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South Georgia Island is a part of the British Overseas Territory, that sits perfectly on the South Atlantic Ocean. This surreal island along with a group of smaller islands known as the South Sandwich Islands, make up for a great holiday destination. Here, the azure ocean soothes the eyes as much as the sun-kissed white sand beaches do to all those flocking in this small piece of heaven on Earth.

Come and explore this surreal South Georgia Island and experience nature’s beauty and aura at its best.

Things you need to know about South Georgia Island


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Best time to visit South Georgia Island: Spring and summer, i.e. from October to mid-February is the best season to visit South Georgia Island. During these seasons, South Georgia island weather is perfect and comfortable. Days are bright and sunny and one can spot large populations of penguins and their babies during this time.

How to reach South Georgia Island: To reach South Georgia Island, one needs to fly down to Mount Pleasant on The Falkland Islands by the . From there, you can avail a ship and sail up to beautiful South Georgia Island.

Where to stay in South Georgia Island: South Georgia island population is very sparse. Barely 30 people live there and maximum of them stay in Grytviken- the largest settlement in South Georgia and in King Edwards Point- South Georgia Island capital. Tourists mainly stay in Falkland Island and book any of the South Georgia Island tours and return the same day.

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Things to do in South Georgia Island

Take a look at some of the things to do when you travel to South Georgia island for a heart-warming holiday! Of all South Georgia island points of interest, these are the best ones!

1. Visit South Georgia Museum


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Located in Grytviken, South Georgia Museum is one of the most popular places in the island. Established in 1991, this museum showcases various items, artifacts, paintings and sculptures related to the natural history of mankind, exploration, discovery, surveying, and mountaineering. A visit to this interesting place is one of the most exciting things to do in South Georgia Island.

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2. Spot wildlife at Right Whale Bay

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Right Whale Bay, located between the Craigie Point and Nameless Point, along with the north coast of the island, is known for exotic wildlife population. Exploring this area and spotting wildlife is one of the best things to do in South Georgia Island. Common wildlife spotted here are South Georgia Island penguins, albatross, right whales, and fur seals.

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3. Explore Grytviken Whaling Station

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This is an abandoned whaling station established by Norwegian sea captain Carl Anton Larsen in 1904 in Grytviken. Presently, non-functional, this whaling station was highly active in early years and had taken 195 whales away during its first session. The relics and remnants of the whaling station is still a sight to wonder and worth visiting.

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4. Enjoy Shackleton Walk

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If you love adventure and have a daring heart, join Shackleton walk from Fortuna Bay. Hike through beaches and highlands, lakes and glaciers until you reach the most scenic Stormness Harbour. Enjoy this beautiful trek through stunning sceneries and make the most of South Georgia Island vacation.

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South Georgia Island is a beautiful and surreal place to explore. Now, with this handy guide to South Georgia island tourism, plan a quick escapade to this surreal abode. Customize your trip to South George Island to enjoy and see everything you want on your trip to the island.

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