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Summers in Barcelona are very hot and during this time most tourists and natives head to the numerous water parks that are in and around the city of Barcelona. People like to cool down and refresh themselves in these water parks. You can even spend time with your family or friends in a fun way by visiting a water park in summers. If we talk about the water parks in Barcelona then, you are going to be thrilled as Barcelona has a lot in store for you.

Top Water Parks In Barcelona

If having fun splashing around water is your thing, then you must try out the water parks in Barcelona. Here are a few of the best ones that you could go to!

1. Water World

Water World

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This popular water park is located in Lloret del Mar, Costa Brave just 80km away from Barcelona and has the largest water coaster called the water mountain which consists of 250m ride in the dark. The park also has water rides like The Kamicaces which is a slide that reaches 60km/h speed. There are also other attractions in Waterworld in Barcelona for people who just want to relax like numerous swimming pools, artificial lake, a lagoon even a jacuzzi and so on.

Timings: 10 Am To 7 Pm
Ticket Price: 17 Euros For Kids And 30 Euros For Adults

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2. PortAventura Park

PortAventura Park

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This is the most famous theme park which is located in Salou, Tarragoan, just south of Barcelona and is divided into two parts, the theme park and the water park known as the Caribe Aquatic Park. The water park contains about 20 attractions which range from a 31m free fall slide which is the largest one in Europe, water games, pools which recreate waves that you can surf, a beach to relax on, Indoor water park for kids, an artificial river called lazy

Timings: 10:30 Am To 8 Pm
Ticket Price: € 28 For Adults

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3. Marineland


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Located in Palafolls about 70 km from Barcelona this aquatic park is famous especially for its dolphin shows and the marine zoo where you can watch sea lions, penguins, etc. A water park which includes rides like the Boomerang which is a 15 m Half pipe, the Hydrotube which is a 60 m tube that ends up in a huge bowl, a 12 m vertical dark slide called the Black Hole and many more along with swimming pools for both adults and children. The park is open between the months of May to September and July to August. It is one of the best water theme parks in Barcelona.

Timings: 10:30 Am To 5 Pm
Ticket Prices: € 10 For Adults

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4. Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia

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This water park is located in Finca Mas Brasso and is the closest water park to Barcelona being just 30 km away from the city, it offers a total of 18 rides and attractions with 7 swimming pools. The gigantic waves pool is one of the most popular attraction among other things like the Espirotub and the Espiral which are spiral water slides, the Megatous, the Torpedo, Zigzag and more. The place also has picnic areas, shops and restaurant. The park opens from June 1st to September.

Timings: 10 Am To 7 Pm
Ticket Prices: € 25 For Adults

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5. Aqualeon


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This park is located in Tarragoan which is 80 kms away from Barcelona and consists of two parts, a water park and a safari tour. The park offers the usual rides, games, water activities which include water roller coaster, free fall rides, slides, swimming pool, etc. After the water park comes the safari tour where you can sit back and watch lions, bears, jaguars along with other animals. The park is open from June to September.

Timings: 10 Am To 7 Pm
Ticket Prices: € 24 For Adults

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6. Aquopolis


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The park which is located in Costa Dorada which is 100 kms south of Barcelona consists of two parks where one part consists of a water park and the other one is a Dolphinarium. The water park offers a total of 6 attractions which includes surfing with either a foam or a fibre board, huge slides in the dark, vertical descent either with group or alone, etc. A different section for children is also available with mini rides, water games, etc. The Dolphinarium gives a chance for visitors to watch dolphins, seal shows and even join in and play with the dolphins with the supervision of a trainer .This park stays open between the months of May to October. from 10:30am to 7pm

Timings: 10 Am To 7 Pm
Ticket Prices: € 28 For Adults

7. Tibidabo Park

tibidabo park

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Located on the Tibidabo Hill, this theme park is 100 years old where you will find 25 different rides. It is kids’ favorite park but teenagers and adults also like to visit this place for hanging out and having fun. The main attraction is the Cami Del Ciel or SKy Walk from where you get the exhilarating views of whole of Barcelona. Do not miss out at all if you happen to be in the park. You will also find restaurants, picnic areas, and museums where families can hang out together. The reason why you would love visiting this park is that the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Timings: 11 Am to 6 Pm
Ticket Price: INR 2225

8. Port Aventura Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

water park barcelona

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Port Aventura has another water park in the capital where you can have fun and frolic in the water. What makes this one of the best water parks in Barcelona is the 20 amazing attractions inside the park. Enjoy a fun-filled day with your family by either lying in the pool or sunbathing in the shade of palm trees. The whole place has reggae feel to it. You would enjoy coming to Port Aventura Barcelona.

Timings: 10:30 AM – 7 PM
Ticket Price: INR 1650 – INR 1950

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Whther you are with your family, friends, or solo, the idea of spending a day at waterpark is always fun. Can’t wait to enjoy the rides? Plan your trip to Barcelona with TravelTriangle and beat the heat while having fun with your family and friends.

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