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Addu Atoll is one of the busiest cities in the Maldives and consists of six districts. The Maldives being the most preferred destination for a peaceful holiday, Addu Atoll is the city which is usually preferred the tourists. The town has all the things that would make the guests feel like a part of Maldives. Many Addu Atoll hotels serve as a perfect accommodation for the tourists during their stay. The hotels in here try their best to make the stay of the customers a comfortable one. Some of the best Addu Atoll hotels are Charming Holiday Lodge, Fehi Inn, Pebbles Inn, Equator Village resort, Equa Reef Maldives, Equatorial Divers lodge, Green Wing, Titan Maldives Sunset view, Marine Gold Inn and many more. These hotels come in the list of the best hotels and are booked by the tourists most of the time during their visit to the Maldives.

The hotels mentioned above are known for their high-quality services, facilities and the right hygienic conditions which are expected of a good hotel. The hotels come with sea facing views allowing the visitors to experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise from here. Apart from that, the hotels also make sure that the guests feel like a part of the country by welcoming them in the traditional custom of Maldives and serving some of the best traditional dishes of the place. The hotel staff is friendly, and all the amenities provided are of esteem quality.

Special Experiences

The Addu Atoll hotels even provide some of the best special facilities that would make for a perfect day at leisure. The Fehi Inn is known for its fantastic fitness center and tennis courts. One can play a game of golf or watch a billiards game in the Greenwing. The Charming holiday Lodge is known for its spa and wellness center along with its fantastic massage center and sauna center. The hotel even comes with steam room for the guests to relax. Most of the hotels also come with baby centers and mini gift shops so that the customers can spend a relaxing day without going out after a hectic tour. The hotels even have ATM services and currency exchange services too for the benefits of the guests. For the comfort of business travelers, these hotels also feature a fully equipped business centre which is a treat to business travelers.


The Addu Atoll hotels are known for the brilliant facilities that they provide to its customers. The hotels have the best rooms which are spacious and have all the things that are required. Some of the rooms even have mini kitchens and in-built refrigerators and bars. The rooms come with attached bathrooms and the accessories provided are of good quality. The rooms are also equipped with free internet, telephone services, clean sheets, mini couch, bathrobes and many more. Room services are available 24*7, and the customers can avail it for free. The hotels come with laundry and luggage services too. The hotels even have the facilities of airport shuttle and cab services for the customers to get around the city. One can even get passes to certain shows that are held in the Maldives. The Pebbles Inn has an outdoor pool which is available throughout the year. The rooftop pool of the Titan Maldives Sunset view along with the pool bar is something which makes for the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening.


The Addu Atoll hotels are famous for the type of cuisine that it serves. Top chefs are allotted for the creation of the specialties of the country. The local delicacies served in the hotels are must try and would serve as a treat to the taste buds. Addu Atoll is known for its spicy dishes and seafood which should not be missed out by the guests. The hotels even serve a variety of cuisine, and one can even get to have some of the unique dishes upon request. Rekidhiye Inn offers an absolutely delicious spread of continental breakfast for its guests while the WAVE SOUND by 3S Maldives also features a stunning restaurant on-site that garnishes the meals with an unparalleled view of the ocean. Catering to the special culinary needs of guests, these restaurants also serve kid-friendly meals and customized menus. Vacationers who want to have meals privately in their rooms have an option of room service.


Q1. What is the best time to book the Addu Atoll hotels?

A. The best time to book the Addu Atoll hotels is the same as Maldives which is during the month of November.

Q2. Do the hotels provide transportation facilities?

A. Yes, the hotels provide transportation facilities to its customers.

Q3. What are the free extra services provided at Addu Atoll hotels?

A. Some of the free extra services are fitness centers, outdoor pools, sauna services, and sun loungers.

Q4. Are there currency exchange services in Addu Atoll hotels?

A. Yes, there are currency exchange services.

Q5. Is room service free at these hotels?

A. Yes, the room service offered is free in most of the hotels.

The Maldives is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Asia which attracts a lot of tourists from all over the globe. The Addu city is one of the most preferred city for staying in the Maldives and is, therefore, having the most number of hotels. Guests who are looking for a holiday stay in Maldives can surely opt for Addu Atoll hotels. One can easily get to enjoy the vacation with such a comfortable stay in these hotels. Services like laundry, tour desk, 24-hour front desk, airport pick up and drop off, luggage storage etc can easily be availed while staying at these hotels. Tourists seeking an out of the box experience should definitely go ahead and book hotels and enjoy all the facilities that are lined up for them.

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