dorukkaya – Bolu-Kartalkaya

Dorukkaya – Bolu-Kartalkaya

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Bolu-Kartalkaya is another incredible skiing resort in Turkey. A total length of 20kms of slope is entirely dedicated to snow adventurous sports such as snowboarding. There are about 8 lifts available in Dorukkaya – Bolu – Kartalkaya. The facilities provided here are minimum but consist of the essentials such as snowboard equipment rental space and lot more.

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5. Skiing Ilgaz Mountain Resort – Kastamonu

Skiing Ilgaz Mountain Resort

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Another one to fall in the Black Mountain region (Karadeniz Bölgesi) of Turkey. This resort is however inappropriate for experts. A total of 6km stretch of slope is available for snowboarding and other adventure sports activities. About 3 kms of stretch is marked as “easy” whereas about 2.5 kms is termed as “intermediate”.

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Other Facilities At Ski Resorts In Turkey

Other Facilities At Ski Resorts I

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You would find extremely convenient facilities at the resorts in Turkey. Food and Beverage options with buffet system will be there at most of the resorts in Turkey.Apart from that, other recreational zones such as swimming pools, sauna, disco, and restaurants are there in or around the resorts in Turkey. You may also find numerous ski instructors who would guide you about the basics of snowboarding activities.The Kackar Mountains in the Black Sea region is where the concept of snowboarding started in the first place. As mentioned, there are about 18 ski resorts and centers available in Turkey. For an unbeatable snow sport experience, you would find no other place better than Turkey.

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