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The festivals in Asia are an intriguing mix of the local cultures, lifestyles and religion that have evolved in the countries with their rich cultural identities. They not just give you an insight into the cultures of the people of the many nations in Asia but also their lives. Most importantly, these festivals also guarantee a fun-filled and delightful time for the locals and the tourists alike. You just cannot miss such festivals on your trip to the Asian nations. Here are 10 Asian festivals that are full of adventure, tradition and diversity to explore for a lifetime memory.

  • Taiwan Lantern Festival
  • Phi Ta Khon
  • Ice And Snow Festival
  • Kandy Perahera
  • Holi
  • Chaul Chnam
  • Awa Odori
  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda
  • Naadam Festival
  • Nowruz

1. Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan

The people of the country release lanterns into the night sky of Taiwan

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This is a 14-day festival which starts from February 8, 2020, and is held all over Taiwan. During this period, the people of the country release lanterns into the night sky of Taiwan. The lanterns are electronic and it is symbolic of the blending of the pop culture and the traditional Taiwanese cultural icons or zodiac signs. The whole festival period remains an exemplary presentation of vibe and the culture of extensive enthusiasm. The locals take active participation in it but at the same time, a good chunk of tourists enjoy its fervour.

Where: All over Taiwan
When: 5 to 19 February 2023

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2. Phi Ta Khon, Thailand

This is a peculiar festival

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This is a peculiar festival that celebrates the ghosts and departed spirits in a complete local spirit of Thailand yet seeking the attention of tourists alike. It is regarded as one of the most colourful of the festivals held in Thailand therefore it remains popular in Asia. The men dress up in bright costumes and masks to turn this festival into an exclusive one. It is an attempt to try to look like ghosts and remind people that death does not separate people. Besides local dances and activities that project a tradition that galore to the most, there are plenty of reasons for you to enjoy this festival.

Where: Dan Sai District, Thailand
When: 23 to 26 June 2023

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3. Ice And Snow Festival, China

best festival in china

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Glorious ice sculptures, skiing, ice golf, swimming, fishing, sledging, archery winter, this festival is all about these and much more to keep the participants and onlookers completely hooked. Around 2000 ice sculptures are put on display during this festival.

Where: Harbin, China
When: December 20, 2023 to early March, 2024

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4. Kandy Perahera, Sri Lanka

Kandy Perahera in Sri Lanka

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Also known as the Festival of Tooth, this famous festival commemorates the very first teachings of Buddha to his disciples. Street performers, acrobats, elephants and music are all a part of the procession that fills the streets. This festival is considered one of the popular ones to spread the message of Buddhism religion. It is perhaps the main reason that a large chunk of participants are locals and even the tourists enjoy participating in this festival.

Where: Sri Lanka
When: August 2023

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5. Holi, India

festival that celebrates in india

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It is a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil and also seeks to
give thanks for the good harvest. People begin bonfires at night and burn the effigies of Holika in hope that the evil is destroyed. It is followed by religious rituals and prayers. The next day people take to the streets to smear each other in vibrant colours and throw water at each other.

Where: All over India
When: March 2023

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6. Chaul Chnam, Cambodia

Chaul Chnam is famous festival in japan

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This festival is a popular one for being the Cambodian New Year Festival that witnesses the participation of people from all parts of the country. It also marks the beginning of the rainy season and therefore people usually take to streets to celebrate this with ample fun and frolic. The markets are decorated, the streets are lit up and everyone gets in on the water fight with guns and buckets during this festival that brings a newer vibe and spirit in the masses. Besides locals, a good chunk of Cambodia travellers joins hands with them to celebrate this special occasion.

Where: All over Cambodia
When: April 2023

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7. Awa Odori, Japan

Awa Odori is famous in japan

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This is a traditional dance festival in Japan where people from all walks of life take part in the dance rituals performed on the streets. They clad themselves in the traditional clothes, that is, cotton kimono and straw hats. People enjoy the occasion in unlimited fun and connect with each other for a new friendly gesture to showcase brotherhood and affinity.

Where: Tokushima, Japan
When: TBA

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8. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, Myanmar

Famous festival

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During this festival, a large boat is made with a bird motif which carries the statues of Buddha to be paraded from one village to the other connected by the Inle Lake. The people come around the lake and pay their respects and so do they enjoy the local food put up for sale near the banks of the lake. It is a two-month-long festival that seeks the attention of the majority of locals. A good chunk of tourists as well as indulge in this festival as keen observers. Many of them even join hands with the local people to enjoy the moment.

Where: Inle Lake, Myanmar
When: From September to October 2023

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9. Naadam Festival, Mongolia

display of sports and tradition

This festival is an extraordinary display of sports and tradition in the region. It includes horse racing, archery and wrestling competitions along with folklore performances, music, food and much more that keeps both locals and tourists hooked. It celebrates Mongolia’s centuries-old nomadic culture as well as its independence. This festival seeks the attention of the masses in local yet remains a globally recognized one from the Asian region.

Where: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
When: July 2023

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10. Nowruz, Iran

Persian New Year in iran

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Also known as the Persian New Year, this is a 7000-year-old tradition of celebrations with global popularity. Expect fireworks, camping, picnics and lots of food during this popular festival. It is also celebrated in many countries surrounding Iran.

Where: All over Iran
When: TBA

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Asia, being a colourful continent offers an immersive travel experience. And, the above mentioned exciting festivals are a testament to that! Festivals in Asia are traditional, cultural and also religious so much so that they bound to make your trip to Asia breathtakingly surreal. So, don’t hesitate to align your holiday plan with these festivals. Try to be a part of such diverse celebrations that will make you feel one with the spirit of Asia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Top 10 Asian Festivals

What festivals are celebrated in Asia?

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Holi and Taiwan Lantern Festival are some of the most popular festivals of Asia.

Which country in Asia has the most festivals?

Speaking both regional and national events, India has the most festivals.

What can you do at the Naadam Festival in Mongolia?

Some of the things one can do at the Naadam Festival are to witness the parade and sporting events, enjoy the local food and visit popular places situated nearby.

Which is the most famous festival in China?

The most popular and grandest festival in China is the Chinese New Year. At times, the Lantern Festival is also considered a popular one.

Is Easter celebrated in Asia?

There are millions of Christians in Asia and they do celebrate it.

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