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Sung Sot Cave, which means Surprise Cave, is located in the centre of the World Heritage area. The cave was previously called Grotto de la Surprise. Sung Sot Cave – either “Cave of Awe” or “Cave of Marvel” in Vietnamese – consists of two immense chambers situated on the north wall of Bo Hon Island. The cave represents an extraordinary example of the Ancient Karst of an unusual geological formation allowing immense underground chambers often encountered within limestone formations of similar geological age, to a depth of more than 10m and extends some 30m to 40m above the tourist trail. This is just the lower storey reached by a pathway that carries you past some impressive formations with interesting names such as “The Head”, “The Fighting Cocks”, “The Fairy” and “The Buddha”.

Cultural And Historic Significance

The management considers it as a 'Multicave.'

Image Credit: By shankar s. for Wikimedia Commons
Sung Sot Cave location is regarded as one of the most magnificent caves in Ha Long Bay. It is a karstic cave in the centre of the World Heritage Area of Ha Long Bay. The French named this cave Grotte des Surprises, meaning it is a surprise when being discovered. The cave is a magnificent and breathtaking wonder, one created by Mother Nature. Sung Sot Cave is situated on Bo Hon Island. It is the largest cave in Ha Long Bay, formally named Grotte des Surprises in 1901 by a Frenchman. The cave lies at a height of 25m above sea level and is 12m wide, and then 30m high from the entrance to the cave’s ceiling. Standing there, you can feel the greatness of nature and the surprise of the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites in the first sections of the 25m-wide cave, from the entrance.

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Exploring Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot location, the largest cave in Halong, has three compartments that receive tremendous light.

1. Great Number Of Stalagmites

Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay is probably the largest and most beautiful cave

Image Credit: By Devopam for Wikimedia Commons

The first compartment is the region in which many stalagmites flow towards the ground, forming deep pillars and high walls. The cave has not been affected by human activities, although scientists still come to the cave to conduct research. View of the arching cave is from the boat, offering many marvellous angles.

2. Diverse Flora and Fauna

The cave is located in the heart of Ha Long Bay in the central city of Ha Long in the north-eastern province of Quang Ninh

Image Credit: By Richard Mortel for Wikimedia Commons

The second compartment is characterised by diversified and abundant fauna and flora, superior to those of Phong Nha cave. Some formations, such as the cross-stalagmite, still preserve their transparency. Stay surrounded by your family, or do not stray inside the caves because it can be confusing.

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3. UNESCO Recognition

Sung Sot Cave, which is situated in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage Area.

Image Credit: By Richard Mortel for Wikimedia Commons
One of Halong Bay’s attractions is the Sung Sot Cave, known as the largest cave in Halong Bay. UNESCO has recognised it for its exceptional beauty. It is one of Ha Long Bay’s finest and widest grottoes. Located just up the hill next to the path leading to the cave, it is a must-see. Its 10,000 square metres are why it got its name, which means “Amazing cave” in Vietnamese.

Ecological Diversity Within Sung Sot Cave

Interestingly, the height of the cave is around 25m above sea level.

Image Credit: By Richard Mortel for Wikimedia Commons
Stepping into Sung Sot Cave, one of Halong Bay’s largest caverns, allows you to explore a variety of biological environments and journey back in time. Cave Sung Sot with the two main separated chambers, including the outer and inner chambers, cover an area of over 10,000 square metres. The two giant main doors that both enter and exit the spatial structure of the cave will give you uncertainty about the division of each specific landscape.

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Local Legends And Folklore

It is interesting to note that the Cave is located in the heart of Ha Long Bay.

Image Credit: By Thomas Hirsch for Wikimedia Commons
The name “Sung Sot” means “surprise” in Vietnamese. The size and beauty of Sung Sot Cave surprises my visitors. The mouth to the impressive cavern is fairly unassuming, surrounded by lush, thick woodland and opening out onto a very ordinary-looking hillside.
The French discovered it in 1901 and wrongly believed it was connected to Ha Long Bay. Repeated confirmations of the cave’s connection to the bay have helped place the Cave at the forefront of Ha Long Bay tour itineraries.
The cave was created during the Quaternary geological period. Weather agents eroded the mouths and edges of the cave roofs, creating patterns of chelone and daisy flowers. Interestingly, when the French discovered the cave, it was covered with a thick layer of limestone.

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Sung Sot Cave is a fascinating man-made site located in Ha Long Bay. It is a kind of cave with incredible stalactites all over the area. Plan your trip to Vietnam today and experience the unbelievable natural magic of the Sung Sot Cave. It is a must to admire the beauty of this unique place at least once in your lifetime.

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Cover Image Credit: By Richard Mortel for wikimedia commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Sung Sot Cave

What is the time for opening Sung Sot Cave?

The Cave is generally open to visitors, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Can I get an entry ticket to Sung Sot Cave?

The price of Cave is already included in the cost of the tour company’s Ha Long Bay tour. This information can be verified by the tour operator when booking the trip.

How much time do people need to spend in Sung Sot Cave?

Sung Sot Cave is a must-visit attraction whose tour can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Does the Cave have any amenities?

Other amenities include current restrooms near the entrance of the cave. It is best to carry your bottle of water and snacks as the coffee house has very little to offer.

When is the best time to explore Sung Sot Cave?

The most suitable time to visit the Cave is when it is dry between November and April.

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