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Hiding in the hills of Chikkamagaluru, Sringeri, also known as the Sri Kshetra Sringeri, was built in the 9th century under the watchful eye of Adi Shankara. For 12 years, Adi Shankaracharya called this place his home and instructed his disciples. Sringeri has some of the most marvellous temples and Sringeri homestay options. With mild weather throughout the year, this hill town has significant religious significance and stunning natural scenes.

Top Sringeri Homestays

If you plan to visit the Sharadha Peetham, book your stay at the most peaceful Sringeri homestay. Some of the most notable Sringeri homestays are as follows:

1. Panchvati Sringeri Homestay

The intricately carved temple structures captivate the eyes of the visitors.

Image Credit: Sushant Rijal for Wikimedia Commons

To break from city life and indulge in natural beauty, visit the Panchvati Sringeri homestay. Bringing in comfort, there are a lot of amenities here that will allow you to explore the true serenity around nature.

Panchvati Sringeri Homestay is one of the lovely Sringeri homestays with all the necessary accommodation belongings. Nestled amidst nature, there are cottages around the homestay, too, for those looking for some privacy. Moreover, these cottages have a rustic setting that adds to the uniqueness and exciting appeal.

Location: Shidle, Sringeri, Karnataka
Pricing: Rs 2800 per night onwards

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2. Krushikoota Homestay

You can get the perfect Sringeri homestay based on your specific needs here

Image Source: Facebook

Do you wish to explore the rustic and local beauty of Karnataka? You can’t miss out on visiting Krushikoota Homestay. Priced at affordable rates, the guest is here to arrange everything for you. Plus, a caretaker will assist you with the basic things every day.

The homely atmosphere and tranquil setting here are due to the surrounding greenery. The best part about this homestay is that you’ll get some of the best home-cooked meals, and you can enjoy a variety of Indian cuisines. While you visit the Sharadha Peetham, do not miss out on going on small adventurous activities.

Location: Krushikoota Sringeri Taluk, Kumbra Godu, Karnataka
Pricing: Rs 3000 per night onwards

3. Kanaka Heritage Homestay

An aerial view of the sacred river Tunga in Sringeri.

Image Source: Facebook

Kanaka Heritage Homestay in Sringeri is for travellers who love being on the move. Whether you need a break from your daily mundane life or want a weekend getaway in the lap of nature, you are sure to get it all at Kanaka Heritage Homestay.

The hosts have arranged a wide range of comfortable amenities for the guests. The luxury you will experience at this residency will surely take you by surprise. One of the best parts about this destination is that there are many tourist attractions and an expansive lobby area with comfortable seating.

Location: Situated near JCDM College, Sringeri, Karnataka
Pricing: Rs 8500  per night onwards

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4. Keremane Homestays

The best Sringeri homestay lets you enjoy all the local traditions

Image Source: Facebook

Located a little further away from the main town of Sringeri, this homestay offers a perfect experience of the tranquillity and serenity of the Western Ghats. The Keremane Sringeri Homestays is extremely popular among visitors here, considering how cosy and comfortable the actual property is.

The hosts here will give you a true experience of Malnad culture. Meals are available at the homestay, as the cook brings delicious local cuisine. In addition to food, you can indulge in a wide range of activities at the Keremane Homestays and enjoy your time here.

Location: Keremane Mashige, Sringeri, Karnataka
Pricing: Rs 2500 per night onwards

5. Bhide Homestay

The Sringeri Sharadha Peetham is one of the best places to visit during your trip to Sringeri homestay

Image Source: Facebook

If you want to explore the rustic and traditional side of Karnataka, you must visit Bhide Homestay. The humble setting is sure to take you by surprise. The homestay has seven rooms and a wide range of facilities.

The amenities present in the rooms make it comfortable to live in. You can visit the place with one of your loved ones and spend some time amidst nature. There are locals around you, too, who will help you explore the place better. Moreover, they will introduce you to local and cultural activities.

Location: Menase, Opposite Rajiv Gandhi Sanskrit University, Kunthur, Karnataka
Pricing: Rs 5600 per night onwards

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Sringeri is a beautiful hill town. If you have religious and architectural inclinations, Sringeri is meant for you. You can interact with the culture and the cuisine from the ground level. The natural beauty of this place will have you enraptured. Surrounded by the deep gorges of the Western Ghats, you can stop at a point to admire the beautiful sunsets and the lush meadows. Plan your trip to Karnataka today and stay at the Sringeri Homestays to make your trip comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sringeri Homestays

Can I find a cheap homestay in Sringeri?

Yes, it is easy to find a cheap homestay in the hill town of Sringeri. Many accommodations start from INR 600.

When is the best time to visit the Sringeri homestay?

The best time to visit the Sringeri hill town is between October and March.

How do I get to my Sringeri Homestay?

You can reach Sringeri by road, rail, or air. The hill town is well connected through all three means of transportation.

Should I visit Sringeri during the festival season?

While it is advised to avoid festival seasons for religious tourism, Sringeri is the one place that is an exception. The temples here are adorned with flowers, lights and colours.

How is the weather in Sringeri hill town?

The weather in Sringeri is pleasant throughout the year.

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