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Singapore is popular for its lit shopping scenes. From high-end shopping malls, to medium-budget shops, to street markets, there are unlimited opportunities to unwind through retail-therapy. In fact, this island nation also hosts a grand festival dedicated to the same – The Great Singapore Sale (GSS). As a traveler, you may not go on a shopping spree, but there are a few things that you can buy as a souvenir for urself or gift to someone special. These things to buy in Singapore have their own significance and story associated with the story of this nation.

8 Best Things To Buy In Singapore

Here are the top 8 souvenirs to buy in Singapore that make the best memory to cherish a lifetime and the sweetest gifts for your loved ones:

  • Orchid Perfumes – Preserve The Fragrance
  • Merlion Souvenirs – Memory Of The Lion City
  • Singapore Sling – Taste The Delicious Drink
  • Gold Plated Orchid Ornaments – Unique Design
  • Bakkwa – A Popular Dish
  • Orchid Red Tea – An Interesting Gift
  • Coconut Jam – For A Morning Nostalgia
  • Lakse Paste – Spicey And Tangy

1. Orchid Perfumes Preserve The Fragrance

Orchid Scent of Singapore

Image Source: Pixabay

Perfumes are one of the most preferred souvenirs, especially if you are handing them over as gifts to your loved ones. And if you are visiting the Garden City – Singapore, buying an Orchid perfume is a good option. Orchid is the national flower of the country so buying this perfume is like taking home the Singaporean fragrance. Available in a variety of aromas, these gorgeously bottled perfumes are created by blending different native orchids.

Where to buy: Isetan – Orchard Road | Marina Bay Cruise Center
Cost: Starting from INR

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2. Merlion Souvenirs – Memory Of The Lion City

Merlion means the land of lions a incredible things in Singapore

Image Credit: for Wikimedia Commons

Merlion is a mythical creature that has the head of a lion and body of a fish. It is Singapore’s official mascot and is also, in fact, related to the name of the country. Singa or Simha in Malay means ‘lion’ and pura means land or city. So Singapore means the land of the lion or the Lion City, which is the other name for Singapore. Merlion is a popular symbol used to denote this city and there taking back a miniature Merlion souvenir will always remind you of the wonderful time you spent here. There are a variety of such products to choose from including Merlion statuettes, fridge magnets, key chains, photo frames, snow globes, lighters, ashtrays, cigarette boxes, can openers, coasters, chocolate and sweet. These are some of the famous things to buy in Singapore for tourists.

Where to buy: All souvenir shops
Cost: Starting from INR 100

3. Singapore Sling – Taste The Delicious Drink

Singapore Sling

Image Source: Pixabay

Singapore Sling is an amazing cocktail created in the 1930s by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon at the popular Long Bar of Raffles Hotel. This drink gained popularity across the globe and came to be known as the national drink of Singapore. The original recipe of Singapore Sling had gin, cherry brandy, and 3 tangy juices – orange, lime and pineapple. But now, this wonderful drink is made in a variety of ways with a wide range of ingredients. They even come in bottles that can be bought as souvenirs to take home the aroma and taste of Singapore. This drink is one of the must buy in Singapore airport to kickstart your vacation here.

Where to buy: Raffles Hotel’s souvenir shops | Changi Airport souvenir shops
Cost: Starting from INR 1500

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4. Gold Plated Orchid Ornaments – Unique Design

Gold Plated Orchid Ornaments

Image Source: Pixabay

By now you must have realized the significance of Orchids in the Singaporean culture. If you are confused about what to shop in Singapore then this is your golden chance to take this charming flower home as a souvenir. Real orchids are plated in 24K gold to make charming ornaments like necklace pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, etc. These are also used to make corporate gift products like pen holders, display plates, cardholders, and more. Asians share the same love for gold, so this is one of the best things to buy in Singapore for Indian tourists.

