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Things to Do in Europe

A tour guide from bonjour to adios in Europe
Europe Tourism

Rated 4.2/5 (based on 531 reviews)

Quick Information

Best time to visit:

May - Sep


On Arrival

Ideal Duration:

10-15 Days

Starting from

Rs. 18,000



Historical Sites Hills Nature

Best Things to Do in Europe

Adventures and excursions abound in Europe

Wondering what to do in Europe on a holiday? From winter sports in the Alps to water sports in Sardinia, there’s no shortage of things to do in Europe. While global cities stand out for their distinct blend of old history and new vibes, European countryside is always ripe for exploration and offer more that travelers expect. Cities in Western Europe have a remarkable roster of iconic landmarks, art galleries, and historical neighborhoods to wander in for weeks, if not months. Taking gondola rides, visiting happening pubs, catching an opera performance, or a romantic dinner by the Danube or Seine River are the top things to do in Europe at night.

Let's face it. One lifetime may not be enough to cover all the best things to do in Europe. The city of Glasgow has a vibrant arts scene while Edinburgh has its own distinct attraction – besides having beautiful architecture – in the form of an extinct volcano. Amsterdam gets all the tourist crowd it’s hyped for and rightly deserves. However, Rotterdam is another place that is often overlooked despite having a buzzing nightlife and museums. Brussels has a deep-rooted coffeehouse culture that remains a crowd puller. Travelers can chase down the Northern Lights and indulge in outdoor adventures around Reykjavik which has a legendary nightlife. So, of all the adventurous things to do in Europe, visiting these places is a must.

Spend some time in Portugal to learn why Lord Byron raved about it. In the city of Porto in Portugal, travelers can take in the beautiful views of the Rio Douro and soak in in the vibes of the UNESCO-listed Ribeira District. Lisbon is more upbeat than any other city in Portugal and offers some unusual things to do in Europe. Travelers can lose themselves in charismatic pavement designs, bask in the sun at Ribeira das Naus, catch a bullfight in Campo Pequeno, and stroll through Jardim Botanico da Ajuda in Lisbon. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Europe whether you're on a honeymoon in winter or a family holiday in summer.

When in Rome, do what the Romans did: enjoy la dolce vita. Go on historic tours through Roman Forum, launch Sunday morning shopping spree at the Porta Portese flea market, and toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Ancient ruins in Rome are among the top things to see in Europe. Taking vineyards tours in Tuscany, shopping in Milan, gondola rides in Venice, dine on Venetian cuisine, and boat tours along the Amalfi Coast are the best things to do in Italy.

While visiting France, learn the French way of life, or as they call it: Douceur de Vivre and indulge in some fun things to do in Europe. For those looking for popular things to do in Paris can scale and admire views from the Eiffel Tower, pay homage to departed celebrities at Père-Lachaise cemetery, take a picture with the Arc de Triomphe, and plan a day trip to Versailles. It is never a bad idea to culminate a night-out in Madrid or Barcelona with one too many glasses of Sangria and melodies of Spanish guitar.

If you happen to stop by Germany, make sure to attend Oktoberfest which is one of the best things to do in Europe in October. Consider London your oyster as it offers an opportunity to experience the best activities in Europe. Enjoy Thames River cruise to sail past famous attractions, go smell the roses at Hyde Park, explore Trafalgar Square, and take a ride on London Eye. Shopping at Naschmarkt market, tram tours on Ringstrasse and boat rides in Danube River are popular things to do in Vienna – the City of Music.

Skiing in Switzerland, wine tasting in France, attending La Tomatina festival in Spain, boarding a river cruise on the Danube, surfing in Portugal, and sunbathing along the Mediterranean coast are among other popular things to do in Europe.


Enjoy the grand tour of the churches in Rome
View Details

Churches in Rome

Rome is eternally Catholic, with architecturally beautiful Religious Churches scattered all over the country. Rome can be a cultural experience for both the catholics, and non-catholics, and provide one with experiences that makes Rome, the stunning place that it is.

Basilica of Santa Maria Del Popolo

Of all the church...

Sightseeing Religious sites
Also known as the Fontana di Trevi
View Details

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain, also known as the Fontana di Trevi is a fountain that you will find in the Quirinale district, in Rome, Italy. It is one of the many fountains found in Rome, but its significance comes from the fact that it is the largest of the city’s fountains. The elegance of the fountain is another why it is famous, with...

