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Just like the cities of Rome and Venice, the Italian islands are also amongst the top marvellous wonders in Italy, which are absolutely perfect for an ideal island holiday. More than 400 in number, these islands offer experiences galore. From water adventures to culinary tours, there’s something for every type of traveler, which is why your next Europe trip must include a visit to one or more of these places.

But of so many, which one should you pick? This is definitely a tough choice to make. So, here’s a list of all the best Italian islands, which you can consider for your next vacation, according to the experiences they have in store for you.

15 Best Italian Islands You Must Explore On Your Next Trip

1. Capri

Situated in the Bay of Naples, Capri is the most famous and glamorous Italian island. While it has been famed as a holiday spot for the rich, its culture and natural beauty makes it a must-visit for everyone. If sea caves and mountain climbing is something that tickles your fancy, this is the place where you need to be.


Best time to visit: April to June and September to October
Top things to do: Climbing up Mount Solaro with the Chair lift, taking a boat tour around the island, watching the sunset from the Lighthouse, chilling at the famous Piazzetta, and more.
Best places to stay: Hotel Punta Tragara, Hotel Syrene Capri, Casa Morgano, and Grand Hotel Quisisana

2. Sardinia

Popular as the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is the perfect place to visit if an ultimate Italy island vacation is what’s been on your mind. It has got a vibrant culture, lip-smacking food, breathtaking beaches, old-world Roman attractions, and everything that can make your holiday one-of-its-kind.


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Best time to visit: March to June
Top things to do: Visiting Nuraghi, wildlife spotting, treat the history buff within at Nora or Tharros, and indulge in the local food and drink.
Best places to stay: Hotel Abi d Oru, Nascar Hotel, Experience Hotel Su Gologone, and Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa

3. Sicily

Boasting a classic architecture, which is surrounded by three seas, Sicily is the largest island in the sea and undoubtedly the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. From mountains to beaches and national parks to ancient villages, you can witness all of nature’s spectacular wonders here.


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Best time to visit: April to June and September to October
Top things to do: Visiting Valley of the Temples, watching opera at Teatro Massimo, chilling at Mondello Lido, and visiting Mount Etna.
Best places to stay: Liberty Hotel, The Ashbee Hotel, Hotel Villa Carlotta Taormina, and Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

4. Procida

One of the most gorgeous small Italian islands, Procida doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering a plethora of experiences. Though what makes it more ideal is the fact that it is less crowded that its larger neighbors like Capri or Ischia. If you’re looking for a laid-back beach holiday with basic accommodation and simple fish or rabbit meals yet an extraordinary experience, then this is the island to be.


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Best time to visit: March to June and September to November
Top things to do: Visiting Marina Grande, spend time at Lido di Procida, museum hopping, and more
Best places to stay: La Suite Hotel & Spa, Hotel la Casa sul Mare, La Tonnara Hotel, and more

5. Ischia

Sandy beaches, natural hot springs, spectacular mountains, and authentic local cuisines are what defines this Italian island . Dominated mostly by the 2,589 feel tall volcanic Mount Epomeo, Ischia is a mountain lover’s paradise in this European country. And so you can start dreaming of a perfect relaxing summer holiday if you’ve picked this place already.


Best time to visit: April to October
Top things to do: Relaxing at the geothermal beaches, trying authentic Italian cuisines at Ristorante Pizzeria Pirozzi, visit the Castello Aragonese, and more
Best places to stay: Garden and Villas Resort, Hotel Villa Carolina, Grand Hotel Punta Molino, and more

6. Panarea

The smallest yet the best Aeolian island to visit in the country, Panarea is the holiday hotspot famous amongst the top celebrities all across the world. From Beyonce to Bill Gates, everybody often stops by here for a secluded and rejuvenating vacation. What’s more special? There are only around 400 inhabitants here and barely no summer crowd, so you can imagine having a private island trip of your own.


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Best time to visit: April to July and September to November
Top things to do: Visiting Zimmari Beach, dining at Francesco’s, and more
Best places to stay: Hotel Oasis Panarea, Hotel Quartara, and Hotel Square

7. Filicudi

Despite its size, which is quite tiny as compared to the other places to visit in Italy, Filicudi is a shining gem in the Aeolian archipelago. It is only a 20-minute ride from the port of Rinella on Salina, and is ideal for having a serene and scenic vacation. But since there are only a few options for lodging and food, it’s best that you make all your reservations in advance if you plan to visit here.

