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    Bangalore is a Mega City in South India. It is one of the best cities to take a City tour in all seasons. It is popular for its modern city, skyscrapers, gardens, royal palaces, nightlife, and the IT hub of India. It has something to enjoy here for all ages of people. Bangalore is a tourist-friendly place. This Bangalore travel tips will help any first-timer to see the Bangalore attractions. Apart from enjoying the city life, it is a cultural place too. It has one of the imposing ancient temples worth visiting to see the Dravidian architectural marvel. Most of these temples are on hilltops and in the rainforest near lakes and rivers. You can taste authentic south Indian dishes once in Bangalore. A weeklong holidaying is advisable to take to see all of the attractions of Bangalore city and its outskirts.

    10 Bangalore Travel Tips

    Here, we have included the most important Bangalore travel tips for all types of tourists.

    1. Bangalore Climate

    Bangalore Climate

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    Bangalore is an all-season tourist place in South India. It enjoys a tropical savanna climate. It is a cool place throughout the year due to the vast vegetation present here for more than 1000-years. Moreover, it is present on the Deccan plateau, which is at an elevation of 3,000-ft above the mean sea level. This geographical feature and its savanna climate make this place an evergreen flora throughout the year. Therefore, one can feel cool weather even during the summer. Similarly, one can experience very cool weather during the winter. The average summer temperature is 30-degrees Celsius. The winter temperature may drop below 20-degrees Celsius. It receives monsoon rain from June to November. Therefore, Bangalore experiences only 2-months of the summer season. This is why one cannot compare climate-wise Bangalore city with any other cities in India. Due to its pleasant climate, many people wish to settle here for a lifetime.

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    2. Clothing Necessary To Wear In Bangalore

    Clothing Necessary To Wear In Bangalore

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    Bangalore City does not have any restrictions on the dress code. However, few of the posh nightclubs have a dress code to enter as a stag or couple entry. You have to check this before booking a nightclub in Bangalore to enjoy the nightlife and entertainment. It is advisable to carry warm clothing during the winter season. This is from November to February. You have to bring sweaters, woolen shawls, mufflers, and warm jackets. The rest of the months, you can wear any type of clothing. This is because; cool weather prevails here throughout the year. You will not sweat while wearing jeans clothes during the summer. Bangalore is a cost-effective place to buy all types of fabrics. It is advisable to buy trendy fashion clothing from this city on your Bangalore trip. Yet, clothing travel tips for Bangalore visit is important, when you visit here in the winter season only.

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    3. Packing Essentials To Visit Bangalore

    Packing Essentials To Visit Bangalore

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    It is advisable to carry your travel materials in standard size bags. This is for solo tourists or coming in a group. One can cover most of the Bangalore City attractions traveling through the public mode of transportation. If you are carrying a small luggage, it will be convenient to commute at a much affordable cost without making any disturbance to other commuters. You must not forget to bring your photo and video cameras. The gardens and lakes in Bangalore City is a picturesque place to take photos. It is advisable to pack minimal as this city has all other travel-related stuff to buy within a few distance walks. You can avoid a bathroom kit and footwear too. This is the best for a day trip city tour travelers. If you are staying in a lodge, you can carry all of your travel essentials. This is because Bangalore is a crowded city. Exploring this city with large luggage will be difficult.

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    4. Currency


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    The foreign tourists must have Indian Rupees (INR) to do all types of financial transactions. Bangalore City has one of the highest currency exchange service providers in India. Therefore, foreign tourists need not convert their currency to INR from their nation. This is apart from national banks and multinational banks with foreign exchange counters. The foreign tourists visiting Bangalore can exchange their nation’s currency from any of the banks and Forex service providers present in the city. Moreover, 90% of the shops, establishments, hotels, travel agents and restaurants accept various forms of e-payments. You can avail of their POS facility. You can also withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs available in the city and its outskirts. Most of the shopping malls, entertainment centers, and hotels do accept traveler’s cheques.

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    5. Bangalore Cuisines

    Bangalore Cuisines

    Image Source
    Food is one of the most important and interesting things to know before traveling to Bangalore. This city conducts hundreds of food festivals of domestic and international cuisines in a year. Apart from major food festivals, international hotels do conduct various varieties of food festivals during the weekend. It is the best city to taste the food you prefer in your Bangalore vacation. These are happening due to the presence of foreign tourists year-round in this city. The best part to be in Bangalore is the fill your appetite with the delicious South Indian dishes served here. You can find them in a local restaurant, hotels, and resorts and with street vendors too. Local cuisines are something much affordable and worth the money for its taste and aroma. Therefore, domestic and foreign tourists need not worry about their food. You can get the one you like if you are diabetic or need a pure vegetarian food apart from non-vegan foods.

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    6. Tipping Culture In Bangalore

    Tipping Culture In Bangalore

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    Bangalore is an international tourist destination in India. Therefore, the tipping culture prevails in the city and its outskirts too. However, it is not compulsory to pay tips until they serve you their best. It is not a compulsion to pay tips for any of the services you receive in lieu of payment. However, can pay INR 50 in a local restaurant up to 2-members having food. In big hotels and restaurants, you can pay up to INR 100. If you are hiring a local guide to see Bangalore attractions, you can pay them up to INR 500 apart from their guide charges. You can pay from INR 100 to INR 500 in pups, bars, and nightclubs with food and beverage facilities. You can pay INR 500 when there are more members with you. The hotels and resorts you stay do need to pay tips to waiters, maids, servers, laundry, and cleaners. You can pay them if you are satisfied with their services.

