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Maldives has been everyone’s dream destination and this is because it has such beautiful islands and places where you can make many memorable memories. There are many provinces and every province has a beauty of its own and is quiet distinguishable due to the different attributes of different islands. If you fall in love with beaches and eye-pleasing islands, then Bandos is a place you should visit. This Bandos Maldives Island is astounding and should not be missed if you love waking up to white sand beaches and endless blue water of ocean. This island is the ultimate place to enjoy a great time amidst the pristine water beaches and tropical location and this handy guide will give a brief about where to stay and things to do in Bandos Maldives island

About Bandos Maldives Island

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Bandos Maldives Island is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. The snowy white beaches compliment the lush green forests of this island. Irresistible beaches are one of the main attractions of this island. This land is a 180000sq km wide area where tourists can spend their time and walk around leisurely. North Male Atoll is the center location of Bandos and is a popular diving spot here and there are over 40 diving sites which makes this island a perfect place for divers.

It is a multi-lingual island and people are always happy to help tourists around. Turquoise lagoon, pearl white beaches, clean blue water and lush green forests is what makes this island an amazing one. Bandos Maldives Island also has a glamorous Bandos Convention Center that can accommodate around 400 people and is a great architectural and modern piece on this island.

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Top Things To Do On Bandos Island

Here are some of the best things to do in Bandos Maldives Island which one must definitely experience to enjoy a laid-back vacation.

1. Big-game fishing

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With a great expanse of sea around this island, fishing seems to be a normal activity here. Big-game fishing is recreational fishing game that fisherman play to entertain them. They play which big fishes like tuna and marlin are used and it is an offshore game fishing that fisherman enjoy. This is also known as blue-water fishing or offshore sport fishing.

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2. Snorkeling

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This is one water sport that tourists and local people seem to love on this island. As this island is surrounded by water on all the four sides, snorkeling is bound to be a popular water sport. So, make sure you indulge in this experience during your trip to this place.

3. Windsurfing

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This is also a known sport that many people do here. People seem to enjoy such recreational activities as they are worth your time. Water sailing is another activity which visitors seem to enjoy as gives the ultimate thrill to satiate one’s adrenalish rush.

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4. Catamaran sailing

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This type of sailing is a multi-hulled watercraft. Two parallel hulls that are held by a deck. Bandos has catamaran sailing which is a recreational sport and most of them also have a trampoline on the boat.

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5. Wakeboarding

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Water sports are a big thing on this spectacular island and wakeboarding is another sport which is quiet popular. Tourists love the numerous sports available here as many visitors love a good adventure.

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6. Parasailing

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Some love a good outdoor sport and for such people parasailing is the best option here. Tennis is also another sport which is played on this island. Parasailing is also known as parascending or parakiting.

These are some things one can do on this island when they are done exploring and relaxing here. Many more activities that are offered by some resorts that will leave you exhausted by night but in a good way.

Places To Stay On Bandos Maldives Island

Enjoy a relaxing stay amidst the pristine at these top accommodation options in Bandos Maldives Island.

1. Bandos Maldives

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This hotel is 8.4km away from Male airport. Travelling to this place is quiet convenient and easy. People also guide you around if you get lost around this island. Luxurious rooms and this hotel is a popular one amongst all others. Villas and bungalows are also offered here and based on your budget and liking you can choose an appropriate option.

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2. Kurumba Maldives

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2.9 km away from Male airport, this hotel is really easy to locate. They also have amazing views that will be great start of your morning and a wonderful end to your night.

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3. Paradise Resort And Spa

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Male airport is just 10.1 km away. People seem to love this place and good reviews are heard about this hotel and its not even that expensive. Many more hotels are available here from which you can choose and select the best option according to your budget and preference. Most of the hotels are sea facing and give you a great view of this spectacular island.

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The Bandos Maldives Island has so much to offer and see. So, don’t wait and visit this paradise by planning your Maldives trip and enjoy a great time amid the surreal beaches and many more exciting things which this place has to offer.

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