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Bhowali is a quaint hill station located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, placed at an altitude of 1,654 meters (5,427 feet) above sea level and 11 km away from Nainital. Renowned for its salubrious climate and breathtaking natural beauty, Bhowali has emerged as the gateway to several enthralling destinations in the Kumaon Hills. This beautiful hill station has many Lakes around it like Bhimtal, Sat Tal, Naukuchiyatal, Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukha Tal, and Khurpa Tal. The place is an ideal hill station. Bhowali is best known for its T. B. sanatorium, which was set up in this place in 1912. This charming town is nestled amidst lush green forests, beautiful lakes, fruit gardens, and tea gardens, making it an ideal vacation destination for nature lovers, adventure lovers, and those who prefer a quiet escape away from the noisy urban environment.

Bhowali: The Fruit Basket Of Uttarakhand

Picturesque lush green valleys in Bhowali, Uttarakhand.

Image Credit: Abhimanyu7793 for Wikimedia Commons
Bhowali is famously known as the “Fruit Basket” of Uttrakhand because of the number of fruit trees that are available there. The rich soil and conducive climate of Bhowali favour fruit farming; the more preferred and widely farmed fruits include apples, peaches, plums, apricots, and strawberries. Each locality has many fruit-bearing trees and plantations, which makes the environment look stunning, and the people benefit from organic fruits and vegetables.

It is quite thrilling for visitors to walk through these orchards, take a bite of the juicy and fresh fruits, and even engage in fruit-picking exercises. The fruit market situated in Bhowali is one of the active markets in which people of the town as well as tourists can buy any type of fresh fruits and fruit products which makes it compulsory to go there for those who wish to visit this beautiful town.

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Climate Of Bhowali

Kainchi Dham amidst scenic valleys in Bhowali.

Image Credit: 25 Cents FC for Wikimedia Commons
Bhowali, located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a perfect tourist destination. The temperature is moderately warm and varies between the range of 7 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius.
Summer (March to June): Summers are moderate, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 31°C. The cool breeze and blooming wildflowers create a refreshing ambiance.
Monsoon (July to mid-September): Monsoons bring gentle showers, turning the landscape lush and green. Temperatures range from 22°C to 29°C. However, visitors should check weather forecasts for potential landslides. Winter (mid-September to February): Winters are cold, with temperatures between 7°C and 26°C. The winters are very cold and freezing. Travelling routes might be affected. October – November is chilly while January – February is cold. The climate of Bhowali is good throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit is the summer months between February and April, as well as September and October. These are the months of relatively low temperatures and are comfortable for traveling and exploring remarkable attractions all around.

Attractions In Bhowali

The Neem Karoli Baba Temple at Kainchi Dham is a major tourist attraction

Image Credit: Ken Wieland for Wikimedia Commons
Kainchi Dham: Situated at approximately 8 km from Bhowali, the Neem Karoli Maharaj temple and Ashram is a popular pilgrimage destination for devotees worldwide.

  • Golu Devta Temple: Also called the ‘temple of bells’ because of the thousands of bells hanging from all around, this temple is built in Ghorakhal and it is dedicated to Lord Golu. The temple is among the most important religious landmarks in the area.
  • Shyamkhet Tea Gardens: These tea gardens are located near the Golu Devta Temple. Here, you can buy many varieties of tea, including organic tea. The plantation is beautiful and rich in scenic views, making it perfect for tranquility and relaxation.
    Prachin Jabar Mahadev Shiva Temple: It is an old temple at the Lariyakata Sanatorium’s foothills known for its wooden Shivling and an 18-foot-long trident.
  • Folk Culture Museum: Also known as Lok Sanskriti Sangrahalaya, this museum, set up by Dr Yashodhar Mathpal in 1983, has a sterling collection of artifacts and old pictures that speak volumes about the region’s culture.
  • Naina Peak (Cheena Peak): Positioned at an altitude of approximately 2,600 meters above sea level, Naina Peak is the highest in the region. It provides an excellent view of the great Himalayas and the entire city of Nainital. On a clear day, you can even spot the mountain ranges of Tibet.

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Accommodation & Eatery Options

Fresh fruits are being sold in the fruit market in Bhowali.

Image Credit: Rambo Tan for Wikimedia Commons
Bhowali provides a variety of options, starting from cottages to luxury resorts, which would fairly provide a comfortable and cosy experience in the backdrop of its natural beauty. Some of the top-rated hotels in Bhowali include StayVista at Green Crest, The Kumaon Retreat, Colonel’s Cottage, Aqua De Vida Bhowali, and Hotel Avlokan. Bhowali boasts of great dining variety in numerous local restaurants that offer traditional Nainital dishes. As for food lovers, Kirola Restaurant is recommended for delicious mutton meals alongside a vegetarian menu. In the nearby area of Bhimtal, Aahar Multi Cuisine Restaurant provides a lavish variety of Indian dishes thus attracting a great number of tourists. Rewa Retreat’s Kesaria restaurant is also another famous place with an excellent rating for serving Indian dishes amid a peaceful atmosphere. Further, Neelesh Inn near Bhimtal Lake provides a calm environment for dining complementing the exclusive Indian cuisine on the menu.

