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Nagpur located in Maharashtra is surrounded by dense forest, mountains and rivers. If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway and feel the nature, trekking near Nagpur should be your choice. From dense forests to rugged hills, there’s a trekking trail for every enthusiast, promising unbeatable experiences. From the lush forests of Seven Sisters Hills to the breathtaking vistas of Matheran, trekking spots near Nagpur promise an immersive journey into the lap of nature. The city is surrounded by the most alluring Sahyadri mountain range whose beauty would leave you spellbound. Prepare to explore uncharted territory and become fully immersed in the wild landscapes of Central India.

Trekking Near Nagpur: Best Places For Ultimate Thrill

Embark on thrilling adventures for a unique vacation experience. Here is a list of the best trek near Nagpur which you should visit:

1. Seven Sisters Hills

Witness the panoramic view of Perjagadh Seven Sisters Hills while trekking near Nagpur.

Image Credit: Kunjan Mhaske for Wikimedia Commons

Located near Perjagadh, Seven Sisters Hills is a dreamy fairyland surrounded by lush green forest and waterfalls. It is an ideal destination to trek near Nagpur as you slowly navigate your way up this magical terrain. The seven sister mountains are Muktai, Ambai, Nimbai, Mahakali, Lakshmi, Durga, and Saraswati. It is an ideal weekend trekking spot near Nagpur to escape the city.

Distance from Nagpur: 266 km
Level of Trek: Moderate
Duration of Trek: 3-4 hours
Distance of Trek: 7-8 km
Starting point of Trek: Depends on the hill
Altitude: 4430 feet

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2. Ramtek Fort

scenic view of Ramtek Fort, one of the best spots for trekking near Nagpur

Image Source: Shutterstock

If you are looking for trekking near Nagpur and some historical experience, the Ramtek Fort Mansar excavation should be your go-to. The untouched beauty of the trail to the Ramtek fort speaks of history. The ruins of the Mansar excavation site will leave you in awe, wondering about the lives of the people who lived before you.

Distance from Nagpur: 45 km
Level of Trek: Moderate
Duration of Trek: 1.5 hours
Distance of Trek: 2 km
Starting point of Trek: Ramtek town
Altitude: 1132 feet

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3. Matheran

Do not miss to capture the stunning view from Matheran during trekking near Nagpur.

Image Source: Shutterstock

A short trek near Nagpur along the hill station of Matheran is exactly what you need after a long week. Popularly known as the “Queen of Hills”, this scenic beauty has several short treks you can undertake with your friends. A toy train is also available as you ascend higher further adding to the beauty of this trek. The streams, exotic flora and a sky full of stars would transcend you into another world.

Distance from Nagpur: 830 km
Level of Trek: Easy
Duration of Trek: 3-4 hours
Distance of Trek: 10 km
Starting point of Trek: Matheran market
Altitude: 2625 feet

4. Ratangarh Fort

Breathtaking panoramic view from the peak of Ratangarh Fort, a must see during trekking near Nagpur

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located at 4250 feet, your trek to Ratangad Fort would be full of historic marvels and rich heritage. It is a part of the Sahyadri range. The trek begins in the Ratanwadi village where you must visit the 1200-year-old Amruteshwar Temple. Seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and embark on your trek. As you reach the top, you will see a natural rock with a cavity at the top called the eye of the needle. Surrounded by the thick lush green forest of the western ghats, the entire scenery looks like a painting done by Mother Nature herself.

Distance from Nagpur: 280 km
Level of Trek: Moderate
Duration of Trek: 3 hours
Distance of Trek: 4km
Starting point of Trek: Ratanwadi Village
Altitude: 4250 feet

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5. Harihar Fort

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Harihar Fort while exploring trekking near Nagpur

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located at 3676 feet above sea level, Harihar Fort Trek offers stunning vistas. It was constructed on a triangular prism rock with steep cut rocks on the sides. The stairs to the top are almost vertical at an angle of 80 degrees. Each step to the top would be exhilarating and make you push more with each passing step. As you reach the top of the fort, the sense of satisfaction you will feel will be like no other. You can see many other forts, hills and valleys from the top. If you have what it takes, then take the challenge to reach the top of this fort.

Distance from Nagpur: 200km
Level of Trek: Difficult
Duration of Trek: 3 hours
Distance of Trek: 4 km
Starting point of Trek: Nirgudpada
Altitude: 3676 feet

6. Ambagarh Fort

Trekking near Nagpur is incomplete without visiting the Ambagarh Fort

Image Source: Shutterstock

Standing at a height of 300 feet above sea level, Ambagarh Fort is a serene natural trail surrounded by dense forest. The fort was constructed in the 17th century by King Bakht Buland Shah of the Gond dynasty. It is an easy level of trekking near Nagpur that can be done by people of all activity levels. The journey to the top would unveil the architectural marvel of the fort.

