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Antarctica is a relatively unexplored continent as compared to that of the rest of the world. With time, it has also become the ultimate adventure spot for a lot of daring enthusiasts. Although a number of flights would make you reach Antarctica, however, the only way in which you can explore the place is by a boar or a cruise expedition. This expedition rightly explored around the Antarctica Peninsula. Apart from exploring the place from the cruise, Antarctica also offers a wide array of opportunities to its travellers. Read on to know the most interesting things to do in Antarctica for an enthralling vacation.

Best Time To Visit Antarctica

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The best time to visit Antarctica is during summer that includes the months of November to March. This is when you will get to view the maximum of the wildlife in Antarctica. At the same time, tourists can also benefit from experiencing 24 hours of daylight. Hence, if you are looking forward to visiting Antarctica, this is the perfect time to do so.

8 Best Things To Do In Antarctica

Let us explore some of the most enthralling activities you can do in Antarctica:

1. Kayak With Whales – Peaceful Expeditions
2. Witness Penguins – Adorable Interactions
3. Camping – Sleep Under The Open Sky
4. Zodiac Cruising – Adventurous Excursions
5. Explore A Science Research Station – Illuminating Hours
6. Polar Plunge – Feel The Cool Waters Of Antarctica
7. Scuba Diving – Adventure Sport In Icy Waters
8. Visit Deception Island

1. Kayak With Whales – Peaceful Expeditions

Kayak With Whales - Peaceful Expeditions

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If you have been in the quest to experience the most peaceful time, cruising atop the surface of pristine bays along the Gerlache coastline is a must. It is completely a tranquil feeling when surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, glaciers and vivid blue skies. It is a common sight to spot various water mammals such as seal, orca, humpback, whale and minke. Witnessing this beauty right from the same level is something that cannot be expressed in words. This is undoubtedly one of the best activities that certainly should not be missed.

Popular for: Kayaking
Location: Along the Gerlache coastline

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2. Witness Penguins – Adorable Interactions


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Another activity that is a must to explore while on your trip to Antarctica is watching penguins, the most adorable creature in the land. One of the essentials that are undoubtedly in everyone’s bucket list is to hand out with the penguins, and this wish can be fulfilled in this beautiful snow land. Penguins in this land are completely unfazed by us humans and hence do not be scared if you see them waddling right towards up. Visitors, however, are requested to maintain an optimum level of distance from the creatures.

Popular for: Penguin watching
Location: The Weddell Sea and Antarctic Circle

3. Camping – Sleep Under The Open Sky


Image Credit: Huskyherz for Pixabay

If you too are an adventure enthusiast, then camping is an activity that must be loved by you. There is, however, no better place to do camping under the open sky than in Antarctica. This will undoubtedly be something to be something that will stay in your heart forever. Although the weather might be a serious concern at this place, this is why it is essential to get in touch with a professional travel company who are equipped with the necessary safety gears and equipment to keep you warm throughout the trip. Nothing will beat waking up to the gorgeous sunrise while sleeping while watching the stars glow at night.

Popular for: stargazing
Location: Hovgaard Island

4. Zodiac Cruising – Adventurous Excursions


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Doesn’t the name itself sound fascinating? It indeed is equally fascinating as this activity offers tourists the chance to avail an up-close look of a number of cautious wildlife present in the ocean, on the land as well as in the skies. It is an extremely common sight to watch leopard seals, the penguins and many other curious animals pop up on the side and say a hello. You are bound to experience yourself as a small tiny creature amidst the massive iceberg and glaciers present at sea level.

Popular for: photography
Location: Near the polar region

5. Explore A Science Research Station – Illuminating Hours

Explore A Science Research Station - Illuminating Hours

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As it is one of the most unexplored and remote places on earth, it performs a wide array of cutting edge research. For those joining an Antarctica Peninsula expedition, you can easily explore a few active stations. Among several science search centre present, the most popular one is the Vernadsky research station. This is a Ukrainian base that comprises of c resourceful and long-drawn history that dates back to the year of 1947. The station had been primarily established as a British station. When you are visiting as a small group, you can have a tour of this base which will offer a resourceful insight into life in Antarctica.

