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Boston and the beaches are for the most part synonymous. With the offbeat shores and sandy beaches encompassing the place around, it is not surprising that people who visit Boston fall in loves with the beaches there. Owing to the fact that Boston is predominantly surrounded by water, beaches are a common sight of a recluse, not just for the locals but the tourists alike. You will find hidden gems in several of the beaches and going sunbathing is definitely a whole new experience on its own.

10 Best Beaches In Boston

If you have been on the lookout for good options for beaches to relax and have a relaxing day back in the coast, we have prepared a list with the best beaches in Boston.

  • Spectacle Island
  • Revere Beach
  • Plum Island
  • Carson Beach
  • Savin Hill Beach
  • Good Harbour Beach
  • Constitution Beach
  • Wollaston Beach
  • Lynch Park Beach
  • M Street Beach

1. Spectacle Island


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Spectacle Island is one of those few beaches located on the Harbour Island that provides with the white sandy beach around the area. It is located offshore the Boston proper and takes you a 20 minutes time to travel via a ferry downtown. It is predominantly open from May till the Columbus Day and even has a wide range of lifeguards for the safety of the visitors on the shore. This specific beachside island is often considered as the central location for visiting some of the nearby attractions around the city.

Location: 4 miles offshore of Boston, MA
How to get there: Ferry ride from downtown Boston.
What to do: swimming, boating, hiking, learning

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2. Revere Beach


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The next one on the list of the top 10 beaches in Boston is the Revere Beach Boston. Located in the north of Boston, the beach is 2 miles in length and provides with a tranquil afternoon for you to look forward to. It is the oldest beach in the United States which is open to the public and is littered with a wide range of Victorian pavilions lining the sand. Reaching the beach can often take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the mode of transportation you are taking. The Revere Beach beaches Boston is definitely the best options if you want an offbeat beach.

Location: 350 Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, Massachusetts
How to get there: Public transportation like Blue Line can take you there

3. Plum Island

Beautiful beach Island

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The Plum Island is located around Boston, a one hour drive from the main city of Boston. It is located in Newburyport and is the best beaches in Boston as suggested by the locals. It is known for its more isolated and natural outlook to it which is definitely what makes it stand out amidst the crowd. The sand around resembles that of the white powdery texture which is definitely something you don’t experience every day. If you are visiting Plum Island, the best way to go about it is if you rent a vacation rental in Plum Island.

Location: Town of Southold, Suffolk County, New York
How to get there: car rental or a one hour drive from Boston city

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4. Carson Beach

People on beach

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If you are visiting south of Boston, travel along the red lines to the Carson Beach Boston which is the most enticing beaches in South Boston Boston. The beach has recently undergone an extensive renovation and is the most popular Boston beaches during the summertime. If you want to get the full experience, visit during the windy and colder breezier songs for the wholesome experience.

Location: South Boston, MA

5. Savin Hill Beach

Beautiful Hill Beach

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If you want to visit the most happening and popular beaches around Boston, the Savin Hill Beach is the answer for it. Even this one is located around the red line. If you want to avoid any kind of parking fees and extra charges, the best option is to avail the public transportation. Apart from having the traditional expanse of the beach, it also has a baseball field and playgrounds too if you wish to hang around for some quality time. If you are familiar with the Malibu beach, Boston, they are the same place.

Location: Boston, MA 02125, USA

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6. Good Harbour Beach

Harbour Beach

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Counted amongst the best beaches in Boston near the airport is the Good Harbour Beach. It is located in Gloucester which is known to be a quaint town that bestows some of the best New England charms around the place. The beach is located around an hour drive from Boston and the calm water and low tide of the place simply just accentuates the experience around. Vacation rentals are the best options when it comes to staying and enjoying the amazing aura of the Good Harbour Beach.

Location: 99 Thatcher Rd, Gloucester, MA 01930, USA
How to get there: Hour drive away from Boston City

7. Constitution Beach

Awesome Beach

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The beach is possibly the only man-made beach around the entirety of the Boston City. Located in East Boston, the Constitution Beach was built back in 1952 and is known for its tranquil waves and imminent sandy shores. The beach is not extensive and stretches around half a mile, but is a perfect little spot for families who want to get a secluded experience with their children. It even has a bathhouse right on the beach which adds to the fervor even further.

Location: Boston, MA 02128, USA
How to get there: Car rentals from Boston City to East Boston (an hour drive)

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8. Wollaston Beach

Beach Side

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Located in the city of Quincy which is around 30 minutes away from the Boston City, the Wollaston Beach is definitely an over the top experience loaded with a wide range of beaches as well as several landmarks that are worth exploring around. It is a two-mile beach that has parking lots and concession stands too. If you wish to live a nautical lifestyle of a local, renting a vacation rental in Quincy is definitely the way to go about with it.

Location: Quincy, Boston, MA
How to get there: 30 minutes from Boston City

9. Lynch Park Beach

Lynch Park Beach

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Located in Beverly, which is a small town, around 25 miles away from Boston is located this historic and offbeat Lynch Park Beach. It is not just a beach but also a park that is an ideal place for longs walks and for testing out some photographic skills. It even has a rose garden that has a wide range of colorful and blooming flowers that are sure to take your breath away.

Location: Beverly, Boston, MA
How to get there: Car drive from the Boston city

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10. M Street Beach

M Street Beach In Boston

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This is one of those hidden gems in Boston that doesn’t attract a lot of public attention and is thus quite an amazing place to visit. It overlooks a rocky shoreline and is often a trendy hangout spot for the young adults because of sunbathing and a wide range of games too.

Location: Boston, MA 02127, USA
How to get there: Drive through the main city of Boston

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Beaches are abundant throughout the city of Boston. If you are on the lookout for the perfect place to spend your vacation time in, the best beaches in Boston are the perfect recluse for you to try out. And if your mind is still doubtful to take that long-awaited beach vacation, then plan and customize your USA vacation with TravelTriangle to enjoy a great deal of fun and excitement.

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