The country of Montenegro is soon catching up with being the favourite with the tourists with its rugged mountains, villages and towns of the renaissance era and the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It satiates the needs of every traveller and an added advantage is that, this Balkan country is yet to be completely explored. Maybe that is why, more and more people are preferring Montenegro over other destinations; if you want a relaxed holiday, this is the country to be in. Summer in Montenegro is not too bad to visit the country.

Weather In Montenegro

Weather In Montenegro

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If you are planning on summer holidays in Montenegro, you need to know the weather in the country to make the most of your time there. On the Adriatic coast, the weather is mostly dry and slightly warm. The summer season starts in June and goes all the way till August when the maximum temperature goes up to 33*C at the most. The air is just warm and not that humid. In the Alpine regions, it is a little cooler, with an average temperature of about 25 °C.

7 Best Places To Visit In Montenegro In Summer

Like many other countries, it does not rain much in Montenegro in summer and is the best time to explore the natural beauty of this part of the world. Here are our picks of what you need to see while you are in Montenegro during this time of the year to enjoy the Montenegro weather in summer to the fullest.

1. Budva


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If you want to start the summer off on the right note, you need to head to this place, right along the Adriatic coastline. The Jaz beach and Mogren beach offer you the best of both worlds; while the former is the popular one during the summer with a Sea Dance Festival, the latter is an ‘entertaining’ one where two beaches are connected through a short tunnel! Exciting! Isn’t it? Since Budva is along the coastline, it also has a great nightlife with beach bars and clubs which party on till wee hours of the morning.

The Budva Riviera though, offers serenity, where you can even walk up to the lighthouse and take in the views of the still water. The coastal city is not devoid of history though, with its fair share of fortresses and galleries as such. Be it the Budva Citadel which offers stunning view of the Riviera or the Stari Grad, the old town with its Venetian walls and marbled streets, exploring the history and cultural aspect of this town is always fun.

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2. Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park

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If you are up for some adventure and if you are up for some hiking, the Durmitor National Park is the place for you. Summer in Montenegro is the best time to visit this National Park, which is spread across 39,000 acres, from the north-west of Montenegro to Bosnia & Herzegovina. The entire park is carved out by glaciers and underground streams and houses plenty of canyons, glacial lakes and limestone peaks, the highest among them being Bobotov Kuk at a height of 2523 meters.

The Balck lake, yet another spot of natural beauty is situated in the premise, where there are boats for hire if you want to explore the lake in its entirety or you could just relax near the stream and take in the breathtaking views during your Montenegro summer holidays. The Tara River Canyon too runs through this National Park; so, once you enter the National Park, you will be privy to many other places of interest too.

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3. Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

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This little island, looks like something out of those old medieval era villages and offers some of the most stunning views in the entire country. It was a fishing village at one point of time, but is now a seaside resort. If you do not want to stay at the resort, you can always book a table at the restaurant there and enjoy some seafood, while you take in the views. While you are there, you could also explore the Praskvica Monastery and the four churches they have on the island or you could even head out to the nearby Sveti Nikola Island, where there are a number of beaches.

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4. Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

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Located at the entrance of Bay of Kotor, this is one of Montenegro's most popular destination. It offers the best of everything for every kind of traveler. From beaches to the fortress to the charm of the old town, Herceg Novi is a place where every traveler has something to do during their summer holidays in Montenegro. You could relax at the Zanjice beach, which is dotted with olive groves or take a boat ride out to the Lustica Peninsula, where the Blue Cave is located.

It is called so because the sun’s rays reflect on the water surface and emanate a blue light which turns the whole cave into a blue cave; it is a natural beauty. You could also indulge in snorkeling or diving here. You could also visit the Mamula Island, where there is a centuries-old fortress, which is also a diving site. You could also kayak to the quaint village hamlet of Rose, or you could simply take down a stroll in the old town and soak in the culture of this town. if you are up for a little bit of adventure, you could also hike up Mt Orjen, yet another limestone mountain range.

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5. Kotor


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This is the most popular town in the country and you will know why when you visit it. The old town, replete with churches and shambled structures, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. But there is more to this town that the museums and churches. The Bay of Kotor is just as stunning as other coastal areas in the country and the surrounding rugged mountains make for an amazing view, especially during sunset.
The Lovcen National Park, which houses an adventure park and the Njegos Mausoleum, among others. Hike up the mountain is refreshing too. You could also take a trip to Our Lady of the Rocks in Europe, an adorable little artificial island, home to a 17th century Roman Catholic Church. If you are up for some hard trekking, you could also visit the Castle of San Giovanni, for which you need to climb up about 1,350 steps. The view from atop the castle is great though.

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6. Podgorica


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No visit to a country is complete without a trip to the capital. Podgorica has some of the best places of interest in the entire country and though it is an ancient city, it has a modern outlook these days, with the best of sightseeing and shopping. Make a trip to Lake Skadar while you are there; it is a freshwater lake with an amazing variety of fauna and flora. You could also visit the stunning Ostrog Monastery, which was built in the 17th century, where it kind of protrudes out of a large rock of Ostroska Greda.

Take a stroll down the old neighbourhood of the Ottomans, Stara Varos, where you can marvel at Turkish architecture. You could also drive down to their very own Niagara Falls, a natural waterfall; perfect spot to spend a summer day, where you could also swim around in the pool below.

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7. Ulcinj


The coastal city, near the Albanian border, is a blend of the old and new. The Sailor’s mosque is the most striking piece of architecture that you will see once you enter the town and the lighthouse offers one of the most magnificent views. You could stroll down or go for a sail across the Valdanos Bay, which is a place of tranquillity. It is mostly known for its olive grove, with about 18,000 trees, one of the largest and is considered the biggest living monument of olive cultivation in Montenegro. You could also just relax at the Ada Bojana beach with plenty of water sports to rejuvenate you. There are many other beaches too like the Velika Plaza or the Mala Plaza where you can chill out during the summer months.

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Summer in Montenegro is a fascinating experience with its long sandy beaches and rugged terrains. This is just a jist of what you can expect to see in this wonderful country. There are many more national parks, beaches and the like to keep you occupied all through your stay. The weather is pleasant and offers the best views and opportunities to explore this country, without any obstacles. So, plan your trip to Europe for a scenic tour of this extraordinary land during your summer vacations in Montenegro!

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