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Ben Tre is located amidst the fertile plains and shimmering waterways of southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, a captivating province brimming with cultural charm, natural beauty, and historical significance. The “Land of Coconuts”  welcomes travellers seeking a tranquil escape into a world of verdant landscapes, friendly locals, and unique experiences. This relatively unexplored destination offers a serene escape from the bustling tourist hotspots of the country, making it a perfect retreat amidst nature. The next time you are looking to explore the fascinating charm of the Mekong Delta, Ben Tre is one of the most alluring tourist destinations from which to start your venture.

Best Time To Visit Ben Tre

Aerial view of Ben Tre

Image Credit: Trantuonglam for Wikimedia Commons
The best time to visit Ben Tre in Vietnam is during the peak dry seasons, from December to April. It offers pleasant and comfortable weather conditions for exploring the outdoor charm of the city. However, that doesn’t mean you should entirely disregard the weather during the wet season. The lush landscape’s beauty increases tenfold, enabling you to witness views beyond your imagination. So, May to November is also a time frame you can consider visiting, despite the rainy Ben Tre weather.

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How To Get To Ben Tre In Vietnam?

Tan San Nhat International Airport is the nearest airport

Image Credit: Lưu Ly for Wikimedia Commons
Reaching Ben Tre in the Mekong Delta isn’t complicated, provided you have a basic idea of which transportation to take, depending on where you travel.

By Plane

The nearest airport connectivity is at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City. Depending on your comfort, convenience and budget, you can take a private car rental, taxi service, ride-hailing cab or a bus to Ben Tre. It would take 1-2 hours to reach you depending on the transport medium.

By Bus

For budget-conscious travellers, you can always find comfort in travelling via bus. Direct bus services are available from Ho Chi Minh City, so you shouldn’t worry much about availability. Reaching the place should take 3-4 hours, depending on the route and traffic.

By Boat

Surprisingly, one of the most scenic routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre is via boat or hydrofoil. On the ride, you can enjoy stunning views of the Mekong Delta for 1-2 hours.

Places To Visit

Ben Tre’s captivating allure lies in its diverse sightseeing locations. The best part is its laid-back charm, with a heavy dose of nature blended into it.
Following are the top locations to visit and explore:

Cai Mon District

Cai Mon district close to Ben Tre, a flourishing coconut industry

Image Credit: Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên for Wikimedia Commons
Located at the heart of Ben Tre, Cai Mon District is known for its flourishing coconut industry. If you genuinely like coconut and everything to do with it, you will surely enjoy exploring this place. From rows and groves of coconut trees to seeing how coconut oil is processed, you get a real-time look into each one of those activities. Above all, take the time to try some of the most popular coconut-based delicacies in the district. You can also take a boat ride through the intricate canals and stop at the local workshops to get a closer look at the handmade items.
Address: Vinh Thanh village, Cho Lach commune
Timings: 24 Hours

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Phoenix Island (Con Phụng)

Do try the Vietnamese delicacy when in Ben Tre

Image Credit: Yuriy Kosygin for Wikimedia Commons
An offbeat location from Ben Tre, Con Phung is a tranquil oasis accessible via a boat ride. Few adventurous or thrilling activities exist, but you can bask in nature. Stroll through lush gardens, explore fruit orchards teeming with exotic produce, and unwind in charming hammocks between coconut palms. Also, try to stop at one of the local restaurants where you can try a few local Vietnamese delicacies.
Address: Ben Tre Province, across the Mekong River
Timings: 24 Hours

Ben Tre Museum

 To learn more about the Khmer empire, visit Ben Tre Museum

Image Credit: Hoanglan2510bt for Wikimedia Commons
Despite its natural beauty and thrilling activities, Ben Tre’s history is often unexplored. Suppose you are interested in learning more about the influence of the Khmer Empire, its impacts on its existence and more about the historical settlements. In that case, the museum offers all the answers you need. Learn about the local culture and traditions, gaining a deeper appreciation for the region’s unique identity.
Address: 69MF+XMF, Hung Vuong, Phuong 3
Timings:7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Vien Minh Pagoda

Visit Vien Minh Pagoda for rejuvenation

Image Credit: trungydang for Wikimedia Commons
For a spiritual recharge, make your way to the Vien Minh Pagoda. This beautiful Buddhist temple dates back to the 18th century and offers a tranquil escape amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Besides admiring the ornate architecture, take the time to admire the serene courtyard. Also, if you visit the pagoda during prayer time, you too can participate in the meditation sessions and bring solace and peace to your mind.
Address: Đường Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Phường 2
Timings: 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Mekong River And Its Canals