Where to buy: Gardens By The Bay | Suntec City Mall
Cost: Starting from INR 3000

5. Bakkwa – A Popular Dish

Bakkwa of Singapore

Image Source: Pexels

Bakkwa is a popular snack in Singapore that you can take home as a souvenir. It is a sweet and salty dried-meat product often made from pork or beef. It is prepared by thoroughly marinating meat with sugar, soy sauce, and various spices and then grilling it over charcoal. Bakkwa also makes a perfect traditional gift option and cheap things to buy in Singapore, especially during the Chinese New Year festival.

Where to buy: Bee Cheng Hiang Stores | Lim Chee Guan Stores
Cost: Starting from INR 2300

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6. Orchid Red Tea – An Interesting Gift

Orchid Red Tea

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The love for tea is very common among the Asians. And when it is Singapore, you surely can expect something as unique things to buy in Singapore as Orchid Red Tea, because Orchids do play an important role. Taste a cup of a refreshing blend of Orchid Tea collections. This tea has natural aroma because of the orchid petals added to it.

Where to buy: NA
Cost: Starting from INR 1430

7. Coconut Jam – For A Morning Nostalgia

Coconut Jam on the favourite bread is the famous breakfast to try on your next vacation

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Kaya, a special coconut jam is one of the favorite breakfast bread-spread of Singaporeans. It is made of a variety of ingredients including coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves. If you want to take home a local yet popular product of Singapore, as a souvenir, this is the best option. This delicious jam can also be used as a dessert topping on sweets and cakes.

Where to buy: Any supermarket
Cost: Starting from INR 250

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8. Lakse Paste – Spicey And Tangy

Get the traditional Singaporean flavor and taste the Laksa paste one of the delicious food.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you loved the Singaporean flavor, you would definitely like Laksa Paste. This traditional Peranakan noodle soup is made of laksa leaves, chilies, coconut, lemongrass, dried prawn/shrimp paste, shallots, turmeric, galanga, and spices. The preparation of Laksa involves Chinese and Malay cooking styles. You can buy the frozen soup base which is sold as a ready-to-cook paste.

Where to buy: Any supermarket
Cost: Starting from INR 250

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Singapore has a plethora of exciting travel opportunities. It offers a diverse experience with abundant scenic beauty, wildlife, amusement, food scenes, nightlife, and adventure. It also brings to you some of the best shopping experiences in Asia. Plan a trip to Singapore and make the most of your trip. Also, make sure that you purchase some of the above-listed things to buy in Singapore to keep them as memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Buy In Singapore

What are some of the popular places for shopping in Singapore?

Singapore is a city of malls and a few street markets too are there where you can shop from. Some of the popular places in Singapore for shopping are Orchard Road, Chinatown Street Market, Vivocity, Haji Lane and Clarke Quay.

What is the best thing to buy in Singapore?

There are several things which you can buy in Singapore but the Orchid Perfumes and Laksa Paste are two things that are very popular in Singapore. You shouldn’t miss buying these two.

What are some of the famous markets in Singapore?

Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Sungei Road Thieves Market, Bugis Street, and Lucky Plaza are some of the very famous markets in Singapore.

How many shopping malls are there in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. The infrastructure of the city is always appreciated, including the malls. There are over 200 shopping malls in the city and the most famous ones being VivoCity, ION Orchard, Paragon Shopping Centre, and Knightsbridge Mall.

What are some of the cheapest things to buy in Singapore?

Bakkwa BBq Meat, Souvenirs with Miniature Merlion and Kaya are some of the cheapest things to buy in Singapore.

What are the famous brands in Singapore?

Singapore has many local and international brands. Ong Shunmugam, Razer, Carrie K, Supermama, Old Chang Kee, Sabrina Goh, and Naiise are a few names.

What are some of the handmade things to buy in Singapore?

Singapore offers you several handmade and Homegrown brands. Some of the famous handmade things to buy are The Fingersmith Letterpress, Cookie Cutter, DDDOTS, Mandy T Skincare, and handmade wallets.

Where can I go shopping in Singapore at night?

Here are some of the popular night markets in Singapore:
1. Chinatown Street Market
2. Tekka Center
3. Bugis Street Market
4. Little India Arcade
5. China Square Central Flea Market

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