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Cuba is the treasure of the Caribbean Sea and a paradise waiting to be explored. It is also known as the Pearl of the Antilles. This largest island in the entire Caribbean Sea is a glorious place to spend a wonderful, exciting vacation. Cuba is a temperate country with its rich culture and history that invites all visitors to explore more. There are plenty of things to do in Cuba. You, as a tourist, can visit here in any season of the year. It is comparatively a safe country with its friendly and hospitable people.

10 Things To Do In Cuba

Here is a list of some popular things to do in Cuba as a tourist. Read on and get ready with your bags.

1. Visit Old Havana
2. Participate In Adventures In Trinidad
3. Visit The Cigar Farm In Vinales
4. Interact With Locals
5. Party In The Streets Of Santiago De Cuba
6. Try Local Food At The Old Havana
7. Go For Havana Vintage Car Ride
8. Drink The Real Mojito
9. Dive And Snorkel At The Garden Of The Queen
10. Explore The Underwater World At The Bay Of Pigs

1. Visit Old Havana

best place in Cuba to visit

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Havana is the best place in Cuba to experience the region’s culture, meet the people, and also explore its history. This UNESCO-attested district had been magnificently preserved since centuries. You will enjoy the beauty of its outstanding architecture, with the rows of baroque townhouses and Andalusian-style arcades edging to the roadways.

Plaza de Armas to Plaza de la Catedral is adorned with the gorgeous historical churches and neoclassical palaces. Old Havana maintained its elegance and beauty with the flow of time.

Ideal for: Sightseeing, strolling, walking, Havana vintage car ride.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: Private Taxis: INR180 – INR503/- for a journey within a city; from the airport in Havana to Central Havana, usual cost is INR 1795/- for a taxi.
Stay Options: Multiple options from the budget category to 5-Star hotels.

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2. Participate In Adventures In Trinidad

colonial architecture of the place

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Trinidad, in the province of Sancti Spiritus, is a stunning city, with a very well preserved old palaces and colonial architecture that create a truly captivating atmosphere. You can get involved in lots of fun-filled crazy things to do rather than wait for you in Trinidad. Have you tried to go shopping with no cars that can get into the city centre but by just donkeys and horse carriages?

Well, isn’t that a pretty exciting thing! Even more enthralling things are Caribbean beaches like Casilda Bay, where the clear waters offer excellent snorkelling and diving adventures or to try swimming in the freezing waters of Salto de Caburnì natural pools. And, if you need to relax after all your extreme adventures in Cuba’s pristine, powdered sand beaches are perfect for laze around, and supping on the Mojitos, of course.

Ideal for: Horseback riding, swimming, diving, snorkelling, shopping.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: INR6315/- day for 2; Horseback riding tour – INR1076/- for 3 hours trip; one scuba dive, including equipment – INR2870/-; Scooter: INR1793/- day (INR1435/- if you rent for 3 days) Trinidad to Camaguey: INR1080/-.
Location: Trinidad, Cuba
Stay Options: Multiple options from both budget category hotels to 5-Star hotels are facilitated.

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3. Visit The Cigar Farm In Vinales

Visiting a cigar farm is exciting

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For nearly 200 years, Viñales has been a beautiful valley with its breathtaking limestone caves. The world-renowned tobacco product -the Cohiba Cigars- are manufactured here. Visiting a cigar farm is exciting and unique of the various things to do in Cuba where the water is believed to have healing power.

Ideal for: Site seeing, strolling, exploring the caves and smoking Cuban Cigars.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: Scooter: INR6315/- a day for 2; INR1794/- day (INR1435/- if you rent for 3 days).
Havana to Vinales – INR861/-.
Stay Options: Multiple options from the budget category to 5 Star hotels.

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4. Interact With Locals

meeting to new people is always exciting

The People-to-People program is a unique tourism plan that utilizes the cooperation of its citizens. It is indeed one of the best things to do in Cuba as such programs help promote a good rapport between the Cubans and the foreigners while enjoying different activities, understanding Cuban history, culture, culinary and everyday life in Cuba.

Visitors to this island can live with the local residents in a bed and breakfast style of plan during their stays.

Ideal for: Gallivanting, cultural, culinary, and historical exchanges.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: INR6315/- per day for 2 people.
Stay Options: Local’s homes for 2 to 3 days

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5. Party In The Streets Of Santiago De Cuba

crowded streets of Cuba

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Afro-Caribbean culture stands out at Santiago De Cuba. It is a place where visitors can understand the meaning of beauty within the chaos. Visiting Santiago can be one of the best things to do in Cuba where you can sway with music and dancing on the streets.

Such a culture scene is truly alive, and something which its inhabitants are fiercely proud of. The sultry weather, beautiful landscape, natural greenery and marine settings et al add up to the excitement of the street dancing and lively music. When in Cuba, you should include this colourful and historically significant city in your itinerary.

