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Often termed the ‘crown jewel of Tamil Nadu’, Thalaiyar Falls is the highest waterfall in the state, gushing down from a height of 975 feet. The exhilarating sight and anatomy of the waterfall gives its other name, “Rat Tail Falls.” Though plenty of waterfalls are located in and around Kodaikanal, this one has an incomparable beauty. It is located in the Palani Hills, specifically in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, India. This is it if you are looking for a beautiful waterfall sight paired with an extensive trekking experience. Exploring Thalaiyar Waterfalls is one of those experiences that will bless you with utmost peace while your adventurer soul will rejoice

Where Is Thalaiyar Falls Located?

 A distant view of Thalaiyar Falls

Image Credit: Barbaragailblock for Wikimedia Commons

The most straightforward location for Thalaiyar Falls is in the Palani Hills. It is roughly 58 km from Kodaikanal, located in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, which borders the popular Dindigul district. While the falls themselves fall under the Theni Forest Division’s jurisdiction, they are best viewed from the viewpoint near the Manjalar Dam in the Dindigul district.

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Things To Do At Thalaiyar Waterfalls

Picturesque Manjalar Dam

Image Credit: Ajereez for wikimedia commons

Beyond the list of places to visit near Thalaiyar Waterfalls, you might be curious to know about the activities you can do while you are in close vicinity of the waterfalls.
Following are a few activities to indulge in:

As mentioned previously, reaching the Thalaiyar Waterfalls is not for the faint-hearted. It involves a back-and-forth hiking and trekking expedition that takes 5-6 hours and takes you through rough terrain. However, as you finally finish the trek and reach the waterfall, the rewarding views of the surroundings make up for the physical labor.

Nature Walks
The surrounding region of the Thalaiyar Waterfalls is filled with dense forests, steep trees, and foliage that makes way for nature trails. Once you are done witnessing the beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding area, you can also explore the nearby nature trails. It is one of those experiences that leads you to the unknown.

View The Majestic Falls
The view from the designated viewpoint near the Manjalar Dam offers a breathtaking panorama of the cascading falls. Binoculars enhance the experience, allowing you to appreciate the sheer height and power of the water. Somehow, witnessing that in real time triumphs all the tales and images you might have seen elsewhere.

The scenic beauty of Thalaiyar Waterfalls and its surroundings provide ample opportunities for photography. Whether you capture the falls from a distance or up close, the picturesque landscape offers stunning backdrops. For the best photographs, consider carrying a digital camera with you as well while visiting.

Places To Visit Near Thalaiyar Falls

If you want to make the most of your vacation experience, the key is to have a solid itinerary encompassing all the popular tourist attractions in the vicinity.
Following are some of the best places to visit near Thalaiyar Waterfalls, Tamil Nadu:

1. Kodaikanal

You can visit Kodaikanal which is close to Thalaiyar Falls.

Image Credit: Kreativeart for wikimedia commons
The ‘Princess of Hill Stations’, Kodaikanal, is located 58 km from Thalaiyar Falls, offering a serene environment to its visitors. The blend of lush greenery with mist-covered hills makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations. While you are there, explore popular sightseeing marvels like Kodaikanal Lake, Bryant Park, and Green Valley View Point.

Distance from Green Valley Viewpoint: 58.7 Km
Best time to visit: October to March

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2. Silver Cascade Falls

Silver Cascade Falls, another waterfall that you can visit

Image Credit: R.K.PRAGADHEESH for wikimedia commons

Fairly close to the Thalaiyar Falls Kodaikanal, Silver Cascade Falls is located on the Ghat Road on your way from Kodaikanal to Madurai. It is formed by the outflow of excess water from Kodaikanal Lake, cascading down a height of about 180 feet. The falls are easily accessible as they are situated along the main road, making it a popular stopover for tourists travelling to Kodaikanal.

Distance from Green Valley Viewpoint: 53 Km
Best time to visit: December to March

3. Palani Murugan Temple

Another tourist attraction that you can visit is Palani Murugan Temple. It is close to Thalaiyar Falls.

Image Credit: Spsarvana for wikimedia commons
Although a bit far from the Thalaiyar Waterfalls, the Palani Murugan Temple is one of those places that you can’t miss out on exploring. It is one of the most empowering religious sites in Tamil Nadu and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Perched on top of a hill, the temple is part of the Arupadai Veedu (the six abodes of Murugan). You can take a winch or cable car or climb the steps leading up to the top. The temple offers a spiritual experience and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, making the ascent worth the effort.

