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Best Time To Visit Europe

A tour guide from bonjour to adios in Europe
Europe Tourism

Rated 4.2/5 (based on 529 reviews)

Quick Information

Best time to visit:

May - Sep


On Arrival

Ideal Duration:

10-15 Days

Starting from

Rs. 18,000



Historical Sites Hills Nature

Best Time To Visit Europe

Plan your trip during best season to experience the best of this stunning destination

Europe may not be among the largest continents but it has a highly varied geography. So, the climate of Europe is different as per the region from sunny Mediterranean isles to arctic Norwegian fjords. The best time to visit Europe changes as per geography and climate patterns across its 45 countries. Western Europe experiences an oceanic climate, southern Europe witnesses a Mediterranean climate, and Eastern Europe has a continental climate. This beautiful continent is truly a year-round destination for an ideal vacation, where any season is the best time to go to Europe. Travelers can narrow down travel dates as per the best time for Europe tour and things to do in Europe.  

Be it the coast of Mediterranean or the alps in Italy, Europe in winter is as magical as any other destination in the world. Some destinations in Europe are notoriously expensive during the summer months due to busy season. In the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall, the crowds are smaller and hotel prices are reasonable. Here's a detailed season-wise look at the ideal time to visit Europe:


Climate in Europe

Summer Season in Europe

Summer in Europe is considered the best time to visit Europe for holiday. Months of May through September are ideal to visit Europe. It is when the hotel and flight prices are reasonable, tourist attractions are less crowded, and temperatures are pleasant. The weather in Europe during summer months is by and large agreeable. Summer in Europe is not as sweltering as the summer in India. July and August are usually the most hotter and popular months to travel in Europe. Rome, Florence, Paris, London, and Madrid are popular places to visit in Europe in June. Although daytime temperatures are mostly bearable, except along the Mediterranean coast. Most outdoor festivals in Europe are celebrated in the summer season, making it the best time to travel to Europe. Also, several fairs and other cultural events in cities in Europe make summer the best season to visit Europe.

Weather Tip: Southern Europe is known for heat waves in the peak of summer season. So, keep hydrated and apply sunscreen to avoid UV exposure.



Monsoon Season in Europe

Monsoon in Europe is known as the Return of the Westerlies. The western winds from the Atlantic Ocean cause rainfall along North Atlantic coastline and in Scandinavian nations. The wet season in Europe usually lasts from October through March or April. While the areas in Alps Mountains witness rainfall in the summer season, lower regions in Europe experience rainfall in November and December. For those wondering when to go to Europe, rest assured as the shoulder seasons of spring and fall are also the best time to visit Europe on a budget. In these seasons, hotel rates and flight tickets are usually lower in most of the continent.

Weather Tip: Do not forget to carry light jackets or windcheater jackets as the weather can be unpredictable in monsoon.



Winter Season in Europe

Winter in Europe is a sight to behold. Whether it is skiing on the slopes of the Alps or Christmas vibes in Paris, winter is surely the best time to visit Europe for honeymoon. While the coldest temperatures are mostly found in Russia and Eastern Europe, milder winters in the continent can be enjoyed in Southern Europe. One should not look further than Europe in winter if one is looking to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the Alps. Shopping in Christmas markets is a popular things to do in Europe in December. Travelers can explore glaciers in Norway, witness the Northern Lights in Iceland, and spend the New Year’s Eve in Vienna. Spring, from March to May, is also an ideal time to visit Europe as travelers can go on sightseeing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Weather Tip: Since the winter season is really cold in Europe, make sure to pack woollens for a trip to countries in Northern and Western Europe.



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FAQ's of Europe

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the best time to travel to Europe?

Winter is the most popular travel season in Europe, however, the summer season is ideal for outdoor thrills such as hiking and sunbathing.

Is it safe to travel to Europe?

Aside from a few exceptions, Europe is among the safest places to visit in the world. 

What are the major travel destinations in Europe?

France, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, and the Netherlands are some of the most visited countries in Europe. The Alps and Mediterranean coastline is also popular destination in the summer season.

What sort of accommodation options can I expect in Europe?

From luxurious lake-side villas to shared dormitories, major cities in Europe have all sorts of check-in facilities available for travelers.

Will I have any trouble communicating in English in Europe?

While Europeans prefer to speak in local languages, English is very well understood by general population. It is highly unlikely for visitors to encounter any language barriers in Europe.

What are unique things to do in Europe?

Skiing in the Alps, wine tasting in Tuscany, canal tours in Amsterdam, gondola rides in Venice, river cruise in Paris, and attending musical concerts in Vienna are unique experiences for tourists in Europe.

What are the top destinations to enjoy nightlife in Europe?

Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, and the Mykonos are popular places to experience nightlife in Europe.