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    Indian dads are awesome! They may always berate for not being as good as Sharma Ji’s son and nag you for life for a favor they did years ago (like raising you), but they are the one who took you on exciting summer vacations every year and got you bit by wanderlust in the first place.

    Nostalgia hitting in 3…2…1

    What is funnier when you look back at those memories is the avatar every Indian dad ever donned on these vacations. There were some hilarious traits of a typical Indian dad that he put on display every time your family went on a vacation. From wearing a fanny pack to constantly calculating expenses, you can spot an Indian dad on vacation from miles away. No matter how embarrassing or irritating those were that you wanted to change your family then, but now those same things are cherished memories of your childhood.

    This Father’s Day, let’s reflect on those memories and thank the sweetest man in the world who introduced to travel and sponsored all your college trips.

    Funny Things Indian Dads Do On A Family Holiday

    Every Indian kid would agree with most things, if not all, listed down, especially if you belong to an Indian middle-class family. Embarrassed much?

    1. Takes you to the same destination every year… & call it a holiday.

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    2. Always rushing things on a trip – Chalo Chalo, Jaldi karo

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    3. Reaching the airport 12 hours before the departure time

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    4. Allows no stopovers or limited washroom breaks on a road trip

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    5. Lying about your age when getting your ticket on the bus or an amusement park

    ticket counter

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    6. Always taking blurred photos of you on the trip

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    7. Not taking directions from Google Maps because he knows everything

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    8. Not letting you open snacks from the mini bar in a hotel room

    snacks in mini bar

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    9. Asking for Dal Makhni and Naan at an exotic restaurant on your foreign vacation

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    10. Constantly reminding you of the rates throughout the trip

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    11. Waking up early in the morning before everyone else and rubbing it in your face

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    12. Ruining your vacation with lame Dad jokes

    13. Forgetting you in the washroom and coming to get you hours later

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    This Father’s day, plan a vacation with your family and relive all those moments together because, in the end, it is the memories that matter the most. Your dad has given you many vacations in your childhood. Now it is your turn to take him on a trip or sponsor a getaway so that he can enjoy his retirement days.

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