Distance from Green Valley Viewpoint: 104.4 Km
Best time to visit: November to March

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4. Poombarai Village View

Quaint village of Poombarai, another tourist attraction near Thalaiyar Falls

Image Credit: Marcus334 for wikimedia commons

There are several quaint villages near Kodaikanal,, and Poombarai is one of them. Beyond the rustic charm of the village, one thing that you can’t miss out on is witnessing the stunning views of the green valley from the surrounding Poombarai Village View Point. The village is famous for cultivating garlic and other vegetables, and the terraced fields create a beautiful patchwork on the hillsides. You can visit the Poombarai Murugan Temple while you are there.
Distance from Green Valley Viewpoint: 79.2 Km
Best time to visit: October to March

Best Time To Visit Thalaiyar Falls

Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu, from where you can view Thalaiyar Waterfalls

Image Credit:manly_pradeep for wikimedia commons

If your priority when visiting the Thalaiyar Waterfalls is a clear view with a steady stream of water flow, consider visiting from October to December. Although the monsoon to the post-monsoon season is usually attributed as the peak season to witness the Thalaiyar Falls, it has a few downsides. The biggest one is associated with the safety of the visitors due to slipper trails. For a comfortable and safe hiking experience to the Thalaiyar Waterfalls, consider visiting during the summer to spring season from January to April. The waterfall might be less voluminous, but the trekking experience is epic.

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How To Reach Thalaiyar Falls?

A view of the Manjalar Dam

Image Credit: Facebook

The easiest route would be to reach Theni or Dindigul to reach the Manjalar Dam. The views from the dam of the waterfall are quite pristine. This particular route is ideal for tourists who can’t embark on the challenging trekking experience of the waterfall. The trekking expedition starts from the Manjalar Dam, where you have to prepare for 2-3 hours of trek through rough terrains. Halfway through the trek, you will reach Kodai Road and find a spot named Dum Dum Rock, which offers a clear view of the waterfalls from a distance. This is a ‘less hectic’ way of seeing the waterfall if you don’t want to complete the trek.

Essential Facts About Thalaiyar Falls

An image of Dindigul Fort, Dindigul District

Image Credit: Drajay1976 for wikimedia commons

This waterfall is located in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu (best viewed from Dindigul district). Its height is 297 meters (975 feet), making it the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu. If you are wondering if it has any entry fees or timings, we have you covered.

Timings: The waterfall is usually accessible in the morning since the trek to the falls is challenging and shouldn’t be attempted during the evening or nighttime.

Entry Fees: The waterfall doesn’t charge entrance fees. You can visit and explore without paying a dime. However, you might have to pay for parking from where the trek starts.

Hiking Time: The hike and trekking experience are not for the faint-hearted. It takes around 5-6 hours to trek to the base of the waterfalls and back. The terrain is quite uneven and involves steep climbs and dense forest paths.

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halaiyar Waterfalls, with majestic height and stunning natural surroundings, is a gem in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. Beyond its natural beauty, this is one of those waterfalls that also introduces a lot of adventure. If you plan a trip to Tamil Nadu sometime soon, add the Thalaiyar Waterfalls, which is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thalaiyar Waterfalls

Is bathing allowed in Thalaiyar Falls?

There are reports that the water from the Thalaiyar Falls comes from the nearby rivers and water bodies in Tamil Nadu, making it polluted. Hence, it's better to avoid swimming in it.

What are the special features of Thalaiyar waterfalls?

The Thalaiyar Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, falling from a height of 297 meters. It is also the 267th-highest waterfall globally.

Are there Thalaiyar Waterfalls tickets?

There are no Thalaiyar Waterfalls tickets involved. You can visit the water and witness the beauty of it without paying anything.

Do I need a guide to hike to Thalaiyar Waterfalls?

If you are planning to trek to the base of the waterfalls and you don’t have a lot of prior trekking experience, it is ideal to hire a guide for the experience.

Are there any places to visit near Thalaiyar Waterfalls?

Yes, nearby attractions include Kodaikanal, Silver Cascade Falls, Palani Murugan Temple, and Berijam Lake.

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