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Mangalore is a coastal city in Karnataka on the western part of the Indian Peninsula. This city faces the grand Arabian Sea and forms some of the most serene beaches in the country. Apart from the beautiful coastline that attracts tourists, the famous trails in Mangalore also attract trekkers and adventure seekers. Mangalore is the purest of what mother nature has to offer – unique flora, high cascades, and old mountains for everyone to embark on an expedition. Whether you are a newbie trekker or you are an honed adventurer, you will find in Mangalore the experience you are searching for. Come along with us as we explore the wonder that is this city and trails for trekking near Mangalore, a place you must never miss to visit!

Famous Spots For Trekking Near Mangalore

Let’s explore some of the best places for trekking near Mangalore that are perfect for adventurers, nature lovers and avid photographers.

1. Mullayanagiri

Sweeping view of Mullayanagiri Peak, the best expedition for hikers exploring trekking near Mangalore.

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Tucked in the Baba Budangiri range of the mighty Western Ghats, the Mullayanagiri peak is the highest summit in Karnataka. The climb to the summit starts from Sarpadhari and takes you through dense woods, crossing rugged mountains until you reach the peak. At sunrise and sunset, the skies gather in an orange and pink hue as the trekkers sit in a peaceful silence enjoying the cold winds and the breathtaking view of the ranges.

Distance from Mangalore: Approximately 150 km
Length of Trek: 3 km
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Altitude: 1,930 metres above sea level

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2. Kudremukh

Breathtaking scenery of the Kudremukh Hill Range, the top choice for nature lovers exploring trekking near Mangalore.

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The well-known horse-shaped peak of the Kudremukh Trek is a hard but gratifying hike through forests and hills. The trail allows you to interact with the biodiversity of endemic fauna in the Western Ghats. As you ascend, the birds sing the most melodious tunes while the leaves rustle in the breeze, composing a concert of nature.

Distance from Mangalore: Around 95 km
Length of Trek: 9 km
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Altitude: 1,894 metres above sea level

3. Agumbe

Mesmerising sight of Agumbe Hills, one of the finest places for trekking near Mangalore.

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Often tagged as ‘Cherrapunji of the South’, Agumbe attracts trekkers with its vibrant rainforests, rich wildlife, and wonderful sunset views. The hike to Agumbe Peak takes you through the dense forests rich in a variety of unique species, such as the Malabar pit vipers, and lion-tailed macaques. As the evening falls, the sky begins its daily shift to a canvas of colourful brush strokes that leave one in awe.

Distance from Mangalore: Approximately 110 km
Length of Trek: 6 km
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Altitude: 826 metres above sea level

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4. Kodachadri

 Striking views from Kodachadri mountain peak, a prime location for trekking near Mangalore.

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Another unmissable trek is to Kodachadri. This trek is known for its sombre aura and astoundingly picturesque views. The trail goes through deep forests and tall waterfalls which makes it the ultimate adventure for explorers. You start walking from the pretty town of Nagara to the forests of lush sholas, tricking streams and snaking paths, and finally, you reach the top. Spectacular sights of the Arabian Sea and blue valleys leave you in awe of nature’s grandeur and beauty.

Distance from Mangalore: Around 120 km
Length of Trek: 10 km
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Altitude: 1,343 metres above sea level

5. Madikeri

Breathtaking dusk view of Madikeri, a preferred spot for trekking near Mangalore.

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Madikeri is a quaint hill station on the hillside against coffee plantations with mist-blanketed hills. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers who want to enjoy a peaceful walk on quiet trekking trails and appreciate the beauty of the forest. A journey to Mandalpatti Peak’s green hillock will take you along flowery paths buzzing with birdsong. As you reach the summit, views of the Coorg Valley and rolling hills greet you, making the journey truly rewarding.

Distance from Mangalore: Approximately 135 km
Length of Trek: 5 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Altitude: 1,750 metres above sea level

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Quick Tips To Remember While Trekking Near Mangalore

Trekking near Mangalore locations are hotspot for both adventure and nature lovers.

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Planning a trip for trekking near Mangalore takes meticulous planning and preparation which will give you a safe and fun experience.

  • Start your walk as early in the morning as possible to avoid the hot overhead sun and make the most of the daylight.
  • Take enough water and nutritious snacks to remain hydrated and have energy along the trek.
  • Wear hiker shoes with a solid grip to walk along different terrains, which can help you avoid sprains or slips.
  • Pack only essential items like a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent and a waterproof/PVC Jacket.
  • Watch weather forecasts and be ready to adjust for unpredictable weather changes.

Best Time For Trekking

The view of a group of hikers.

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The optimum time for trekking near Mangalore is during the post-monsoon season, from October to March. During this period, the weather is relatively dry and conducive for trekking, with light rains making the surrounding landscapes pleasantly lush. The temperature is mild, with moderate wings and a low dew point, making it perfect for outdoor activities like walking, camping, and hiking.

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How To Reach Mangalore

A road in Mangalore.

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By Air
Mangalore International Airport is just 13 kilometres from the city centre. You can board both domestic as well as international flights from this airport. Onwards from the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a pre-paid cab instead, making your destination in Mangalore conveniently accessible.

By Train
Mangalore has two major Railway stations: Mangalore Junction and Mangalore Central, which connect the city with other cities in the country. Several trains moving in and out from Mangalore connect the city to other key cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Tickets in Mangalore can be reserved online or offline.

By Road
Mangalore’s connectivity to nearby cities and states is facilitated by the presence of multinational and state highways, which serve as a network of national and state highways. KSRTC and private bus operators provide regular bus services to and from Mangalore, which connect Mangalore with the cities of Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Chennai, and Hyderabad, among others. Alternatively, you could hire private taxis or rent cars and take the road to Mangalore.

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Setting off on a trekking adventure near Mangalore is a physical journey and one that forges a connection between your inner self and mother nature’s abundance. As you trudge up the slopes and dive into the deep valleys, you unravel an entirely new side of India, which is mesmerising in the beauty of the Western Ghats. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip to Karnataka and explore the ultimate wilderness and natural beauty of treks around Mangalore.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Near Mangalore

Is trekking near Mangalore suitable for beginners?

Yes, if you are a beginner, you can attempt many of the trekking trails near Mangalore that are from easy to moderate difficulty.

Are there any guided trekking tour packages available near Mangalore?

Yes, there are multiple local adventure companies and hiking clubs that organise guided tours to popular trekking destinations near Mangalore.

What is the average cost of a trekking expedition near Mangalore?

The cost of a trekking near Mangalore depends on factors like duration, group size, and amenities included. On an average, expenses range from INR 1000 to INR 5000 per person.

Are there any age restrictions for trekking near Mangalore?

There are no official age restrictions for trails near Mangalore. But it is advisable to check for the difficulty and duration of the trek beforehand.

Can I camp during trekking near Mangalore?

Yes, camping facilities are available at some trekking spots near Mangalore, offering an immersive experience amidst nature's tranquillity.

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