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Sri Lanka is about a lot of things; beaches, mountains, wildlife, and tea plantations. It tops the chart in tea production, thanks to many tea estates in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka and all over the country. The best thing about these places is that you not only get to enjoy the flavorful beverages but also take a tour around the places where they are produced. Due to tourism booming in Sri Lanka, many tea estates in Nuwara Eliya have opened their gates to visitors. So, if you wish to stay amidst tea plants or want to learn how tea and coffee are produced, then you should sign up for a tour in these places.

The lush greenery of these tea plantations really have a soothing effect on you. It is said that the green is the calmest color in the spectrum. It has a sort of healing effect on you. This is why hospital curtains are green in color. Think about all the serenity and peace the hues of green in these plantations will offer to you. After all, you are on a vacation. The first thing you would expect is whole lot relaxation and rejuvenation. Well, these tea plantations have your back. When in Sri Lanka, you must have all sorts of experiences this country has to offer like wildlife safari where you bathe with the elephants, beachcombing on the beaches, trekking to the mountain tops, and exploring these tea plantations. When you are on your honeymoon, you can have an amazing time in these places.

Nuwara Eliya is one of the greenest places in Sri Lanka. It has so many beautiful tea estates and tea boutiques because the conditions like soil, climate, etc, are formidable. When in Nuwara Eliya, you feel like you are in a place like Switzerland. It’s also called ‘Little England’. Meet and greet the locals and you will be met with the warmest smiles.

Tea Estates In Nuwara Eliya

Here are some of the tea estates in Nuwara Eliya where tourists are welcome and you get to have a good time. Bookmark these places for your next visit.

1. Mackwoods Tea Museum

You may not like visiting museums but you would definitely enjoy visiting this one. Take the tasting tours and enjoy teas of different flavors like apple tea, cinnamon, etc. the tour explains the entire tea making process. It is not boring to learn something on your vacation. There is a beautiful tea garden where you will get to relax for a while. Oh, the views from the estate are absolutely wonderful. Visiting this tea museum is a total win-win situation.

Address: Queen Elizabeth Dr, NUWARA 22200, Sri Lanka

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2. Best Tea


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Do not forget to take a packet of local tea from the place near Adam’s peak. There are factories of tea around and your guide will take you to the place upon request and you can taste various types of tea there. If you want, you can buy some from here and have the perfect experience of Srilankan tea at home.

3. Pedro Tea Estate


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Tea is the elixir of life. Do you relate to this world-famous quote by Lao Tzu- Undeniably many of us will relate to it as tea lovers are spread all over the world and nothing can be better than relishing the aromas of pure Ceylon tea. There are many tea estates in Nuwara Eliya and visiting the well-known Pedro Tea Estate is one of the topmost in the things to do in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka guide. Pedro Tea Estate offers its guests to roam around the lush green tea plantations and even to learn the intricacies of tea processing. So, make space in your Nuwara Eliya activities list for the tea tasting ritual of the City of Lights.

Location: Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Entry Fee: INR 200
Timings: 8 AM to 4 PM

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These tea estates in Nuwara Eliya are the most beautiful tea gardens where you will get to enjoy amazing views and flavorful teas. When you are on a vacation in Sri Lanka, you should definitely visit these places to have an amazing time on our holiday. Whether you are traveling with family or spouse, taking a tour to the tea gardens is for all.

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