Ideal for: Street dancing, entertainment, cultural and historical information.
Stay Options: Multiple options from the budget category to 5-Star hotels.

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6. Try Local Food At The Old Havana

tasting the local food of Cuba

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In Cuba, you can find the best gastronomic delights that are concealed gem in the heart of Old Havana with the amazing food, eclectic style, great service and also the luscious Cuban cocktails makes a great catch for you to indulge. The Ropa Vieja – a traditional Cuban dish should not be missed. The most popular foods in Cuba are black beans, rice, and meat.

Ideal for: Entertainment, Gastronomic Delights.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: Less than INR 290/- and meals for less than INR360/-
Stay Options: Several options from budget category to 5-Star hotels are available.

7. Go For Havana Vintage Car Ride

vintage cars in Havana

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Old cars in most flashy cities are a big no. A direct opposite when you come to visit Havana, wherein riding old cars remains one of the best things to do in Cuba. At present, the vintage cars are kept in the perfect condition that brings a nostalgic feeling to ride.

The best old American classic cars which are mostly in pink and red convertible like Chevrolet, Ford, Buick and Plymouth, in Havana resemble like a museum on the wheels. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and be on the top of your bucket list when you come to visit Havana.

Ideal for: Tour around Havana
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: INR1080/- – INR1795/- for 30 min.
Duration: 30 min. to 1 hr.

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8. Drink The Real Mojito

enjoy the drink of real mojito

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A drink worth trying the Mojito was created in a small bar named the ‘La Bodeguita del Medio’ in Old Havana in 1942. This popular drink is made with mint, sugar, lemon, club soda and local rum. The name Mojito is derived from the Cuban spice called Mojo, meaning “sauce”; or possibly a derivative of the Spanish word Mojadito meaning “little wet” or even Majado meaning “wet”.

It has an authentic and delicious taste of Cuba. When in Cuba, taste the original Mojito cocktail besides having fun and to enjoy the drink with your family and friends.

Ideal for: Entertainment and Relaxation.
Activity Cost/ Ticket Fee: INR150/- – INR220/- each.

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9. Dive And Snorkel At The Garden Of The Queen

witness an underwater paradise

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The Garden of the Queen is an underwater paradise. It is the best snorkelling and diving spot in Cuba. It is also the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean and is thus considered to be one of the world’s best-preserved marine areas. Scuba divers can see the massive coral formations, various sea turtles gliding through the water, rays, abundant fish population including snapper, the Goliath grouper and several types of sharks.

Underwater canyons and caves also run the perpendicular to the coastline. Sharks are one of the main attractions and can be seen everywhere. For your safety and security, you shouldn’t dive alone, though underwater diving remains one of the best things to do in Cuba for unlimited fun.

Ideal for: Scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling, outing.

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10. Explore The Underwater World At The Bay Of Pigs

beauty of the real undersea world

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Swim, dive and snorkel at the Bay of Pigs in all of its majestically diving sites. A very attractive underworld is waiting for you. And, it has a complete collection of the different flora and fauna which is endemic to the area. The historic Bay of Pigs is now considered the best place in Cuba to see the beauty of the real undersea world.

Only in the Bay of Pigs can a diver see the untouched beautiful corals and the colourful fishes in the warm crystal clear water. Cuba is indeed a safe place to dive.

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Culturally, Cuba is considered part of Latin America. It is a multiethnic country whose people, culture, and customs have come from diverse origins. Enjoy the diversity and the unison with nature at its best during your Caribbean vacation by indulging in most of the above-mentioned things to do in Cuba.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Cuba

What are the 5 best things to do in Cuba?

The 5 best things to do in Cuba are the following: visit old Havana, Ride a vintage car, visit the tobacco farms in Vinales and dive at the Bay of the Pigs.

What is Santiago de Cuba known for?

Historically, Santiago de Cuba has been the second-largest city in Cuba, after Havana. It features a bay connected to the Caribbean Sea and is a major port- The municipality of Santiago de Cuba.

How much should I budget for my travel to Cuba?

Your personal travel budget in Cuba might vary. Usually, travellers estimate an average amount of INR 6460/- per day.

What is the cheapest way to get from Havana to Bay of Pigs?

The cheapest way to get from Havana to Bay of Pigs is by bus which costs INR1290/- – INR1400/- and which takes 3h 24m.

What is the cheapest way to get from Havana to Santiago?

The cheapest way to get from Havana to Santiago is to fly which costs INR14205/ – INR48,000/- and takes 14h 7m.

How far is it from Havana to Santiago?

The distance between Havana and Santiago is 6414 km.

Is Scuba diving in Cuba safe?

Scuba diving in Cuba is safe but we highly recommend that the activity should not be done alone and divers should always be accompanied by the expert divers.

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