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    7. Accommodation In Bangalore

    Accommodation In Bangalore

    Image Source
    Finding an accommodation is not a constraint in Bangalore while taking a city tour in any seasons. The outskirts of Bangalore City are popular to promote resort tourism. They are luxury to premium resorts with spa, massage, and party facilities. There are star rated hotels of international presence in Bangalore. They are the best to book suites and luxury rooms. This will be inclusive of the indoor-outdoor pool, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a gym, and a bar. You can also find a budget hotel for your long-term vacation in Bangalore. If you travel to the remote attraction places in Bangalore, you can find many homestays with food. Therefore, anyone can find a perfect accommodation according to his or her budget once in Bangalore City. Yet, the price of rooms may vary according to the city events, festivals, sports, and celebrations happening throughout the year. You can find the best hotels in the latest Bangalore city travel guide.

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    8. Commutation In Bangalore

     Commutation In Bangalore

    Image Source
    The public mode of transportation is the best way to travel while in your Bangalore city tour. This is because; the public transportation available here touches almost all tourist attraction places within the city and its outskirts too. Traveling in the Bangalore metro is the best way to avoid busy traffic during peak hours. It is the most affordable way to travel within the city limits. The government bus services are available from morning 05:00 Am to 11:00 PM. They are with a/c and non-a/c buses. The ticket price is the best for a long-distance journey. The standard bus is much affordable than the deluxe busses with a/c. Apart from the public mode of transportation, there are auto-rickshaws and taxis. However, you have to fix the price before traveling. You may have to bargain if they charge you a higher price. The passing by auto will be affordable than you hire from an auto stand. You can find prepaid taxis and auto near to the railway station and airport.

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    9. Uber Cab Facilities

    Uber Cab Facilities

    Image Source
    Uber is the most affordable way to travel is solo and joining with other travels on a cost-sharing basis. However, they will serve you from a proper address only. This can be from your hotel you stay in. They will not serve you from public places, where you stand. Uber cabs serve 24/7 in Bangalore city. Uber is the best option to travel when the public mode of transportation is not available on odd hours. The latest Bangalore travel guide will help you to find your location and destination to travel.

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    10. Wi-Fi And Internet Services In Bangalore

    Wi-Fi And Internet Services In Bangalore

    Image Source
    Free Wi-Fi is available in most of the hotels, resorts, and restaurants present in Bangalore City. There are no restrictions to use your international SIM in Bangalore. There are many mobile and internet service providers in Bangalore. You will get free Wi-Fi in metro stations and while in the 100-ft road. Therefore, you can make use of your GPS devices and smartphones to capture photos and videos and upload them on your social media networking sites from Bangalore tourist attraction places. Therefore, mobile service and internet traveling tips for Bangalore are not necessary to know in this Mega City.

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    For the people who are planning to visit Bangalore any time soon, keep these travel tips in mind to enjoy your best time in the city. Often called the Silicon Valley, this city has a lot to offer which every travel must experience. So now when you plan you vacation in Bangalore, make sure to not miss out on these handy travel tips.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bangalore Travel Tips

    Is Bangalore a tourist-friendly place in South India?

    Yes, Bangalore is a Mega City of India. Nearly, 30 % of its revenue comes from the tourism industry. The foreign tourists do visit under a global city tour to Bangalore. Yet, it is a tourists-friendly place too.

    Are there any restrictions to enter the ancient temples present in and around Bangalore?

    No, the tourists of any religion and ethnicity can enter the ancient temples present in and around Bangalore. They are major tourist attractions with cultural importance too in Bangalore.

    Does Bangalore City permit nightlife?

    Yes, Bangalore has many standard types of premium pubs, bars, and nightclubs. You must be 18-years and above to enter those clubs. They are women-friendly clubs too which permits couple entry. You must book a pub in advance during the weekends.

    Is a day trip is enough to see the Bangalore Palace?

    Yes, a day trip is enough to see the Bangalore palace attraction. This palace is in the heart of Bangalore City.

    How many days it will take to explore all the gardens of Bangalore?

    The gardens in Bangalore are more beautiful to see in the day and night hours. A weeklong holidaying is the best to enjoy the Bangalore gardens and its fountains and recreational activities present for children.

    How many days it will take to see the lake attraction in Bangalore?

    It will take at least a 3-days trip to see all of the lake attractions present in the Bangalore City. This is because most of the lakes have a boating facility and gardens attached to the lakeshores.

    Is Bangalore the best for weekend getaways?

    Yes, Apart from Bangalore City nightclubs, it has many places for weekend getaways in hill stations, resorts, camping sites in National Park and in riverside camping in the rainforest areas.

    Is a day trip is enough to explore Bangalore film city?

    Yes, a day trip is enough to see all the attractions in Bangalore film city. This is a ticketed place and it will be worth seeing some film-shooting going on here every day.

    Is it possible to explore Bangalore City without a local guide?

    Yes, most of the Bangaloreans speaks English. It will not be constraints to ask people and go to your destination in public transportation and through private travel vehicles in and around Bangalore.

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