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Solan is the famous snow laden destination of Himachal Pradesh which is one of the much sought after hill station in India. The place is filled with tourists who go back home with so refreshing experiences because of the numerous amazing things to do in Solan. It was popular because of its bulk production and a major contribution to India’s agricultural sector, however, now it is also known for its exhilarating activities, places to see and the cool weather all year round. So, here is a list of things you can participate in, when in Solan, to while away that free time.

Top 10 Things To Do In Solan

Solan is a place filled with places and things to explore and visit. So, take a look at this list and navigate your way around the beautiful and mysterious city of Himachal Pradesh.

  • Karol Tibba
  • Dagshai Jail Museum
  • Solan Brewery
  • Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park
  • The Menri Monastery
  • The Mall Road
  • Motilal Nehru Central Library
  • Bon Monastery
  • Jatoli Shiv Temple
  • Shoolini Devi Temple

1. Karol Tibba

Karol Tibba

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Trekking is one of the prime activities that you should undertake whenever you visit any hill station. It not only keeps the unnecessary travel fab away but lets you explore a particular place in a more detailed and organized manner. Similarly, trekking in Mount Karol Tibba is one of the top things to do in Solan because of its picturesque view and hiking hub. The mountain has a trekking trail of a maximum of 8km but it seems worth it when you reach the finishing point and see a panoramic view of the mist-laden city clearer than ever. The main attraction of this trek is the Pandavas’ Cave. The locals believe this cave to be one of the station points of the Pandavas during their exile. The trek, regardless, of its long distance, is refreshing and helps you connect with mother nature in a unique way.

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2. Dagshai Jail Museum

Dagshai Jail Museum

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People without knowledge of the past are like a tree without roots. This should be a reason enough to go and visit the Dagshai Jail museum. It was not only a holding for our valiant freedom fighters but also a place where Mahatma Gandhi Ji wrote a long and important letters that are a mark of the conflicts that ran through the minds of the people of those days. The museum is completely untouched and gives its visitors an informative details of the struggles and protests that took place in the Jail. The jail is of the British era, however, the building on the Indian land, is a symbol of a long and hard fight for freedom that took place in the 1900s.

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3. Solan Brewery

Solan Brewery

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You may not find distinctive bars in Solan, but you will find one of the oldest breweries in Solan. This brewery has now been converted into a distillery but long back in 1850, it was started by Edward Dyer, who wanted to open the first brewery in India. You should visit this place to get an idea of British architecture and the way of working set by them during the 1800s. The distillery is the only place in Solan that produces the #1 drink in Himachal Pradesh. It now deals with drinks like old monk and various kinds of Whiskeys. You can also buy an original drink directly from the distillery without having to pay additional charges that usually are the cause of a hike in the price of usual alcohols and rums.

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4. Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park

Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park

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The bustling city life is a major cause of stress and unnecessary elements in our lives. When you stop at Solan, visit the famous Mohan Shakti National Heritage Park. Taking a casual stroll around this park is one of the top things to do in Solan district. It allows you to take a walk, meditate on its sitting rocks, pray at the temple, with so many figurines, and is completely pollution free. The park is protected and preserved as it is one of the very few places in India that has not come in contact with the factory air. The park is a place where you can wind down or think of new ideas. It is not crowded but extremely safe and has small eateries that can be used to satisfy the usual hunger pangs. The figurines are made of marble and the lush greenery adds to its exquisite beauty. So, come and take a jog around the park and feel refreshed for the next day.

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5. The Menri Monastery

The Menri Monastery

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It is good to always reflect on your actions. This is not possible when you live in a four-walled room surrounded by city horns and other kinds of distractions. Visit the Menri Monastery where you can celebrate tranquility and quiet. The place allows you to roam around and learn their ways of life. You can also take lessons and eat with them to gain more perspective on the reasons and causes of life. The only thing they demand from you in return is silence and a will to learn. Give this Buddhist monastery a chance, they may be the quietest but their teachings and knowledgeable words resound in your minds for days to come.

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6. The Mall Road

The Mall Road

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Do not let the word ‘mall’ fool you into believing that this is an overpriced shopping destination. This is a road that has various and many shopping centers that let you buy handicrafts and souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones at affordable prices. The mall road also has famous eateries in its midst in case you feel tired or worn out, but you know the old saying, shop till you drop. So, give this amazing market a chance to offer you its finest products and enjoy the jingling of the best handicrafts made by its locals.

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7. Motilal Nehru Central Library

Motilal Nehru Central Library

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Your mind needs to read books to maintain its edge and standard. That is why you have the popular Motilal Nehru Central Library, the only central library in Himachal Pradesh. The library is one of the oldest reading shrines in India and deserves more than a glimpse. You will get a chance to read and book a plethora of books that will not only inform you about the various ways of the world in the past but also to prepare for the present. The library stands tall because it boasts of the finest infrastructure and the best choices of books to examine.

8. Bon Monastery

Bon Monastery Solan

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Bon Monastery beautiful religious and historical place in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. This Tibetan Buddhist temple is a peaceful place for you to visit and calm your mind. Explore the architectural beauty of the temple and seek blessings from the almighty. Visiting this monastery is one of the best things to do in Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

9. Jatoli Shiv Temple

Jatoli Shiv Temple

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Jatoli Shiv Temple is regarded as a very powerful temple in Solan district. It is dedicated to Hindu lord Shiv. The temple is one of the highest Shiva temples in Asia. With an old Shivalinga placed inside the temple, it is also one of the oldest temples in India that is dedicated to this deity. The temple has been designed in the traditional Southern-Dravidian architectural style with 3 pyramids of ascending heights placed in order.

10. Shoolini Devi Temple

Shoolini Devi Temple0310

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Shoolini Devi Temple in Solan is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Shoolini, revered wife of Lord Shiva. The Shoolini Devi temple is mainly built for the purpose of organizing the Shoolini Mela which takes place every year in the last week of June. Attending this mela is one of the most interesting things to do in Solan City in this month.

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The most important district in Himachal Pradesh boasts of not only healthy agricultural produce but also of unique activities. Regardless of whether you are reading a book, preparing for a long trek or finding your real self in a monastery, Solan will let you experience the beauty of life and will urge you to come back for another visit. So, plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh with your friends and family and let your hair down with all these exciting things to do in Solan.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Solan

How can I go to Solan from Delhi?

You can reach Solan from Delhi by boarding a Volvo from Isbt Kashmiri Gate. The journey will take around 8 hours 40 minutes. If you want to travel by train then you can board the Kalka Shatabdi express from Delhi and then take a bus from Kalka to Solan.

Which is the Mushroom City of India?

Solan is called the Mushroom city of India as major area of mushroom farming and even the Directorate of Mushroom Research is situated in this town.

Why is Solan famous?

A plethora of tourist attractions like Solan Brewery and things to do in Solan are the reasons for the popularity of this town. This town is also famous for its roasted corn, mushrooms, and other seasonal fruits.

What is the best time to visit Solan?

Solan looks breathtakingly beautiful in the summer and monsoon season and you must visit this town during these seasons. February to May and August to November are considered the best months to visit Solan.

What can I shop for in Solan?

There are a lot of shopping streets in Solan like Upper Bazar, Lower Bazaar, and Mall Road. You can stroll around these streets and buy handicrafts, jewelry and bakery items.

Is Solan safe?

Whether you are a solo traveler or are on a family trip, Solan is absolutely safe for all travelers.

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