Africa is indeed a mesmerizing place for those who look for wide landscapes and endless natural beauty. The continent is home to several bizarre plants and animal species, as is evident from the thousands of documentaries that get filmed here on an annual basis to hit the TV screens. But little do people know that other than the game reserves and wildlife, there are also plenty of charming beaches in Africa that deserve just as much attention and are worthy of your trip. Given below is a list of the most beautiful African beaches where people can relax and destress on their vacation.

8 Most Exciting Beaches In Africa

Your trip to Africa isn’t complete unless you scale its massive shores and bask on its fine sands and clear waters. Add these African beaches to your itinerary at once to experience more than just wildlife and nature at this beautiful destination.

  • Watamu Beach
  • Sharm El-Sheik Beach
  • Nungwi Beach
  • Sodwana Bay
  • Muizenberg Beach
  • Clifton Beach
  • Boulders Beach
  • Buffalo Bay Beach

1. Watamu Beach

a land of wonders

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Kenya is a land of wonders, the rich culture, and natural resources paint a beautiful picture throughout the year. If one is looking for beaches in Africa, he/she should at least once visit this beach. The marine life is vibrant, with several beautiful species of reptiles. Tortoises and other creatures dwell on the land and sea as well, making it a beautiful sight for tourists.

The country is known to be the best place for tourist destinations in East Africa. And Watamu beach offers a wide range of activities for people that offers ample adrenaline rush and fun. Snorkelling and diving are among the most memorable adventures one can embark upon. There’s another fact that brings people from many countries to this place, and that is, Watamu beach is a primary breeding ground for Green Turtles.

Where: Kenya
Specialty: Vibrant species of turtles

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2. Sharm El-Sheik Beach

beach has sufficient area for sunbathing

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Speaking of the best beaches in Africa, the gift of the Nile has several attractions for people. The Sharm el-Sheik beach is a beautiful place for those who seek crystal clear water. The environment is filled to the brim with a clear view, sufficient area for sunbathing, and a lot more.

People can walk over the crystal clear water of the Red Sea on a pavement made, especially for the ones who seek a calm and clear atmosphere. The tourism industry has seen a boom over the last few years; more and more tourists now visit this beach than ever before. This beach is indeed a gem of Egypt.

Where: Egypt
Specialty: Clear waters

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3. Nungwi Beach

witness the white sand beach

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A simple transformation can do wonders for an already beautiful place. This context stands true to the last word when people speak of Nungwi beach. Situated in Tanzania, this island beach is excellent for those who seek a peaceful getaway, and it surely stands up to the reputation itself. Blessed with many attractions, the beach is home to several tortoises and fishes alike.

People can witness the regular lives of fishermen who brave the waves to make their daily living; it is both inspiring and beautiful at the same time. One thing can be said for sure, African beaches possess a lot of values regarding their culture. The residents respect their land and its culture and live their lives serving the land and its people. It is also considered to be an excellent spot for photographers who wish to capture in-depth stories.

Where: Tanzania
Specialty: Excellent landscapes for photography

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4. Sodwana Bay

offers excellent scenery of the crystal clear water

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Since the vastness of the continent of Africa is home to a ton of beautiful places, one can surely find the required escape from the cities. And if a traveler chooses to spend the entire stretch of holidays circling around a single site, he/she might not be doing justice to the bigger picture. A typical beach in Africa isn’t complete without the presence of fun-loving folks and the tales of its brave fishermen.

In simpler words, visiting Africa is incomplete if one hasn’t visited the southern side of the continent. And indeed it is right to say that one can easily find the most beautiful beaches in South Africa in no time. One prime example is Sodwana Bay, where the flora and the sea flank each other. The beach is usually crowded during winter as it offers excellent scenery, warm water, and of course, a lot of fun and adventure. Sodwana Bay boasts many attractions, including vibrant trees, beautiful sunsets, a fleet of SUVs with decent music, etc.

Where: South Africa
Specialty: Local fishing villages bringing in fresh catch

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5. Muizenberg Beach

a tantalizing beach

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South Africa hits this list again with a tantalizing beach; this time, it’s the Muizenberg beach. While other beaches are filled to the brim with thrills and waves for surfers and extreme sports seekers, this one here is a little different. It goes gentle for children and rookie surfers alike. The reason? Well, Muizenberg has a natural wave breaking mechanism made of tough rocks. The rocks have always stood the test of time and continue to do so with ease as if they command the wrath of waves, or more likely tame them.

