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Georgia is one beautiful state in US with varied picturesque landscapes and a long coast line with many amazing beaches. Georgia is one state where you will find beaches of all kinds, all types – for every type of beach lover. There are beautiful scenic serene beaches, huge man-made ones, and the beaches for adventurers and surfers. What sets beaches in Georgia apart from others is their natural enchanting beauty – many of these beaches aren’t as much developed as at other areas which makes them keep their natural splendid beauty intact, making these beaches a favorite for nature lovers.

10 Amazing Beaches In Georgia

Given below is the list of best beaches in Georgia which you should never forget to visit if you happen to be travelling in this beautiful state:

  • Glory Beach
  • St. Simons Island
  • Driftwood Beach
  • Nanny Goat Beach
  • Robin Lake Beach
  • Jekyll Island
  • Tybee Island Beach
  • Cumberland Island
  • St. Andrews Beach
  • Wassaw Island
  • Sea Island

1. Glory Beach

Glory Beach

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This is a serene, quiet beach which is so captivating and calming to the senses that one can spends hours here just gazing at the tranquil waters. This beach became very popular after the movie which was also named on the beach itself – Glory and the movie was majorly filmed at this beach showcasing its enthralling beauty and its history. There is lot of ravishing greenery and a small forest near this beach which is full of unique entrancing flora – unique to this beach and to the state of Georgia. One can also find many beautiful animal species and beautiful colourful charming coastal birds here, making it one of the best beaches in Georgia.

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2. St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island

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St. Simons Island hosts beautiful beachside resorts. There is ample of greenery in this appealing island, perfect natural ambiance and very active marine life across the island. Visitors can also have sightings of intriguing dolphins and whales. There are multiple beaches at St Simon’s island – most popular among them are East beach and St. Simons public beach. The best part at these beaches is their natural beauty – there isn’t too much development at these beaches which means they are natural beachfronts and extremely pristine coastline with alluring original untouched beauty. There is also a family picnic park cum beachfront here – Massengale Park which also includes a playground for beach sports and play area for kids to play. The whole island gives a bewitching experience and the air here rejuvenates the whole senses.

3. Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach

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Driftwood beach is situated near the Jekyll Island. This intriguing beach is popular for the driftwoods and remains of fallen trees found around its surroundings. This has been a very popular and enthralling beach, especially among the couples due to its entrancing picturesque settings and serener beauty. The beach has its unique appealing beauty due to the sun-soaked remains of the old fallen trees that add splendid charm to the beachfront. Due its numerous fallen trees, this beach is extremely popular among photography lovers and provides numerous captivating photogenic scenes especially during the sunset. This is also a popular wedding destination and romantic spot for young lovers.

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4. Nanny Goat Beach

Nanny Goat Beach

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Nanny goat beach is situated at Sapelo Island. There are many reasons to be there at this winsome beach and spend good quality time. The enthralling beach here offers many beach sports not just for the adults but also for the young children. There are varied stunning flora and fauna which makes the beach very pleasant and refreshing. This is the perfect beach for a perfect family vacation.

5. Robin Lake Beach

Robin Lake Beach

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This beach is located just a few kilometres away from the city of Atlanta. This luring beach hosts numerous activities for the visitors – ranging from swimming, sunbathing, giant chess, separate playground for kids, shuffleboard and beautiful well maintained gardens. There are good facilities at this beach so that you can relax without any tension and get what you want at your sack, be it snacks or your favourite beer. One can also engage with paddle boats and karts at this dazzling beach. You would usually find good crowd here during the weekends.

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6. Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island

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Jekyll Island is the smallest amongst the barrier islands in Atlantic ocean coast of Georgia. This is perhaps the most beautiful and alluring island in Georgia and the island town has consistently ranked among the most beautiful towns in whole of US. There are good number of beaches and huge activities for beach sports lovers and kids at this stunning island. At the southern end, there is South Dunes picnic area alongside the beachfront where you can be indulged in many sports activities. In the north, there is a famous Clam Creek picnic area. The island has also been used as a filming location for many Hollywood movies.

7. Tybee Island Beach

Tybee Island Beach

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Tybe island is a small enticing island situated near the city of Savannah. There are multiple beaches around Tybee Island – all of them extremely beautiful and fascinating. There is also lot of culture and history associated with this alluring spellbind island. There is an 18th century lighthouse which has been rebuilt and a museum for the history lovers. The main beaches here are the South beach, North beach and the Mid beach. There are few wonderful beaches along the river Savannah as well. On your lucky days you may be able sight few dolphins at the river side beaches. Tybee Island Georgia beach experience can be the one to sweep you off yours feet.

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8. Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island

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Cumberland Island is the biggest island at this part of US and hosts multiple mesmerising beaches and protected fauna. To reach Cumberland Island, one would need to take a ferry ride from St. Marys as there is no land connectivity to the island. Round trip to the island from Georgia main land may cost nearly $28 per head (for adults) while the charges are less for kids. There are multiple long beach fronts – all of them very peaceful, serene, and isolated. Specifically the natural beaches here which haven’t been developed or commercialised much have the infatuating power due to their fascinating beauty. There is also a vibrant history attached to this intriguing island which also attracts many visitors to it.

9. St. Andrews Beach

St. Andrews Beach

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This pristine beach is situated at Jekyll Island and offers a variety of things to do for the visitors, including many activities for kids. It is one of the favourite picnic places for citizens of Georgia. Beach is not very far from Jekyll point at the south of the island. This is one of the charming beaches which also allows entry of dogs and pets – therefore many families love visiting it along with their pets. There is a separate beach park, which is a favourite spot for family picnics. There are good facilities available at the beach and park including clean restrooms and small restaurants. The beach also has a separate platform to view the wildlife activities and watch beautiful migratory birds.

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10. Wassaw Island

Wassaw Island

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Wassaw island is the barrier island situated at south of the Tybee island. The enthralling island is full of wetlands and salt marshes. The beaches at this island are among the most untouched of the beaches in the whole US. Previously, this has been home to native American Indians who used to hunt the wildlife and fishes here for their families and community. The island can be reached by boats only as it doesn’t have any land connectivity. One may need to rent a private boat to reach the shores of this island and then one can hike or take a bicycle tour of the island. There are very less residential or human activity at the Wassaw Island.

11. Sea Island

Sea Island

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This one is a pristine beautiful fascinating island. Sea Island is a bit upscale and would be a little costlier than other island or beaches in Georgia. But this is also the most untouched and a natural island with least commercialisation and enthralling raw beauty. There are a number of secluded beaches here that are serene and without much noise. The island and its beaches are perfect for peace and nature lovers. There is also a luxury resort at the island known as Sea Island resort. Resort has its own private beach and the resort provides 5 star amenities to its visitor. There are few enticing sports activities that this island offers – most popular of these being horse riding at the beachfront.

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Georgia offers some enchanting beach-side experience with its alluring range of barrier islands, which is unique to Georgia. If you are a nature lover, love being in the presence of enthralling landscapes with spellbinding fauna, flora, and sea wildlife, then beaches in Georgia are sure to offer you a chance to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, making a visit to these beaches is a must in order to make your international vacation in Georgia exceptionally memorable.

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