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A visit to the divine land of Cambodia remains incomplete if you are not paying a visit to Baphuon Temple. Baphuon is one of the most beautiful temples of 11th century period and is known as “temple-mountain”. It got this name because of its steep stairs which are taking the visitors right to the terrace which is offering breathtaking views of the Angkor Archaeological Park. It is the most beautiful and impressive one among the temples of Angor. With the passage of time, the temple faced several wears and tear and significant damages happened to the temple. But still, it holds an important place in the pages of History even today.

About Baphuon Temple

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The Baphuon temple history is so rich that you will develop a sudden interest to go deep into it once you visit here. If you are planning for a trip to the Baphuon temple in Cambodia, then there are a few things you must know. This temple is basically a prototype of the Baphuon style of architecture which makes use of intricate carvings on every inch of the available surface. The Baphuon is located inside the city of Angkor Thom which is known for its royal and rich history. Before 16th Century period this temple was known as Pisnulok. After 16th century it got its present name of Baphuon.

Carvings which are made on the walls of the temple represent a perfect combination of realistic as well as fancy patterns. You will find crafting of Lotus, hunters, wild animals, the figure of gods and even army on the battlefield on the walls. It is a sandstone temple which looks like a mountain which symbolically represents the five-peaked sacred Mount Meru which is having huge importance both in Hindu as well as Buddhist cosmology. Thom Baphuon temple in Cambodia is having three enclosures in the temple complex.

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Best Time To Visit Baphuon Temple

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If you want to pay a visit to this temple then choose the morning or the later afternoon hours. The reason behind demarking such period of the day is that in between the Sun rays will be piercing for you. There is no dedicated space for giving shade to the visitors in the walkways and so it may turn uncomfortable for you. It is advisable not to visit the temple during the summer months to avoid sunburn due to harsh rays.

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How To Reach Baphuon Temple

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This temple is located in the area of Angkor Thom which falls on the North-Western side of the Bayon in the town of Siem Reap. The easiest way to reach this destination is by Air. The airport is located at a few distances from this town. Hire a taxi from the airport and you will be dropped to this location.

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Places To Stay Near Baphuon Temple

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Nearby this temple there are not many hotels. You need to travel a bit distance to reach the temple from your hotel. Below we listed a few hotels:

  • 1. La Residence Blanc D’Angkor

It’s a beautiful boutique hotel with 4 stars. Khmer style of architecture is followed to design the building. The hospitality of the staffs will impress you. The hotel is at 10 mins drive from Siem Reap airport.

  • 2. Palm Village Resort and Spa

This resort is 6.1 km from the famous Baphuon temple. The comfort in addition to mouthwatering Khmer cuisine with an exotic body massage facility will make your stay worthy here. There are 20 exotic bungalows here in this resort for an amazing stay for guests.

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Things To Do Near Baphuon Temple

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There are many activities which you can enjoy in and around this temple area. We picked few to let you know what you must do when you are here in this historically royal Baphuon temple.

  • 1. Angkor Village Apsara Theater show

After a day trip of the temples in and around Angkor you can enjoy an entertaining evening with delicious food. Buying the ticket of this show you will get the chance to experience the glimpse of Khmer culture through dance and music.

  • 2. Angkor Zipline

It’s the solo zipline which you can find inside the Archeological Park of Angkor. Do enjoy it to gather knowledge about the temples, wildlife, flora and fauna of this amazing destination.

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You can learn about the royal history of this Baphuon temple in Siem Reap Cambodia on the notes of Zhou Daguan who was an ambassador from China and visited this place in the 13th Century. He mentioned it as copper tower which gives an indication that in some period the temple was covered with Copper/Bronze plates. Keeping into account the important role this temple played both for Hindu and Buddhist religion, UNESCO decided to give it the recognition of World Heritage Site in the year 1992. If you are a student of History or even if not, we can vouch on the fact that you will find the history of Baphuon very interesting on your trip to Cambodia.

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