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Vijayawada is one of the most beautiful towns of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the Krishna river, which flows in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. If we talk about the beaches near Vijayawada, then the coastal line here is very low. Therefore, there are fewer beaches near Vijayawada. However, the beaches that are near this place are very beautiful. The good thing about this place is that it’s not like any metropolitan city. It is rather a small place and depicts the village life and the life of fishermen. If you are someone who wants to break the monotony of city life and need to spend some time in the lap of nature, then here is the list of a few of the beaches near Vijayawada.

9 Best Beaches Near Vijayawada

Here are some of the best beaches near Vijayawada which one must definitely explore when traveling around Andhra Pradesh.

  • Vodarevu Beach – A Quaint Beach
  • Manginapudi Beach – A Beautiful Natural Beach
  • Rishikonda Beach – Known For Mesmerizing Scenery
  • Chirala Beach – Splendid Panoramic View
  • Ramakrishna Beach – Enjoy Strolls Across The Beach
  • Yarada Beach – Best Private Beach
  • Bheemili Beach – For History Buffs
  • Yanam Beach – A Perfect Picnic Place
  • Ramapuram Beach – Enjoy Beautiful Sunsets

1. Vodarevu Beach – A Quaint Beach

Vodarevu Beach

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Everyone has a different perspective on beauty, but there are things that you could not stop eyeing from. Just imagine a lane full of coconut trees and then a beautiful clear water around it. Won’t it be mesmerising? The answer is going to be yes and we know that. If you are one such person who loves this form of nature, then you must come to Vodarevu Beach. This is the most beautiful beach in Vijayawada. This beach helps you in creating the most memorable moments of your life.

If you are bored and tired of the monotony of your city life, then you should come here. The serene waves and the beautiful sight near the beach just give your lost energy back to you and you feel how life actually should be. If you are coming on weekends, then you will see a lot of other people of your type, breaking up the monotony of life. If you want to find solace, then you should come here on weekdays.

Distance from Vijayawada – 100 km

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2. Manginapudi Beach – A Beautiful Natural Beach

Manginapudi beach

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Manginapudi beach is a village and people over here pursue fishing as an occupation. This is one of the reasons that people know this place as a fishing village. The actual beach is called Machalipattam and is 11 km away from Manginapudi. As it is clear from the introduction that this beach is home to fishermen. Other features of this beach make it unique and popular. The beach has all-natural things around. Whatever you see here is just the effort of nature and no men have done anything into it.

It is popular for a natural bay by the side of it which comprises of a very shallow water level. Along with that, the soil here is black which adds to the beauty of the beach. The beach is not just about its natural beauty, but for the two festivals that are held every year. The first one is known as Maghpoornima. It is one of that day of the year when people from the entire country come and bathe in the sea. The other one is known as Krishna Utsav. It is held in February or March and one could see a lovely crowd on the beach at that time. It is considered to be the best beach near Vijayawada. 

Distance from Vijayawada – 80 km

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3. Rishikonda Beach – Known For Mesmerizing Scenery

Rishikonda Beach

Image Source

This beach is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam is also known as Rushikonda. We all know that the nature around us needs to be protected and should be taken good care. If not, then it won’t stay the way it should be. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has been given the charge of taking care of this beach and when you will visit the place you will realise that they have done their job in the best way possible. The beach is known as the Jewel of the East Coast and it is so apt. This beach has golden sand around and that is the biggest reason for making it beautiful.

The place is not just popular for its beauty and natural surroundings, but it is also popular for the water sports that you can enjoy here. You can also try swimming on this beach and that too under expert supervision. This means that you can have fun without any fear. With all these features this beach has become so popular that it not only attracts the local people but foreign tourists also. If you want to get rid of that city life on your weekend, you can come to this place without thinking twice.

Distance from Vijayawada – 100 km

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4. Chirala Beach – Splendid Panoramic View

Chirala beach

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Chirala is a town in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known as Ksheerapuri and was founded by Minchala Paleti Papayya and Minchala Paleti Perayya. This entire town is known for its very beautiful handloom industry. It is because of this industry that it is also known as Mini Mumbai or Chennai Bombay. Apart from that, it is also known for beaches and the splendid environment around.

There is not just one beach here and you can find more than that. The best thing about this particular place is that the beaches here are not populated at all. This also means that if you are here, you can hear the sound of waves, the chirping of the birds, moving of the leaves and every other sound that nature makes. Generally, the sunsets and sunrises on the beachside are very pleasant, but the environment around this beach makes then more beautiful for you. If you are coming to this place on your weekends, you are sorted. You don’t need to plan anything.

Distance from Vijayawada – 100 km

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5. Ramakrishna Beach – Enjoy Strolls Across The Beach

Ramakrishna beach

Image Source

The Ramakrishna beach is a very beautiful beach like all the others on the list of the nearest beach from Vijayawada, but that is not the only reason for its popularity. It is popular for the tourist places that it has around. People come here to sunbathe, to enjoy the strolls across the beach and to spend quality time as a whole. As this beach has a lot of tourist places beside it, you can see a lot of people around and that quite a good chance to interact with people from different regions of India and the world. It is advisory not to swim on this beach, but you can try all the other activities that are offered here.