Mekong River, lifeline of Ben Tre

Image Credit: PsamatheM for Wikimedia Commons
The Mekong River forms the lifeblood of Ben Tre, and a journey through its labyrinthine network of canals is an unforgettable experience. Rent a small boat or join a guided tour to explore the vibrant life along the waterways. Spot local fishermen casting their nets, witness traditional houses on stilts lining the banks and experience the peaceful rhythm of life on the Mekong Delta.
Address: Throughout Ben Tre
Best time to visit: October to March

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Things To Do

Besides exploring these popular sightseeing spots around Ben Tre, you must familiarise yourself with a list of things to do in Ben Tre as well. Following are a few things:

Cycling Through The Countryside

 Rent a bike and cycle your way around Ben Tre

Image Source: Shutterstock
Most offbeat cities in Vietnam, including Ben Tre, have a very laid-back and peaceful countryside experience. If you want to understand the beauty of the local culture and traditions truly, you must visit the countryside. Due to the condition of the roads and accessibility issues, it’s always ideal to rent a cycle or motorbike and then explore the area at your convenience. You will encounter paddy fields and friendly locals, and you can shop for items at the traditional villages and support their livelihood, too.

Cooking Class And Local Markets

Ben Tre market where you can buy freshly caught seafood and exotic fruits

Image Credit: Magicknight94 for Wikimedia Commons
Discover the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine by participating in a cooking class. The highlight of these cooking classes is the field day experience where you visit the local markets, learn about the local fresh produce, buy them and then how to cook them. The vibrant Ben Tre market is a small piece of heaven, especially when buying good-quality food at a fraction of the price. You can try freshly caught seafood and exotic fruits there.

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Kayaking Through The Canals

Kayaking is one of the recreational activities you must try

Image Credit: Greg Willis for Wikimedia Commons
The nearby Mekong Delta makes kayaking a fairly popular activity across Ben Tre. As you set out to explore the area in your kayak, you can see the nearby fishing boats, serene villages, and lush vegetation. This activity offers a unique perspective of the Mekong Delta and allows you to explore hidden gems inaccessible by larger boats.

Homestay Experience

Book a homestay and experience the Vietnamese lifestyle at Ben Tre

Image Credit: McKay Savage for Wikimedia Commons
This is quite a unique experience but if you want to know more about the “local way of living,” you must book a homestay experience. A few different ones are available across city, and you must book them beforehand. Interact with welcoming families, learn about their customs and traditions, and savour delicious home-cooked meals. This creates a sense of belonging and community.

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Cai Be Floating Market

Stop at one of the floating shops in Cai Be Floating Market to grab a quick bite

Image Source: Shutterstock
While most tourists visit the Cai Be Floating Market during the day, try and visit it during nighttime when in Ben Tre. The vibrant buzz of the vendors and the buyers’ interactions add to the place’s fun. Arrive early to capture the essence of the market as the sun rises, casting a golden glow on the scene. By nighttime, you will find local street food carts selling quick meals. Stop and grab a bite or two.

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With its verdant landscapes, captivating waterways, and rich cultural heritage, Ben Tre offers an unforgettable escape for travellers seeking an authentic Vietnamese experience. Whether you seek a serene escape amidst nature, a journey through history, or an exploration of local traditions, Ben Tre has something to offer everyone. On your next trip to Vietnam, add this stunning place to your itinerary for a memorable holiday experience.

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Cover Image Credit: Hoangvantoanajc for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Ben Tre

What is Ben Tre known for?

The one thing that’s the most popular in Ben Tre is coconuts. Besides that, the local cuisine is quite popular and delectable too.

Is Ben Tre an island?

Ben Tre is located on Bao Island, which is situated in the southern part of Vietnam. It is bordered by North and East by Châu Thành district.

How do I get from Ben Tre to Ho Chi Minh City?

There are direct buses, flights, and boat ride options between Ben Tre and Ho Chi Minh City. So, travelling should not be an issue.

How to travel from Ben Tre to Can Tho?

The distance from Ben Tre to Can Tho is around 120 km. One of the most accessible options is a motorbike rental.

Can I visit Ben Tre during the rainy season?

The best time to visit Ben Tre is during the dry season. However, monsoons also witness a surge in crowds that are curious to witness the verdant grandeur of the city.

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