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    Madaba is one of the most beautiful cities in Jordan. The city offers you numerous attractions through its historic sites. The city attracts a lot of historians and architects because of the presence of numerous Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics that are present in many church walls and other historic structures throughout the city. The city is located close to Amman, another attractive and major city of Jordan. There are various things to do in Madaba that will give you a hearty experience of the place.

    Top 6 Things To Do In Madaba

    Many people wonder about what to do in Madaba, so for those people here is a list of the top things to do in Madaba in order to give you the best experience of the city.

    1. St George’s Church And Mosaic Map

    St George’s Church

    Image Source

    If you are thinking about what to do in Madaba, then visiting the St George’s Church and getting a glimpse of the amazing Mosaic map is the best thing to do in Madaba. The walls of the church are inscribed by ancient plans of the city and its surroundings. It also has the cartographic designs of the city of Jerusalem and is considered as the oldest surviving design of such type. Much of these inscriptions have worn away with time but their true meaning could still be understood by the historians and the people as well. The surrounding of the church consists of small traders who sell good quality local products and small handbooks that have these inscriptions within them.

    Location- K.Talal St. 30, Madaba, Jordan

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    2. Church Of The Apostles

    Church Of The Apostles

    Image Source

    Another of the best things to do in Madaba, Jordan is to visit the Church of the Apostles. This church consists of the 12 Apostle figures that are inscribed on the church walls. Historians date these inscriptions to the late AD 568 and are one of the very few of these types. The centre of the church consists of the biggest Apostle, that is, Thalassa, who is a female representation of the sea. The female figure is surrounded by the inscriptions of fish and other marine animals that make the wall look beautiful. This historic church has gone through a lot of wear and tear but today stands as a pure example of historic architecture and design. The church is decorated with various paintings, flowers, fruits and many more such items in order to make a more lively experience.

    Location- Madaba, Jordan

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    3. Church Of The Beheading Of John The Baptist

    Church Of The Beheading

    Image Source

    This beautiful church in Madaba is another attraction of the city. This church too has the walls inscribed with numerous mosaics. The church has a special room that showcases the church history and other religious articles related to the church that is depicted here in the form of pictures. One famous attraction of the church is an old steel staircase that leads to a steeple from where you get an extraordinary view of the city. The church attracts lots of tourists from all across the world, especially architects and historians.

    Location- Haya St., Madaba, Jordan

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    4. Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo

    Image Source

    If you are interested in history, then Mount Nebo is the perfect place to be. Like all other mountains or hills of this world, Mount Nebo offers you spectacular scenic beauties with lush green natural surroundings, but it is more famous for its place in history. The mountain has been mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the spot where Moses was granted the view of the Promised Land. You get a beautiful glimpse of the city and the River Jordan from the top of the hill. The hilltop also has a serpentine cross sculpture which was made by an Italian artist to symbolise the bronze serpent of Moses.

    Location- Ash-Shaam, Jordan

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    5. Carpet City

    Carpet City

    Image Source

    For those of you, who still haven’t figured out what to do in Madaba, Jordan, go to the enormous and the most amazing Carpet city. We bet that you will not be able to stop yourself from buying a carpet from this place. The carpets produced here are some of the best quality and the most beautiful in the whole world. The carpet business here is run by a local family for many years. You can also get a glimpse of their work in the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, in which the camel bags were made by these people.

    Location- Carpet City, Madaba, Jordan

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    6. Adonis Restaurant And Cafe

    Adonis Restaurant And Cafe

    Image Source

    Adonis Restaurant and Cafe is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. The place is run by a known local family, who serve you the best quality Jordanian food. The place forms the perfect spot to enjoy local Jordanian dishes that are loved by many locals as well as the tourists. The restaurant also hosts live music events on every Thursday and Friday that add to the charm of this place. The design and interior of the restaurant are so magnificent that you will easily get attracted to the place and have a good quality time with your friends or family while you enjoy the Jordanian meals.

    Location- Madaba, Jordan

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    Now you know about the top things to do in Madaba, hence helping you make some amazing memories on your trip. So stop thinking about where to go and start planning your trip to Jordan on your next vacation in this year, and get a glimpse of this beautiful country rich in history and culture.

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