Distance from Nagpur: 105 km
Level of Trek: Easy
Duration of Trek: 3 hours
Distance of Trek: 6km
Starting point of Trek: Ambagarh village
Altitude: 300 feet

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7. Prabalgad Fort

Surrounded by hills, Prabalgad Fort is a popular destination for trekking near Nagpur.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Standing at a height of 2300 feet above sea level, Prabalgad Fort is for the adrenaline junkies. Surrounded by rivers, valleys and greenery, this fort is also visible from Matheran. With rocky terrains and narrow ways, this trek is higher than the usual treks. Explore the forest and the ruins of the fort as you reach the top.

Distance from Nagpur: 800km
Level of Trek: Moderate
Duration of Trek: 7 hours
Distance of Trek: 27 km
Starting point of Trek: Prabalmachi
Altitude: 2300 feet

Trekking Near Nagpur: Essentials Guide

Trekking near Nagpur is best during winter from October to February.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Whether you are a regular or a first-time trekker, consider these essentials for a hassle-free trip.

Things to Carry

  • Always carry a water bottle and refill from clean sources as and when required. Stay hydrated on your way up to avoid dehydration.
  • A good-quality, sturdy, lightweight backpack is your best friend while trekking steep trails.
  • Your trekking shoes will determine your experience while trekking for 10-15 km. Invest in good quality, comfortable hiking shoes. The shoes should be ankle-length, waterproof, sturdy, support the feet, and have a sturdy grip on rocky terrain.
  • It is an essential trekking item that helps you walk up in the darkness of the night. Most trails do not have lamps or electricity, so don’t forget to carry torches with a few extra batteries. You can even opt for headlamps for more convenience.
  • While trekking near Nagpur, it is important to carry sunscreen and have proper sun protection. Carry a cap or hat, sunscreen of SPF 50 and above, sunglasses, and lip balm in your bag.
  • Carry a first aid box with basic medications like bandages, antiseptics, creams and bandaids.
  • Make sure your devices have fully charged power banks. So keep on capturing memories because you don’t get to be in the lap of nature every day.
  • You may opt for a walking pole along the rocky and steep terrains. There are several kinds of walking poles available, choose the one best suited for your needs.
  • Even after checking the weather, it is probable that it may rain out of the blue. So make sure to carry raincoats and rain cover for your backpack.
  • While trekking, you are walking on an inclined slope, which burns more calories than walking straight. So make sure to keep some energy bars or dry fruits handy in an accessible place in your backpack to keep you satiated.

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Best Time For Trek Near Nagpur

Enjoy trekking near Nagpur.

Image Source: Shutterstock

The best time to go on a trek near Nagpur is from October to February. Being located in the tropical zone, Nagpur experiences extreme summers, high rainfall, and moderate winters. The summer months are extremely hot and humid, making the journey uncomfortable.

Nagpur is called the winter capital of Maharashtra. In the winter, the days are warm and breezy with cooler nights without any rainfall. The temperature in the winter is around 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

How To Reach Nagpur?

Go trekking near Nagpur.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Nagpur is a major city in Maharashtra and well connected to other cities. To reach Nagpur, you can fly to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport through major airline companies like Indigo, GoAir, etc. The city centre is 10 km from the airport, easily covered by a private taxi or cab.

Nagpur is a major junction connecting the southeast and central railways. Various trains depart from Bangalore, Srinagar, Kolkata, Amritsar, Mumbai, and many others.

If you are planning to trek near Nagpur and want to enjoy a road trip on the way to Nagpur, you can take NH-6, which connects Kolkata and Hajira. You can also opt for NH-7 (Kanyakumari to Varanasi) to enjoy the beautiful countryside views.

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Trekking near Nagpur would enrich your experiences and add to your adventures. The breathtaking views of these famous trekking spots would make the journey memorable. If this guide about trekking near Nagpur motivates you, here are some of the best packages for a trip to Nagpur. Explore the landscapes and architectural beauty of Nagpur.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Near Nagpur

What should I buy when trekking near Nagpur?

You should certainly buy the world-famous Nagpur oranges during your trip.

What food can I try while trekking near Nagpur?

You can stop at local restaurants and savour the mouth watering authentic Maharashtrian dishes.

What is the age bracket for trekking?

The minimum age one can start trekking is 8 years old. There is no maximum age for it. It is a subjective matter as it depends on one’s individual health and fitness level.

What is the average time required for trekking near Nagpur?

The average time is around a few hours to days depending on the path you choose. There are various trekking spots near Nagpur ranging from a few hour's journey to a couple of days. You can customise it as per your time availability and fitness level.

How far is Nagpur from Mumbai and Pune?

Nagpur is approximately 760 to 780 km from Pune and Mumbai.

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