Popular for: Exploring science and research of what is life like in Antarctica
Location: Argentine Islands

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6. Polar Plunge – Feel The Cool Waters Of Antarctica

cold water

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When you are visiting the northernmost part of the world, taking a polar plunge is a must. It is quite a heart-wrenching dive and needs a lot of courage to do so. A wild plunge on the cool waters of Antarctica needs a bold heart. Be the bravest in your group and undertake this activity to experience a moment of a lifetime. This must be an activity on the bucket list of a wide array of individuals. This activity undoubtedly is going to set an adrenaline rush like no other. The only prerequisite of this activity is to know swimming and also to be equipped with swimming attire.

Popular for: Experiencing an adrenaline rush like no other
Location: Typically done from a cruise ship

7. Scuba Diving – Adventure Sport In Icy Waters


Image Credit: Pxhere

Similar to the hill areas, scuba diving is also a popular sport done in Antarctica. However, the experience is completely different in Antarctica as compared to any other place. It is extremely enthralling to experience this adventure sport in the icy waters. Some of the essential highlights include crystal clear pristine water which offers you a mesmerizing opportunity to view the iceberg located underneath. Along with viewing the icebergs, individuals taking this activity can also view some exquisite marine and coral life present underneath. You need to perform this activity to experience this extravaganza amidst the sun’s rays, ice formations and crystal clear water.

Popular for: Experiencing the changing colours of the water with the sun changing its position
Location: Antarctic Circle and Antarctic Peninsula

8. Visit Deception Island

Visit Deception Island

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Just like the name suggests, the island is a lot more than what the name looks like. Its protected port offers secured shelter to varied sailors from the wild, untamed seas. The most striking feature about this island is an active volcano. The volcano is a hub of holding a number of secrets of the old whaling industry that was in existence until the mid-1990s. The processing plants rose of whale blubber had flourished while falling here with the ship=-based processing taking over. This island at present is a collection of decrepit buildings, old whale skeletons and rusted oil drums and is also surrounded by black volcanic sand.

Popular for: Being a spooky attraction, the only thermal spa of Antarctica is present here
Location: Near South Shetland Islands archipelago

We hope this article of ours excites you to explore these places in Antarctica and enjoy the most thrilling experience in the northernmost land covered with snow. We assure you to love doing each of these awesome things to do in Antarctica. Take your loved ones to experience the most enthralling time of your life. Book your trip to Antarctica and seize the night.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Antarctica

What is the accommodation offered in Antarctica?

The only accommodation offered in Antarctica is boats and cruises as there are no hotels or resorts out there.

Which wildlife is present in Antarctica?

In Antarctica, you can view a wide array of wildlife and offer the most abundant animals present in the southern continent. The list of wildlife is long, and the most common ones include penguins, seabirds, whales, seals, albatrosses, and krill and so on.

What is the best time to visit Antarctica?

The best time to visit Antarctica is during summer that includes the months of November to March. This is when you will get to view the maximum of the wildlife in Antarctica. At the same time, tourists can also benefit from experiencing 24 hours of daylight.

What is the temperature like in Antarctica?

The temperature in Antarctica ranges from -10 degree C on the Antarctic coast while ranging to -60 degree in the highest part of the interior.

Is it expensive to visit Antarctica?

Antarctica, as it is seldom explored, is quite expensive; however you need to book the best tour operators to make it a cost-effective deal. It is going to be the most cost-effective when you are travelling with a large group.

How can I reach Antarctica?

Antarctica does not have any commercial airport. If you wish to reach through the plane, you can use private air travel. Alternatively, you can reach through the water on a cruise.

How many primary islands are present in Antarctica?

A total of three main islands are present in Antarctica that includes Buckle, Sturge and Young.

What adventure sports can I experience in Antarctica?

Antarctica offers a sea of opportunities to the adventure enthusiasts, and you can experience kayaking, polar plunge, scuba diving, hiking, sledging, sailing, snorkelling, and so on.

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