Distance from Vijayawada – 360 km

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6. Yarada Beach – Best Private Beach

Yarada beach

Image Source

After looking at the beauty that this beach has, one could say that this place is truly blessed by nature. After coming to this place you don’t just get the beach, but everything else that makes nature beautiful. It has got hills on all the three sides of it. The fourth side is the Bay of Bengal, which adds an extra charm to this place. After that, it is covered with greenery which again adds to the serenity of this place. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that only a true nature lover will be able to admire its beauty.

The entire area is surrounded by banana and coconut plantation. One more notable thing that is there with this place is that it is not crowded like other beaches. This makes it one of the cleanest and safest beaches of India. Apart from that, it has been maintained by the authorities and this is the reason people can enjoy its beauty without any problem.

Distance from Vijayawada – 380 km

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7. Bheemili Beach – For History Buffs

Bheemili beach

Image Source

This beach is also known as Bheemunipatnam Beach and the water body on which it is located is the assemblage of Gosthani River and the Bay of Bengal. This place is not just for nature lovers, but also for those who love history. The beaches in Visakhapatnam are generally known for their wild wind and uneasy tides. Some of them are dangerous at times and it is advisory not to visit them. However, Bheemili beach is not like those beaches. You can find all the calmness and peacefulness at this place. Along with the lush greenery and other important features, this beach has some historical aspects to it too. It is the home to some of the fort and cemeteries. The establishment of these historical sites dates back to the 17th century and tells about the Dutch history.

Distance from Vijayawada – 390 km

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8. Yanam Beach – A Perfect Picnic Place

Yanam Beach

Image Source

This was a Dutch colony before the French colony took over the rule. There are a lot of examples that you can find there, which can prove that this is a historical city. The road that takes you to the beach is called the Ferry road. There is a huge Shivling at the entrance of the beach and thus it makes it a religious place too. The best thing that you can do here is to hire a boat and to take a round around the mangrove forest.

Distance from Vijayawada – 212km

9. Ramapuram Beach – Enjoy Beautiful Sunsets

Image Credit – Pexels

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Ramapuram Beach is one of the nearest beach from Vijayawada famous for its silent vibes. It is a clean and beautiful beach located in Chirala and the best thing about the beaches here are they are unpopulated. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful nature, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and hear the chirping of birds. For a much-needed break with families and friends, do plan a visit to this beach.

Distance from Vijayawada – 104km

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So, these were all the beautiful beaches near Vijayawada you can visit. While we were making this list, we kept this thing in mind that these are nearest to Vijayawada. Apart from that, these beaches are very beautiful and you can plan a weekend trip to ditch city life. If you are a beach person then you should consider these places for your next trip to India and have a relaxing getaway.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Vijayawada

Which beach is the nearest to Vijayawada?

Manginapudi beach is the nearest beach to Vijayawada. The distance of this beach from Vijayawada is just 80 km and you can reach there very easily.

Which is the safest beach near Vijayawada?

Yarada beach is the safest beach in Vijayawada. The reason behind it is that the beach doesn’t have much crowd on it.

Can we enjoy any festival on the beaches of Vijayawada?

Yes, you can enjoy various festivals held at the beaches near Vijayawada. Although, there are a lot of beaches that held different festivals, two of the most popular festivals are Maghpoornima and Krishna Utsav that are held on the Manginapudi beach. On the occasion of Maghpoornima, people come here to take a dip into the sea, while the other one is held in February and March and the devotees across the country come to participate in it.

What are the features of the beaches of Vijayawada that makes them beautiful?

The beaches near Vijayawada are extremely beautiful and one of the biggest reasons is that they are blessed from nature. There are people to take care of them, but they are made in such a way that you will be left mesmerised after looking at them. One of the finest examples of such beaches is Yarada beach, which is surrounded by hills from three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth side.

What kind of difficulties one could face on the beaches near Vijayawada?

The beaches near Vijayawada could be divided into 2 parts. The first category of the beach is the one where you will see dangerous waves and high-density wind all over. People are advised not to visit these beaches. Apart from that, there are other beaches where you can find your peace. You won’t face any problem while coming here.

Can we do swimming on the beaches near Vijayawada?

Yes, one can go and swim at the beaches near Vijayawada. Rushikonda beach is one such beach where you can do swimming under expert supervision.

What are the different activities that we could pursue at the beaches near Vijayawada?

There are a lot of activities that people can pursue on the beaches near Vijayawada. Some of them are swimming, sightseeing and other such things. Also, the activities depend on the beach that you are visiting.

Are there good staying options near the beaches of Vijayawada?

Just like all the other cities, this place too has a lot of staying options. You can search for good hotels online and then can do the bookings.

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