Adventure Sightseeing Historic sightseeing
The scintillating beaches of Barcelona await
View Details

Beach Visits

The beaches of Barcelona are the top attraction during the summer months. Beach is pronounced as 'plaza' in Spanish and ' Platja' in Catalonian. During the time of May to mid-September, the water temperature remains around 21C to 25C, thus making it comfortable to swim. Barcelona has 3-mile long coastline and many famous an...

Adventure Nature Watersports
Climb up for an amazing view of Barcelona
View Details

Climb up the magical Montjuïc Mountain

The castle of Montjuïc is one area that you cannot ignore. It is strongly recommended that you climb up the magical Montjuïc Mountain to start off your journey. From here you can go on to catch some magnificent views of the harbour of Barcelona. Do plan a roundabout view of this place and be part of continuous exhibition of...

Sightseeing Nature Hills Trekking
The colors of Guell Park will astound you
View Details

Explore Guell Park

Guell Park in Barcelona is located alongside Sagrada Familia constructed by Gaudi. It is a popular tourist attraction and an important site one should visit in Barcelona. The whole park can be regarded as masterpiece Gaudi has created and is the one which even offers best views of city of Barcelona. The visit to the Guell P...

Sightseeing Gardens Local sightseeing
Explore the historical sites of Barcelona today
View Details

Historical Visits

The historical sites in Barcelona are spread all across the city. It attracts tourists from all over the world because of its remarkable history that it has to offer. They also allow tourists to book tickets in advance so as to manage the rush in a substantial way.

1. Passeig de Gracia

Passeig de Gracia is actually a shop...

Sightseeing Historical Sightseeing Museum
Enjoy the delicious taste of fresh seafood
View Details

Seafood in Barcelona

There are numerous seafood destinations of Barcelona and we will be analysing a few of them. The name that springs to the mind is ‘La Paradeta El Born’ which is not the typical restaurant of Barcelona and it signifies a stall. You can go on to have one of the best and astonishing sea food experiences in the whole of Barcelo...

Seafood Local market Local cuisines
Explore the beauty of the basilicas today
View Details

Explore the Basilicas of Paris

Paris is the place that houses many stunning spiritual relics that include cathedrals and churches. It stands as a breathtaking testimonial of the complex Christian heritage that dominates Paris since the Roman Empire’s fall after French revolution. Most of the majestic edifices were destroyed during the time of revolution....

Sightseeing Historical Sites
Exploring the Monuments of Paris
View Details

Explore the Monuments in Paris

A visit to Paris never becomes complete without visiting the monuments in the city. Know the monuments before heading to the city of Paris. Here are the major monuments one should not miss in the city of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is an epic monument which was built in the year 1889. It is the monument tha...

Sightseeing Historical Sites
Enjoy the art of Paris
View Details

Museum Visits in Paris

Paris is a top destination of tourism that has over 45 million visitors every year and it is estimated that most of these tourists head to Paris for exploring the 250+ Museums which are located in the city. Some of the museums expand the locations so that they can cater to the increasing interest of the visitors. Museum vis...

Sightseeing Museum

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FAQ's of Europe

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the best time to travel to Europe?

Winter is the most popular travel season in Europe, however, the summer season is ideal for outdoor thrills such as hiking and sunbathing.

Is it safe to travel to Europe?

Aside from a few exceptions, Europe is among the safest places to visit in the world. 

What are the major travel destinations in Europe?

France, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, and the Netherlands are some of the most visited countries in Europe. The Alps and Mediterranean coastline is also popular destination in the summer season.

What sort of accommodation options can I expect in Europe?

From luxurious lake-side villas to shared dormitories, major cities in Europe have all sorts of check-in facilities available for travelers.

Will I have any trouble communicating in English in Europe?

While Europeans prefer to speak in local languages, English is very well understood by general population. It is highly unlikely for visitors to encounter any language barriers in Europe.

What are unique things to do in Europe?

Skiing in the Alps, wine tasting in Tuscany, canal tours in Amsterdam, gondola rides in Venice, river cruise in Paris, and attending musical concerts in Vienna are unique experiences for tourists in Europe.

What are the top destinations to enjoy nightlife in Europe?

Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, and the Mykonos are popular places to experience nightlife in Europe.