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    People diving in Aqaba near Tank Wreck

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    Jordan—the incredibly gorgeous jewel of the Middle East is so peaceful that it’s so difficult to imagine the chaos happening in the neighbouring countries. And some of these best things to do in Jordan will make you want to visit this ancient country at least once in your life. This land of adventure, desert, sea, and ruins welcomes tourists with open arms.

    If you’re ready for your trip to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, then here are some adventures and exciting things you must try on your trip.

    1. Let the fun & adventure begin in Wadi Rum

    dimly lit camps at night in Wadi Rum

    Image Source

    Wadi Rum is a great place and an even greater opportunity for nature lovers—exploring the desert on foot is one of the fun things to do in Jordan. The Bedouin (Arabic-sepaking nomads) take you to the old routes used by nomad families in search of greener areas for their livestock and tradition business. The route entirely depends in the group’s fitness level as well as experience. You can do anything from an easy mountain walk to difficult climbing through canyons.

    No visit to Wadi Rum is complete without camping and dine with Bedouins where you can have food cooked in an underground oven with traditional live music and belly dance. Those who love exploring on wheels can take a jeep tour or horse/camel ride.

    Best time to visit Wadi Rum: March to May and September to November

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    2. Float on the blue waters of the Dead Sea

    a lady wearing red swimsuit floating in Dead Sea

    Image Source

    Loosening up your body and letting it float all day long on the aquamarine water is amongst the best things to do in Dead Sea, Jordan. The extreme level of salt in the sea doesn’t let you drown and relaxes your body. Covering your body in the soft, mineral-rich mud is another fun thing to do in Dead Sea; it’s known for its health benefits.

    3. Go snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Aqaba

    Aqaba is the best place for adventurers and fun lovers in Jordan. Come here to try one of the best things to do in Jordan, i.e. diving deep into the blue waters of Red Sea. In fact, night diving is one of the most adventurous activities in Aqaba you can try.

    And Day time Scuba, on the other hand, lets you enjoy a wide variety of hard and soft corals and reef fishes. Scuba diving in the Red Sea is considered one of the best diving experiences in the world and that’s exactly why you must try it here.

    Besides, you can go fishing, take glass-bottom boat trips, and enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

    Cost for Scuba diving: 2 dives for 75 JOD
    Charges for day trip on boat: 45 JOD

    4. Hike and walk through Dana Biosphere Reserve

    a group of travelers hiking in Dana Biosphere Reserve

    Image Source

    You can go on hiking through the largest biosphere reserve in Jordan to Wadi Feynan with a guided tour to experience the wilderness. Those who would like to go on an easy walk through the reserve will witness the canyon trail leading past Nabatean tombs to a spectacular siq. Once you reach the cliff, you’ll forget your mental and physical fatigue and lose yourself in the magnificent views while the cool wind caresses your face.

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    5. Shop at the bazaar of Amman

    cloth and decorative item stalls at Souq Market in Amman

    Image Source

    A souq is an open marketplace in Arabic countries where people get things at reasonable rates. Each stall and shop here has a unique variety of cookies, rose water, jam, roasted nuts, bread, and spices. You can also buy beaded jewelry, handmade traditional items, perfumes, antiques, and things made of recycled materials. The heavenly smell of perfumes and the vibrant colours of the market are sure to impress you.

    Even if you are not into shopping, visiting the Souq Market in Amman is amongst the best things to do in Jordan.

    6. Taste the best of Jordanian food

    Jordanian authentic food on table

    Image Source

    Due to its geographical location, Jordan has culinary influences from Persia, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. If you have a special place in your heart for food, then you’ll definitely enjoy the authentic dishes like Mansaf, Zarb, Sayadieh, Mezze, Knafeh, Halva, Maqluba, and Kalayeh. Jordan is a heaven for those who have a sweet tooth, so don’t forget to taste mouthwatering sweet dishes like Baklava, Knafeh, and Harisa.

    7. Witness a gorgeous sunset at Tala Bay

    orange sky during sunset at Tala Bay

    Image Source

    Sunsets in each country paint a different picture in the blue skies. I, as a traveler think that sunset is nature’s most beautiful and incomparably spectacular phenomenon. You’ll be wondertruck seeing the sun set over Israel while you sit at the Tala Bay worrying about nothing. You’ll surely admire the barren hills bathed in the colours of the sun. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best things to do in Jordan for every sunset lover.

    8. Take a scenic drive on King’s Highway

    Kings Highway of Jordan

    Image Source

    The King’s Highway winds through the Wadi Wala valley and then continues to the Karak and Shobak Castles. Shawbak and Kerak Castles are the most rewarding stops and highlights of your road trip along the King’s Highway. The views of dry valleys along with a few patches of green fields are incredibly spectacular. A road trip along the highway is the best way to combine sightseeing with observing everyday life of Jordanian people.

    Have you ever been to Jordan? If so, let us know what are some more best things to do in Jordan. If you are planning a trip to Jordan, then stay tuned, we will come up with some more interesting blogs.

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