Filicudi Island

Best time to visit: May and September
Top things to do: Visiting Grotta del Bue Marino, chilling at Spiaggia di Capo Graziano, and more
Best places to stay: Hotel Signum and Al Belvedere Salina

8. Vulcano

Famous mostly amongst travelers for its volcano hiking experience and mud baths, this island is also a great holiday spot to stop by. From renting a Mehari to explore its local lifestyle to witnessing its surreal mountainous regions, there’s a lot to do here, especially during the shoulder season. So, if not just this, you can plan a trip to Vulcano for a day or two along with your visit to another island in the country.

view of Vulcano Island

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Best time to visit: April to July and September to November
Top things to do: Visiting Capo Grillo, savouring fish at Trattoria da Pina, relaxing near Spiaggia dell’Asino, and more
Best places to stay: Therasia Resort, Les Sables Noirs, Hotel Eros, Hotel Garden, and more

9. Burano

Famed as one of the most beautiful streets in the world, Burano is the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for just an island getaway. It is situated only an hour’s boat ride away from Venice and has the most colorful houses in the country. From shopping your heart out to indulging in donut-shaped cookies, you’d surely have the most vibrant holiday of your life.

burano island near venice

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Best time to visit: September to October
Top things to do: Exploring the beautiful canals, shopping and eating at Via Galuppi, visiting the Lace Museum, and more
Best places to stay: Casa Burano Hotel, Hotel Murano Palace, The Gritti Palace, and more

10. Lampedusa

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Lampedusa is a stunning hub of white beaches, gorgeous sea, and majestic landscapes. Thanks to its beautiful coastline where you can find a mix of rocks, sheer cliffs, and more, you’d end up capturing the best pictures for your travel memoir. What’s more special? A holiday here wouldn’t cause a hole in your pocket.

people chilling in lampedusa

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Best time to visit: July to September and October to December
Top things to do: Visiting the popular Rabbit Beach, indulging in various water adventures, visiting the Museo Archeologico delle Isole Pelagie, and more
Best places to stay: Baia Turchese Hotel, Hotel Cupola Bianca, Hotel la Calandra Lampedusa, and more

11. Elba

Also known as a place of exile for Napoleon and his summer & winter homes, Elba is a great place to holiday. Being the country’s third largest island, it has more than 150 beaches, innumerable adventurous experiences, and several places to see that are perfect for making your vacation unique. If you’re a beach lover at heart, this place is your haven in Italy.

elba island in italy

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Best time to visit: May to September
Top things to do: Visiting the Napoleonic residences, beach hopping, tasting the famous Elban wine, and explore an iron mine
Best places to stay: Grand Hotel Elba International, Barracuda Hotel Resort, Hotel Hermitage, and more

12. Stromboli

Home to one of Italy’s three active volcanoes, Stromboli is another best Aeolian island to visit. It is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea in the north of Sicily, and often experiences lack of tourism due to its small size. But, this is only a great news if you & your close ones are amongst those travelers who love holidaying on their own, often at offbeat places.


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Best time to visit: May to September
Top things to do: Hiking to the top of the volcano, dine and witness the fireworks at L’Osservatorio, go beach hopping, and take a boat ride to Ginostra
Best places to stay: The Little Mermaid Park Hotel, Hotel Villaggio Stromboli, Hotel Quartara, and more

13. Ponza

Located around 33 km south of Cape Circeo in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ponza is absolutely an ideal spot for a trip if you wish to experience one of the best Italian island holidays with your loved ones. From treating the history buff within to calming the wildlife enthusiast, there’s a lot that you can do on this island for rejuvenating your mind and soul.

Ponza Italy

Best time to visit: May, June, and September
Top things to do: Exploring the famous Port Passeggiata, witnessing a sunset, hiking, go shopping in Cala Corallo, and more
Best places to stay: Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla, Hotel Torre dei Borboni, Hotel Chiaia di Luna, and Ortensia

14. Lipari

Another of the best Italian islands, Lipari is the largest island situated off the coast of Sicily. It’s got rugged landscapes, gorgeous whitewashed towns, and crystal-clear turquoise water that makes it perfect for both indulging in under and over water adventures like diving and boating. With so much to do and see, this is definitely a place to hang out this summer.

Lipari Island

Best time to visit: March and July
Top things to do: Visiting the Lipari Castle, chilling at Spiaggia Valle i Mura, visiting Tenuta di Castellaro, and more
Best places to stay: Hotel Carasco, Hotel Villa Meligunis, Hotel Mea, and more

15. Pantelleria

Located in the Strait of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, Pantelleria is a hidden gem in the country, which has made it the least-popular holiday spot in the country. Nevertheless, it is a hideaway for a few timid celebrities like Giorgio Armani and Luca Zingaretti. So, you can now think about the impeccable beauty or experiences this island may have in store.

hidden island in italy

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Best time to visit: May and October
Top things to do: Visiting the Mirror of Venus Lake, go on a wine tasting tour, diving, mountain biking, and more
Best places to stay: Pantelleria Dream Resort, Club Levante, Sikelia Luxury Hotel, and more

Just like its people, their language, and culture, the whole of Italy is a sweet country to be in. And while you may have been fascinated by the charm of its popular cities, believe us the magic of these islands wouldn’t disappoint you either. So, the next time you plan your Europe trip with TravelTriangle, make sure you customize your itinerary and include a visit to a few of these places for a truly unique experience.

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