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Many travellers who wish to vacation in the beautiful land of Coorg can opt for a homestay at Virajpet, which will provide a homely atmosphere and offer all sorts of comfort. This article will enlighten the readers on Virajpet homestay facilities and ensure that customers find it easy to book whether it’s a family trip, a romantic getaway, or you need a place to rest while on a business trip, find the best deal and spend your time to the fullest.

Choosing The Best Virajpet Homestay For A Memorable Stay

Virajpet is a quaint town in Coorg, famous for unspoiled natural beauty and lavish coffee estates. Accommodation in Virajpet homestay will give the traveller a vast opportunity to interact with local people and family setups. For luxury lovers or those on a shoestring budget, there is ample Virajpet homestay from which you can choose.

1. Coffee Trails Homestay

Cozy Coffee Trails Homestay in Virajpet surrounded by coffee plantations

Image Credit: manbob86 for pixabay

A one-of-a-kind accommodation, Coffee Trails Homestay allows travellers to stay amid the rolling coffee plantations in Virajpet. The rooms here are comfortable, and their layout possesses the romantic look and feel of a cabin, which complements the surrounding forest. All the amenities, like free Wi-Fi, hot water, and housekeeping services, are available. To make the stay even more comfortable, there is a restaurant that serves delicious Coorgi delicacies.


  • As the final activity, the hosts offer a guided coffee plantation tour.
  • Visitors should taste the varieties of coffee produced on the genuine estate.
  • It would help if you considered visiting when the flowers bloom to make your experience there more rewarding.

Major Attractions: The homestay has access to local coffee plantations, meaning guests get a rich view of the coffee-making process, including visits to the processing facilities. Moreover, another factor attributable to the park is the natural and calm setting suitable for relaxation.

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2. Rainforest Retreat

Eco-friendly Rainforest Retreat amidst tropical forests

Image Source: Facebook

The Rainforest Retreat is unique because it is a Virajpet homestay and an eco-resort market. At the homestay, people embrace sustainability principles; energy sources include solar energy, and water harvesting and gardening involve producing organic food.

The elegantly decorated rooms offer everything necessary for a comfortable stay. You are sure to develop a closer connection to nature here. The retreat Elamboni is ideal for families and nature lovers who want to discover all the beauty of Coorg.


  • Participate in the guided nature walks in the park to learn additional information about the plants and animals in the region.
  • Get interactive with the farming process if you visit for the organic farming exercise during the farming period.
  • Bringing binoculars while bird watching is recommended, and this can be done right from your balconies.

Major Attractions: The region’s tropical forests offer ample hobby opportunities, including bird watching, wildlife viewing, and unique plants. The homestay also provides informative tours concerning environmental conservation and an eco-organic farm for sustainable agriculture initiatives.

3. The Silver Brook Estate

Luxurious Silver Brook Estate homestay in Virajpet with beautiful gardens

Image Source: Facebook

The Silver Brook Estate is a luxurious homestay with the Coorg locale’s essence. The facility comprises large, comfortable rooms with lovely décor, equipment, and friendly spaciousness. The beautiful gardens and environment make it suitable for families and couples seeking to take a break as they relax in its stunning ambience.


  • Have breakfast on the veranda if you love the beauty of the compound and the garden’s view.
  • Take a walk around the estate’s gardens to admire the sights, usually in the morning or towards the evening.
  • You can plan a day trip to Chelavara Falls, just a short drive from Silent Valley.

Major Attractions: The house’s exterior is adorned with a neatly trimmed lawn. Additionally, the Chelavara Falls near the estate suits those needing quiet repose and sightseeing.

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4. Coorg Cliffs Homestay

Scenic Coorg Cliffs with panoramic valley views

Image Source: Facebook

There are many places of interest at Coorg Cliffs Homestay, including the breathtaking high-altitude deep valleys. The homestay is as comfortable as possible, with large, bright rooms. Every room has a balcony, and most amenities are available. Staying at the biomes is ideal for those who want to escape from the everyday bustle and enjoy the calmness of the wild.


  • Wake up before the sun rises to watch its rays over the valleys.
  • Spend time on foot to tour the nearby tracks and have some adventure and exercise.

Major Attractions: The extensive valleys and hills influence the entire place. It is a perfect spot for taking photos, for people who need a quiet and peaceful place to relax and focus or enjoy nature.

5. Woodside Homestay

Cozy and budget-friendly Woodside Virajpet Homestay.

Image Source: Facebook

Woodside Homestay is economical and provides you with excellent quality of stay. The homestay has comfortable, clean, and well-lit rooms for the tenant, with everything necessary to make the stay enjoyable. The host’s friendly atmosphere should make the visitor feel at home and of the typical Coorgi hospitality.


  • Request a conventional Coorgi meal cooked at home to make your dining local.
  • Take the canoes, row to the nearby town centre, and shop in the local markets. Go out for a walk to feel the local culture and environment.

Major Attractions: The homestay is located near the town facilities, markets, and shopping centres. It is an excellent location for travellers to discover Virajpet’s historical and business offerings.

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6. The Windflower Resort & Spa

Luxurious Windflower Resort & Spa in extensive spa facilities.

Image Source: Facebook

The Windflower Resort & Spa allows the visitor to be at their “home sweet home” and, simultaneously, at a resort. It may not be a house, but it gives the customer a homely feeling. The large, well-lit guest units, several restaurants to choose from, and the refreshing facilities provide a complete and pleasant experience.


  • Use all services offered by the spa to experience total comfort.
  • Going to the different restaurants in the resort is recommended to taste the various cuisines.

Major Attractions: Providing an expansive spa and wellness facility and its services are a big selling point in the resort business. The beautifully manicured lawns and elegant accommodations and services are ideal for providing leisure and holidays.

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Are you planning a trip to Virajpet? A stay at a Virajpet homestay promises comfort, hospitality, and an authentic local experience. Whether travelling with family or seeking a peaceful retreat, there’s a homestay in Virajpet to suit every need. Plan your trip to Karnataka today for an unforgettable adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Virajpet Homestay

What is the average Virajpet homestay price?

The cost of homestays in Virajpet can be anywhere from INR 2000 to INR 5000 per night, based on the facilities and location.

Which is the best Virajpet homestay for families?

The Silver Brook Estate and Woodside Homestay are highly recommended for families due to their spacious accommodations and family-friendly amenities.

Are meals included in a Virajpet homestay?

Every Virajpet homestay allows breakfast at their accommodation price; others may have extra meals available at an additional charge.

How can one book a homestay in Virajpet?

Organising a homestay in Virajpet is possible with the help of the world travel websites, on the homestay site, by phone, or by email.

What activities can one enjoy while staying at a Virajpet homestay?

Some recreational activities that may be of interest are visiting the coffee plantation, nature walks, bird watching, and other sightseeing activities.

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