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    Spain is one of the most beautiful countries of Western Europe, complete with the most beautiful cities, gorgeous beaches and a countryside that is almost untouched by the modernity. Spain is a backpacker’s dream but its interiors remain much less popular with tourists. This has afforded the country a certain mysticism with travelers, and heading to the famous Spain road trips is perhaps the best way to discover the sandy and sunny land of Spain.

    Top 10 Spain Road Trips

    Here is the perfectly curated list of top 10 Spain road trips you can take while you are exploring the country. Keep scrolling down and read on!

    1. Via Del Cantabrico

    Via del Cantabrico

    Image Source

    This route is the most scenic one in northern part of Spain, going right through Basque country as well as Galicia, two of Spain’s most stunning regions that are renowned all over the world for their beauty and cuisine. The quiet villages on the route are just one part of the experience, as you also go through larger towns such as Santander that is located on the Atlantic seaboard and the medieval heritage city of Oviedo. While this is one of the most popular Spain road trips, if you make the trip during autumn or spring, you get both the lovely weather and no crowds.

    Distance From Bilbao To Baamonde: 500 kilometres
    Duration: 2 weeks

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    2. Ruta De Los Pueblos Blancos

    Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos

    Image Source

    This iconic south Spain route is often referred to as the trip of white villages. Running through the heart of the regions of Cadiz and Malaga, the Pueblos Blancos route goes through about dozen picturesque Spanish villages, all painted in the iconic white that has come to define the region. About 80 miles from the city of Malaga, the village of Ronda is a favourite of tourists traversing the route. Extending from Seville to Vejer, the route is best for long Spain road trips for 10 days.

    Distance From Seville To Vejer: 150 kilometres
    Duration: 1 week

    3. Ruta De La Plata

    Ruta de la Plata

    Image Source

    Often called the road of silver, this historic highway is the second longest motorway in Spain and follows the basic way of an ancient Roman road that was built between the cities of Merida known as the Extremadura and Astorga. Designated the AP-66, a road trip on the Ruta de la Plata is basically the Spain road trips version of the American Route 66 trip. Running through western Spain, here you will find the sandstone city of Salamanca.

    Distance From Seville To Gijon: 800 kilometres
    Duration: 1 week

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    4. Valle Del Jerte

    Valle del Jerte

    Image Source

    One of the most beautiful routes through Spain, this is the road trip to do if you do not have much time in Spain and still want a memorable experience. Running from the town of Plasencia to Tornavacas, the Valle del Jerte is a short trip that can be done within a day but travelers often spend the night at one of the many villages, the most popular ones being Cabezuela de la Sierra and Navaconcejo. The route is famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms that are at their most beautiful during spring.

    Distance Taken From Plasencia To Tornavacas: 50 kilometres
    Duration: 2 days

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    5. Ruta De Los Molinos

    Ruta de los Molinos

    Image Source

    Running through the heart of the province of Toledo, the Ruta de los Molinos is etched into the popular imagination from the famous Don Quixote novel. The protagonist confuses the iconic windmills that line the drive with giants, and if you are there, you may just see why. The wide and open countryside is indeed a treat along this route, as is the city of Toledo itself, often referred to as Spain’s hidden gem. Because the route is short, quite a lot of tourists do the trip on weekends.

    Distance From Orgaz To Madridejos: 80 kilometres
    Duration: 2 days

    6. Costa De Morte

    Costa de Morte

    Image Source

    Literally the Coast of Death, this spectacular route in Spain is one of the 5 great driving tours of Spain and is famed for its dangerous cliffs and lighthouses. The name comes from the ships that have been wrecked on the rocky Galician coastline here. The 19th century lighthouses are very popular with tourists, especially the ones at Cabo Vilan and Finisterre. The villages are excellent for staying and the food is something that you have to try.

    Distance from Muros to Malpica: 80 kilometres
    Duration: 2 days

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    7. Costa Brava

    Costa Brava

    Image Source

    Another coastal drive, the Costa Brava offers stunning views of the rocky northeastern coastline and is counted as one of the best road trips to Spain and Portugal. Amongst the many beautiful natural sights on the journey are small coves that dot the length of the route, and also pine forests that are a sight to behold in themselves. Also points of interests on the route are medieval Spanish castles and fortresses. Because it is so short, it is also easy when you look at typical road trips in Spain cost.

    Distance From Lloret De Mar To Tossa De Mar: 18 kilometres
    Duration: 1 day

    8. Ruta De La Alpujarra De Granada

    Ruta De La Alpujarra De Granada

    Image Source

    Known for the diverse scenery that is found on this route, the Alpujarra route serves up the best of Andalucia for anyone who bothers to take a trip through these roads. Running mostly through Granada and Almeria, the route is snaky and meandering and connects all the pretty villages you will see on the way together. Starting at the Mediterranean coast with its lifeless landscape, the road leads right up to the fertile plains of the river Genil. If you are looking for a road trip in Spain in December, this is the best one.

    Distance: 47 kilometres
    Duration:: 2 days

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    9. Cabo De Gata

    Cabo De Gata

    Image Source

    Another coastal road that runs mostly through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, this route is one for the stunning scenery. One of the driest regions in all of Spain, it has the most amazing Mediterranean landscapes on offer, complete with high cliffs, medieval lighthouses, caves and inlets that will make you feel like you are in some paradise. If you are in the capital, this is the easiest Spain road trip from Madrid to take!

    Distance: 80 kilometres
    Duration: 2 days

    10. Ruta Ecoturistica Del Priorat

    Ruta Ecoturistica del Priorat

    Image Source

    The region of Priorat is known worldwide for its wines, and the Ruta Ecoturistica is popular with tourists for offering Spain’s best wine tours. Certainly one of the most beautiful region in the vast Spanish hinterland, you will find the route bursting with vineyards and pine trees. Wine is the one thing that ties the whole region together, and if you are certainly in for a treat and if you are looking for some good food and great wine. If you are looking for a Spain road trip from Barcelona, this should be on top of your list!

    Distance: 150 kilometres
    Duration: 1 week

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    These Spain road trips offer a snapshot of Spain that one can not get by simply visiting Madrid or Barcelona. While it may not be possible to do all the road trips, if you are looking for an experience that authentically Spanish, you should take at least one of these trips. So book your next trip to Spain with TravelTriangle today for the best Spanish experience!



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