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The Royal Bengaluru Palace is one of the oldest architectural landmarks in the city and depicts the rich culture of the region. The palace was constructed in the late nineteenth century. It included elements of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural styles implying the Windsor Castle of Great Britain. This place gives a feel for the style and form of the Wadiyar dynasty that was once ruling Mysore. When thinking of visiting the Palace, it is essential to understand the Bengaluru Palace entry fees, the Bengaluru Palace opening hours, and also the history of the Palace.

Bengaluru Palace – An Overview

The palace of Bengaluru is among the most recognisable attractions. It depicts the essence of the city’s culture. It was built in Gothic style and more reminiscent of the Windsor Castle of England.

This allows guests to see how magnificent previous eras were. From the outside, they can admire Bengaluru Palace’s design. The Wadiyar dynasty is historically linked to the palace.

1. History

Tourists admire the intricate details of Bengaluru Palace.

Image Credit: Basavarajmin21 for Wikimedia Commons

The Palace was built in the late 19th century by Rev. J. Garrett. He was the first principal of Bangalore’s Central High School. Chamarajendra Wadiyar purchased it in 1884.

He then converted it into the Wadiyar dynasty’s royal summer palace. It has been through many renovations. The palace is inspired by Windsor Castle in England. It features Gothic-styled British architecture with fortified towers.

Tip: Consult a tour guide to enjoy the history behind the palace’s beauty.

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2. Architecture

The architecture depicts domes and towers.

Image Credit: Basavarajmin21 for Wikimedia Commons

The structure of the Bengaluru Palace is highly fascinating. It is starkly reminiscent of both Tuscan and Scottish Gothic styles inspired by Windsor Castle.

The Bengaluru Palace was designed by the renowned architect Major Henry Irwin in 1878. It has architectural input from medieval Europe, mainly including towers, battlements, and turrets. The palace has over 45,000 square feet and is enclosed by exquisite gardens.

The Bengaluru Palace has dark interiors, beautifully crafted woodwork, and stained glass paintings. The carved motifs increase the richness of the overall look.

Tip: If you are interested in history or architecture, then Phuket is one of the best places to visit.

3. Timings And Ticket Price

Bengaluru Palace is a grand historical landmark with Gothic architecture.

Image Credit: Photopank for Wikimedia Commons

The palace is open to visitors every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It is best to visit early in the morning so that visitors can have ample time to view the splendid interiors and the ornate gardens. The ticket price of the Bengaluru Palace for an Indian tourist is INR 230, and for a foreign tourist, INR 460. There may also be extra costs that are incurred for taking pictures. It also includes making videos inside the palace; therefore, it is wiser to get this cleared before visiting the site.

Admittedly, the price of tickets to the Palace is more than compensated for by the feel of history. This ticket gives access to some of the grand royal apartments, which include architectural structures and well-manicured gardens, giving you a glimpse of royal Bangalore.

Tip: When setting out to Bengaluru Palace, it is good to have information on Bengaluru Palace timings as well as Bengaluru Palace ticket prices to optimise your trip.

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4. Events and Activities

The beautiful mind boggling concerts at Palace Grounds

Image Credit: Aaron Paul aaronpaulos for Wikimedia Commons

Cultural and traditional celebrations of the Bengaluru Palace are a significant point of interest for residents and visitors. The palace grounds themselves have been used for various activities. These include dance productions, music concerts, and private functions. This palace has been used for many occasions. This includes Bengaluru rock concerts, where international artists have performed during cultural festivals and wedding ceremonies.

Among them, the palace is said to have received performances from various bands. This takes into account Metallica, The Rolling Stones, and Elton John bands and singers.

Tip: Ensure you check the palace’s event schedules in advance before your visit.

5. Surroundings And Amenities

A scenic view of the park emphasising the green zone accompanied by a pure white sky.

Image Credit: Bikashrd for Wikimedia Commons

Palace Gardens
The New Palace area of Bangalore is filled with flower beds. It is an inviting place to spend a few moments admiring nature or having a picnic.

Guided Tours
Guided tours familiarise the individuals with the history of Bengaluru Palace and its structure. This enhances the visit extensively.

Souvenir Shops
People can walk around the shops to find souvenirs and mementoes from the palace and its history.

You can have a cup of coffee or a snack in cafes located in the territory of Bengaluru Palace or its close vicinity. This way you will be able to rest during your sightseeing.

Tip: Don’t miss Fun World Amusement Park and Bangalore Turf Club, located close to the palace.

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A visit to the Bengaluru Palace is like a tour through the past, where one can learn about the exciting history of the palace and marvel at its beauty. Now that you know all the essential things about Bengaluru Palace, plan your trip to Bangalore today. There is always something for anyone, whether you are planning to walk through the corridors of the Bangalore Palace, attend a fun-filled Bengaluru Palace event, or simply stroll through the beautiful gardens.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bengaluru Palace

What is the historical significance of Bengaluru Palace?

Bengaluru Palace is known for its exquisite architecture. It borrows elements from Tudor and Scottish Gothic structures. It is also very famous for the fact that it serves as the palace of the Wadiyar dynasty.

What is the visiting time of Bengaluru Palace?

Bengaluru Palace is open to visitors from Monday to Sunday. It is also open on public holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

What is the cost of visiting Bengaluru Palace?

The entry fee for Bengaluru Palace is INR 230 for Indian visitors and INR 460 for foreigners. There is also a possibility of extra costs for taking photographs and making videos.

What type of architecture is used in Bengaluru Palace?

The construction of the Bengaluru Palace is a blend of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture. It includes towers, battlements, turrets, stained glass windows, carvings on wood, and lavish furnishing.

What historical background does the Bengaluru palace have?

The Bangalore palace was constructed in 1884 by Reverend J. Garrett. It was eventually bought over by the Maharaja of Mysore, Chamarajendra Wadiyar. It has since been related to the Wadiyar dynasty and has been revamped time and again to be what it is now.

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