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Poland is a beautiful country in Central Europe and is bordered by other beautiful countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Poland is home to some of the most beautiful historical monuments, castles, and exquisite infrastructure. The designs of buildings are unique and represent their cultural architecture. The greenery and natural beauties too attract a lot of people and hence is packed with tourists all round the year.

Talking of the natural beauties, Poland has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. The blue water, high waves, sun and sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees make you fall in love with Poland immediately. If you are a nature lover, the below list of the best beaches in Poland will definitely make you visit Poland.

10 Best Beaches In Poland

Here is a list of the best beaches in Poland that will give you the most refreshing holiday experience. Take a look!

  • Krynica Morska Beach
  • Debki Beach
  • Swinoujscie Beach
  • Jurata Beach
  • Brzezno Beach
  • Gdynia Beach
  • Sopot Beach
  • Niechorze Beach
  • Jelitkowo Beach
  • Stogi Beach

1. Krynica Morska Beach

Krynica Morska Beach

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The Krynica Morska Beach is one of the most beautiful as well as crowded beaches in Poland. It is totally a family beach and you get to see a lot of food and drinks stalls for refreshments. If you can make it early, you will get a good spot to relax and sunbathe close to the water. The beach is around 20 Km in length and is packed with beauty, life, and people. The beach is overcrowded in the seasons so avoid peak seasons if you want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with your friends and family. It is one of the best Poland beaches resorts.

Location: Bulwar Sloneczny, Krynica Morska, Poland

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2. Debki Beach


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Debki Beach is a very large beach and is very crowded in peak seasons. There are many entrances to this beautiful beach and you can choose the one where you want to sit and relax. Though the beach is very crowded, there are a few quieter places as well if you want to spend some alone time with your family. There are various places where you can eat and drink and have other refreshments. Remember, the beach is an optional clothing beach and you can witness some nudists as well so if you are with children, you can avoid going too far in isolated places.

Location: Plaza w Debkach, Debki, Poland

3. Swinoujscie Beach

Swinoujscie Beach

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This beach seems to go on forever. Clean sandy beaches that can be enjoyed on a sunny day just walk, view scenes and relax under the trees. You can walk on sand barefoot in summers and it will not burn your feet. Small mobile van coffee shop from where you can take coffee and have a sip while walking around the beach. This beach has easy access from town and all the restaurants are at nearby places which make it a great place to chill out with family and friends.

Location: Promenade, Swinoujscie 72-600, Poland

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4. Jurata Beach

Jurata Beach

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This place is really amazing if you want to swim in the sea or just ride your bike along the beach for entertainment. You can also try windsurfing or fly surfing here if you are interested and you can also go for sunbathing with your towel. This is actually a good place for spending a lazy relaxing day because there is no noise here and the overall atmosphere is very calm and quiet.

Location: 84-141 Jastarnia, Poland

5. Brzezno Beach

Brzezno Beach

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The beach is approximately 500 meters long and here you will find many restaurants and bars to have a drink or some food. You can easily visit this place as there are means of transportation available to reach. No entry fee and very less crowd make this Gdańsk Poland beach different from others. This is a very nice beach for photography and a long wooden pier where you can take a long walk. The beach is very beautiful, lovely sand, clear water and lifeguards are on duty every time. This place is great for jogging and running.

Location: Brzeźnieńska 4, 80-512 Gdańsk, Poland

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6. Gdynia Beach


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The best part of the Gdynia beach is that there is a forest behind which enhances the view totally. The view of the sunset is also very amazing from this beach. It is very crowded in the afternoon and most of the people enjoy sunbathing here. You will easily find a restaurant and coffee places around the shore where you can relax and take a bite. Although the beach is very crowded the cleanliness is well maintained. You can enjoy the waves of water and light of the sun both at one place.

Location: Gdynia, Poland

7. Sopot Beach

Sopot Beach

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Don’t miss to have a boat trip if you are at this place. This white sand beach is a very spacious and fun-filled place to spend your summer vacations. The sea is shallow which makes it good for swimming especially for non- swimmers and other activities based on the water can also be done with full safety and makes it apt for children as well. You can spend very good and quality time at this beach and don’t forget to take a spa treatment before anything as Sopot is famous for its spa treatment. It is an amazing tourist attraction in Poland because of its long length, saunas and kids playground.

Location: Sopot, Poland

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8. Niechorze Beach

Niechorze Beach

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This white sandy beach is very beautiful and remains crowded most of the times. The beach bar and variety of restaurants make it more popular amongst the tourists. In the afternoon on weekdays, the beach is less crowded so, try to come at that time if you want to spend some time alone at here. You can also spend some quiet time towards the lighthouse. The overall feel of the beach is very calm and relaxing and it is a good place to take a break from your daily routine life and spend some quality time with nature.

Location: Szczecińska, 72-350 Niechorze, Poland

9. Jelitkowo Beach

Jelitkowo Beach

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A nice Gdańsk Poland beach with warm sunlight, peaceful natural scene, and nice café and bars makes it a complete place to enjoy vacations. You can relax here for an hour or two with your loved ones and share the pleasant stories of your life. The attractions available around this Gdańsk beach are traditional food, beer, fresh fish, seafood, live music, and good weather that makes it a perfect place to relax and enjoy. The beach is very calm and not crowded all the time so you can do jogging and running and other physical activities.

Location: Jantarowa, Gdansk 80-347, Poland

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10. Stogi Beach

Stogi Beach

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This beach is not very much far from the Gdansk center. You will find here beer and eatery items at very reasonable prices. This beach is very nice, cool, and you will find soft sand for sunbathing. You will be able to see small jellyfish and swans on this Gdańsk beach which makes it more attractive and exciting. The place is very commercial as you will find many sun loungers for rent but it always gives you cool vibes and great fun and lots more to enjoy and make your day unforgettable.

Location: Wydmy, Gdansk, Poland

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If you are in Poland, don’t forget to visit the above beaches that will surely make your trip memorable. If you are a nature lover, the visit to these lovely beaches will give you mental peace and time to relax. Come and explore this beautiful country with your loved ones. Plan a trip to Europe, visit Poland and explore these places for a perfect holiday!

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