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It is a kind of advantage if you are a foodie and planning to visit South Africa soon. The land has some of the most mouth-watering dishes especially the South African desserts will linger in your mouth. Each and every community has their own special traditional dessert, which gives you atheist of the locals. If you are wondering how to choose the perfect sweet dish for your taste, then we have shortlisted some of the best from numerous desserts in South Africa.

Famous South African Desserts

Visiting South Africa can be fun and if you love to try new dishes it will be more fun as in this list we are going to refer to the top 16 South African desserts. After going through this you will feel the craving for sure.

  • Melktert
  • Koeksisters
  • Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart
  • Malva Pudding
  • Cape Brandy Pudding
  • Coconut Ice
  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Potatoe Pudding
  • Sago Pudding
  • Trifle
  • Queen cake
  • Asynpoeding
  • Boeber
  • Bombay Crush
  • Hertzoggies
  • Melkkos

1. Melktert


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This is is one of the most, traditional desserts in South Africa. The actual meaning of the dish is a milk tart. The mean structure of the dessert is made with lots of milk, flour, and eggs, which gives it a smooth creamy texture that melts in your mouth. To celebrate the dish there is also National Milk Tart Day. So you love milk and tart order this without even looking at the menu. This will be served with a touch of cinnamon on the top to compliment a flavor.

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2. Koeksisters


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If we talk about looks, Koeksisters are the most interesting in appearance. This tasty dish also comes in the list of easy to make South African desserts. To prepare the dough is given the shape of a braid with a coconut flavor and dipped in Honey or sweet syrup. This dish has its origin in Indonesia which is commonly found in every supermarket or restaurant in South Africa.

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3. Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart

Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart

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This is one of the most famous in South African cold desserts. Leopard doing is placed upon chocolate bars and crispy biscuits. Then it is decorated with peppermint crisp. And at last the dash get drenched in caramel. This dish looks as beautiful as it tastes. The peppermint crisp is an old recipe which was very famous among the school students of South Africa.

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4. Malva Pudding

Malva Pudding

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This pudding difference in taste from the other regular puddings that we taste. It has a texture of caramel and the cake of the dash is very soft and moist. The structure of cake comes from lots of butter and syrup used to make it. It is topped which tasty Apricot jam which gives you a perfect bite. As desserts are preferred cold temperature, to match the tradition the dish is served. Enjoy eating Malva pudding, one of the South African cold desserts.

5. Cape Brandy Pudding


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If you are getting confused about what to order after finishing a scrumptious meal in South Africa, you can definitely go for this. To prepare the dish a lot of South African drinking stable and brandy is used. So it is advised to eat as per your tolerance of alcohol as-as the dessert is popularly known as Tipsy Tart in the locality.

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6. Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice

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The dish looks beautiful with both pink and white color giving a feel of two in one ice cream.It is a hit among the children, because of its attractive look and tasty flavors.

Basically, a lot of condensed milk, icing sugar, cream of tartar and coconut is used to prepare the dish. Also, a little bit of food coloring is added to achieve the bright pink color of it. It is a very commonly eaten dish and you will found them in every corner of South Africa.

7. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

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This one in the list cuts the too much sweet and adds a citrus taste to the lot. Although it is not originated in South Africa still it has become a favorite dish among the locals. The filling of the pie is a freshly made lemon curd using lemon, starch, egg yolks and a bit of sugar. The structure is made of crispy tennis biscuits or pastry, and for meringue egg, whites and powdered sugar is used.

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8. Potatoe Pudding

. Potatoe Pudding

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It is prepared with sweet potatoes and also powdered cinnamon. The texture of the dessert is not very smooth and it is very famous among the Cape Malay community. In restaurants, it is served in square shapes and also with fruit slices which are stewed. Enjoy this delicious pudding among other South African desserts while on your trip to the place.

9. Sago Pudding

Sago Pudding

Very simple to make, this tasty dessert is a hit among the South African restaurants and also small eateries. It is a very light pudding which is cooked in a slow manner within milk. The ultimate form of it is like a ball filled with foam. It is quite similar to rice pudding and the flavor you will get is of cinnamon and vanilla. Do try this delicious dish among other tasty South African desserts.

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10. Trifle


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This dessert comes is a jelly-custard form, and is one of the most popular South African desserts. Quite famous among the cold sweet dishes of South Africa, Trifle is a British dessert, which found a home in South Africa. So if you are fond of jelly and custard, then you can possibly go for this dessert among South African cold desserts and you will surely not get disappointed with the taste.

11. Queen cake

Queen Cake

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Queen Cake is one of the best traditional South African desserts and will look very attractive at first because it’s got a beautiful and elegant look. The size of this cake is small and very simple as it is decorated either with powdered sugar or plain icing. How is the texture of the cake within and also the taste will Al Noor not let you complain. It is also a dish which is often made at home and we all know that desserts made at home are simply out of the world.

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12. Asynpoeding


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Another one of those very famous traditional South African desserts that will probably make you fall in love with the place, the Asynpoeding is actually very similar to what a Malwa Pudding is like but just less sweet. The interesting part is that vinegar is added to the sauce which makes it acidic and less sweet. This dessert is a must-try in South Africa.

13. Boeber


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If you went to South Africa and didn’t try Boeber, did you even go to South Africa? If you are seeking comfort food, then this dessert is exactly that. Made with vermicelli, cinnamon, rose water, sago and cardamom, Boeber is delicious and something not to be missed on your South African trip.

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14. Bombay Crush

Bombay Crush

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It’s hard to say if it’s a milkshake or a dessert but whatever it is, Bombay Crush is amazing and something that you should definitely try in South Africa. Made with subja, which is soaked basil seeds, rosewater and vermicelli noodles, this dessert is hard to miss and is something you will instantly fall in love with.

15. Hertzoggies


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Biscuit and tart joined hands and that’s when Hertzoggies were born. Made with a pastry base, coconut and apricot jam, Hertzoggies are delicious and something really hard to miss when in South Africa. The dessert has a very interesting backstory which involves women’s right to vote and much more. Try it for an epic epicurean experience.

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16. Melkkos

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Made with cinnamon, butter, orange zest and little naartjie, Melkkos is delicious. Don’t try it if you wan t to miss out on a delectable delicacy. This dessert is believed to have originated at the time of the Great Trek and was something used as comfort food. So, if you are craving a good dessert when in South Africa, you know what you should be eating.

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So in this article, some of the most famous South African desserts are discussed. Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite as the variety is vast. There are both hot and South African cold desserts like ice cream, cake, and even puddings which makes the whole platter a Wonderland and for the dessert lover. So book your trip to South Africa with TravelTriangle and find out why this is the best place to try all these mouthwatering cuisines!

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