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    myanmar beaches cover picture

    Myanmar is yet to become as popular a beach destination as Bali in Southeast Asia, and it owes this stardom to its stunning beaches! There are some unbelievably beautiful Myanmar beaches, many of which stay hidden even today. These beaches in Myanmar are known for their gorgeous pearl sands, crystal clear waters, and budget accommodation options.

    Top 10 Myanmar Beaches

    Spread over a coastline of 2000 km, here are some of the finest jewels of Myanmar that you must check out during your trip there:

    1. Ngapali Beach

    Ngapali Beach myanmar

    Image Source

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    It is definitely the most famous beach in Myanmar. It is spread over a huge expanse of white sand and is adorned with beautiful palm trees and turquoise blue water. If you are looking for entertainment as well as experiencing the local culture, this is the best of Myanmar beaches. While you are here, you should visit a fishing village and gorge on mouth-watering seafood.

    Location: Western Coast, Ngapali
    Activities: Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, cycling

    Note: Do not wear exposing swimming costumes at the beaches of Myanmar. Even your diving and snorkeling suits should cover your body properly.

    2. Mergui Archipelago

    Mergui Archipelago Ta Fook Myanmar

    It is situated in the southernmost part and has stunning white beaches that stretch for kilometers. An interesting activity on this archipelago is to spot monkeys snacking on crabs on the coastlines of its beaches. It is a unique sight that! It has some of the top beaches in Myanmar like Ta Fook if you are keen on spotting some exotic marine life that thrives underwater.

    Location: Tanintharyi, Southern Myanmar
    Activities: Attending the Salone Festival on 16th February each year

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    3. Ngwe Saung

    Ngwe Saung beach myanmar

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    It is located a short 5-hour drive away from Yangon and can be accessed by a private car or bus. Ngwe Saung is a small fishing village that boasts of one the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar. It is the perfect spot if you want to spend some ‘me-time’ in a relaxed and secluded environment. Also, its proximity to Yangon makes it one of the most popular beaches in Myanmar.

    Ngwe Saung golden pagodas myanmar

    Location: Ngwe Saung Village, 10271
    Activities: Strolling to the Lover’s Island

    4. Chaung Tha Beach

    Chaung Tha Beach myanmar

    Image Source

    Located a short 6-hour drive away from Yangon, this beach does not share many similarities with the beaches described above. However, its golden sands and clear water act as a secret getaway place for locals who come here on weekends and during holidays. In fact, owing to its serenity and tranquility, it may just be the ideal location to take your partner on a romantic date!

    Location: Ayeyarwady, Pathein, Chaungtha
    Activities: Buy fresh seafood

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    5. Kanthaya Beach

    Kanthaya Beach myanmar

    Image Source

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    This is one of the most highly rated beaches in Myanmar if you want to escape the noisy urbane life and head to a secluded area of peace and solace. Kanthya does not have any beach sports, shops, or restaurants and will provide a good detox from the modern facilities that we are addicted to. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the worries of the world and enjoy your much-needed ‘me-time’!

    Location: Ayeyarwady, Pathein, Chaungtha

    6. Nabule Beach

    Nabule beach myanmar

    Image Source
    One of the many nice beaches in Myanmar, this is also a hidden gem that not many know of! It is a secluded beach where you can spend the day getting a beautiful tan on the golden sands and take a romantic walk with your significant other. Make sure to click some Instagram-worthy shots while you are on these picturesque shores for your much-needed social media show-off!

    Location: Dawei
    Activities: Landscape photography

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    7. Maungmagan Beach

    Maungmagan Beach myanmar

    Image Source

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    This is one of the most historical Myanmar beaches and was famous during the colonial era with English tourists. The beach is relatively quiet during the weekdays as compared to the weekends. While here, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the hills rising up from the shoreline and the myriad colors of the sky during dusk when the sun sets right behind these mountains. There are many restaurants that serve delicious seafood here and you’ll surely be spoilt for choice!

    Location: Dawei
    Activities: Slurp on cheap beer at the beer stations

    8. Pa Nyit Beach

    Pa Nyit Beach myanmar

    It is also known as Shaw Maw Beach and is one of the most offbeat Myanmar beaches owing to its seclusion and the fact that not many people know where it is and how to reach it. It is a long beach with a beautiful monastery at the end. Professional swimmers love to take leaps in the deep water here.

    Location: Dawei

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    9. Po Po Kyauk Beach

    Po Po Kyauk Beach myanmar

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    One of the lesser-known Myanmar beaches, it is also commonly known as the Grandfather beach. This beach is a great place to look at the sunrise as well as the sunset, owing which a lot of photographers can often be seen trotting about this place with their hefty DSLRs. There are good budget accommodations in Dawei near the beach for your stay that offer utter comfort and great services!

    Location: Dawei
    Activities: Swimming in the naturally formed lagoon

    10. Teyzit Beach

    Teyzit beach myanmar

    Image Source
    It is located further south from Maungmagan, approximately 25 km from Dawei. It is a pristine and isolated beach where you can spot fishermen on their boats and young locals children playing in the sea, a charming sight for sore eyes! What’s more, the presence of boulders and greenery makes this a picturesque place where you can spend some quiet moments with your partner before a scenic backdrop.

    Location: Myaukywar Qtr, Dawei

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    If you love exploring offbeat places, these fabulous Myanmar beaches should definitely be on your list! Book your trip and escape NOW!



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