This natural barrier controls the violent waves and breaks them into calmer ones. Families enjoy their time walking on the white sand, looking at the gentle waves that welcome all. It is one of those South African beaches that is considered to be the best place for new surfers. The natural wave breakers allow for good training, and when mastered, people can enjoy the thrills once they venture beyond the enormous rocks. Nature is vibrant and beautiful, indeed, and it is best explained by places like this one.

Where: South Africa
Specialty: Giant rocks and calm waters

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6. Clifton Beach

enjoy the ambiance of the beach

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Hailing from South Africa again is yet another nature’s wonder that calls everyone. Although it is made of a cluster of beaches, namely four, the visitors always take good memories with them when going home. Now here’s the catch, this cluster comprises four beaches, and the best part is, their names are relatively simple to remember. The first beach is called 1st, the second one’s named 2nd, and the same can be said for the third and the fourth, respectively.

The family of beaches is best known for its sunsets, one major reason that makes it even more soothing is the absence of strong winds. Since beaches are, for the most part, equipped with decent to strong winds, it can be a little violent for those who long for a calm and serene environment. One can enjoy the ambiance by merely sitting and looking around the beaches, the birds, trees, sand, the sea, all constitute for a great time that if spent the right way, can do wonders.

Where: South Africa
Specialty: the group of islands flanking the beach paint a beautiful picture for eyes

7. Boulders Beach

get to see the african penguins

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A lot of people wish to see penguins for real. It is a known fact that these birds are indeed quite different than the ones people come across on a daily basis. The penguins are, in fact, the proud residents of the Boulders beach. One can see them talking to their kin in their own ways, which is both entertaining and educational. If one really wishes to get closer to African Penguins, the Boulders beach in South Africa is perhaps the best place one should look for.

And the Penguins do not mind sharing their land with Humans as well, they do check for food though. This beach is an excellent place for kids as the waves are calm and offer the right swimming temperatures. The granite boulders flank a lot of sections of the landmass; this is the actual reason how the name Boulders beach saw its genesis.

Where: South Africa
Specialty: African Penguins

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8. Buffalo Bay Beach

stunning beach of africa

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seems that South Africa is blessed with an array of stunning beaches. One cannot deny the fact that this place is considered by many to be the land of most beautiful beaches. One prominent name that pops every now and then in the people’s dialect is the Buffalo Bay beach. Here’s the thing, if one seeks an all-out party kind of an atmosphere, he/she will have to go somewhere else. However, for those who love the calm waters and gentle sounds, this is it.

The Buffalo Bay beach doesn’t see much traffic as most of the other beaches provide a good experience for thrill-seekers. But that being said, the aforementioned factor alone is also the beauty of this beach, yes the number of people visiting is a little less, but that’s what some people look for. Flanked by a decent restaurant at the end of the beach, and one can actually enjoy the serene beauty this beach has to offer.

Where: South Africa
Specialty: Peaceful ambience

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Africa is a delightful mix of a unique culture, wildlife, nature, and the most stunning scenery that brings people here from far and wide. Add to that mix these beautiful beaches in Africa and you’re to have the most amazing trip experience. What’s stopping you? Book a holiday in Africa and enjoy pure serenity at these marvelous African beaches!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Africa

Which is the best beach in Africa?

Sharm el-Sheikh, Watamu, Diani, and Chitimba are some of the best beaches in Africa.

Does Tanzania have a beach?

Yes, Tanzania has some of the most beautiful beaches on the African continent like Mafia and Pemba.

Where are the best beaches in Zanzibar?

Some of the best beaches in Zanzibar are:
1. Michamvi Beach
2. Nungwi Beach
3. Kendwa Beach
4. Kizimkazi Beach
5. Matemwe Beach
6. Pongwe Beach

Which country in Africa has the longest coastline?

Madagascar is known to have the longest coastline in Africa. In fact, it is the fourth largest island in the world! Madagascar is followed by Somalia and South Africa in terms of length of coastline.

Are South African beaches safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit the South African beaches. However, make sure you confirm from the natives and local authorities that the beach you’re visiting does not have sharks before going swimming, surfing, and deep-sea fishing. Some beaches in Africa have sharks and activities like shark-cage diving are a major attraction there. But before indulging in this activity, make sure the diving agency is certified and experienced, your gear is of top quality, and you’re properly harnessed.

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