Adventure Activities In Bhowali

Tea plantations in Shyamkhet Tea Gardens, Bhowali.

Image Credit: Salim_Khandoker for Wikimedia Commons

  • Trekking: Bhowali is an ideal destination for trekkers as the place offers the best trekking experience. Some of the most sought-after trekking routes are the Nainital to Kainchi Dham trekking trail and the trekking routes around Sattal and Bhimtal.
  • Camping: Situated in the lap of natural beauty and blessed with scenic surroundings, Bhowali provides a perfect camping site. Several sites are used for camping in Bhimtal, 11 km from Bhowali, and for those interested in camping, there are many adventurous camps to select from.
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking: The region’s geography favours cycling and mountain biking due to its relatively diverse terrain. Local bicycles or cycles are available for rent in Bhowali, and people who love cycling can cherish the opportunity.
  • Paragliding: There is also a paragliding site at Naukuchiatal, approximately fourteen kilometers away from Bhowali. While gliding over the beautiful land, you will enjoy an excellent view of the green lush forests and the calm water of the lakes.
  • Boating: The Bhimtal Lake, which is even bigger than the Nainital Lake, has good opportunities for boating. You can experience a boat ride in the lake amidst towering mountains, forests, and an island situated in the center of the lake.
  • Horse Riding: Horse riding is famous among tourists and the exploration starts at Bara Pathar, about 25 km from Bhowali. Visitors can hire horses on an hourly basis to go through different forest and valley trails.
  • River Rafting: As for adrenaline lovers, there is a possibility to perform river rafting in nearby rivers. This activity is more fascinating as the participants are expected to paddle through the turbulent waters and the rapids.
  • Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Rock climbing and Rappelling are activities that one can engage in while in Bhowali in case one has a fear of heights and wants to overcome this by climbing up and descending rock surfaces.
  • Aerial Ropeway: The Bhowali Ropeway transports visitors to the Snow View Point from where one can see the majestic peaks like Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Nanda Kot..

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Nearby Attractions

Visit The Mukteshwar which is near Bhowali l.

Image Credit: ParthaPratimNath for Wikimedia Commons
Nainital: Nainital is just 11 km away from this place and it is one of the most famous hill stations having several tourist attractions like Naini Lake, Naina Peak, Snow View Point, etc.
Bhimtal: Located at an altitude of 1,370 meters above sea level, Bhimtal is known for its natural lake with an island. For those who want to get closer to nature and experience walks through several temples and beautiful landmarks, it can be a perfect getaway.
Sattal: Sattal is a land of seven freshwater lakes, interlinked together and is a dream destination for anyone interested in nature or bird watching. It is endowed with beautifully stretching greened fields and thick forests, thus friendly for sightseeing and recreation.
Mukteshwar: The charming town of Mukteshwar is about 35 km from Bhowali and is famous for its views of the Himalayan range. It is the headquarters of Mukteshwar Temple and is also famous for adventurous activities like rock climbing, rappelling, and nature trails.
Ramgarh: Ramgarh is another attractive hill station situated at an altitude of 1,789 meters and is less famous as compared to others. This place has inspired many people including the Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and also other artists.
Jeolikot: A picturesque hill station famous for its fruit-bearing trees, mushrooms, honey bees, and butterflies. It can be described as a health resort that provides you an opportunity to escape in a natural environment.

Ways To Reach Bhowali

The nearest railway station to Bhowali is Kathgodam Station.

Image Credit: Ravi Dwivedi for Wikimedia Commons
By Flight: To reach Bhowali, the Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport, situated approximately 63 kilometres from Bhowali. The airport is easily accessible and well connected by motorable roads; available taxis/car rentals make it comfortable to get to Bhowali.
By Train: Kathgodam Railway Station is the main railway terminal, 28 kilometres from Bhowali. Normal taxi services are available at the station for visitors’ transportation to Bhowali.
By Road: Bhowali is well connected by roads. Other forms of transport are buses or shared Jeeps from Kathgodam, Haldwani, and Nainital. One can also use private Cabs or cars to access the place, which enhances the journey experience.

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No trip to Uttarakhand is ever considered complete without a visit to the beautiful town of Bhowali. Being situated amidst fruit orchards and beautiful surroundings and climate, Bhowali can be described as a perfect destination for those searching for a tranquil escape. Located close to tourist spots such as Nainital, Bhimtal, and Mukteshwar, it is a perfect starting point for travellers exploring the Kumaon region. Whether you are tasting fruits and vegetables, being thrilled by various activities, or just relaxing amid nature’s calmness, Bhowali enhances your overall tour to Uttarakhand and makes it a rewarding one.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bhowali

How do I get to Bhowali?

The nearest airport is Pantnager Airport seventy-three kms away from the site and various modes of transport available are taxis, car rentals, etc. Alternatively, Bhowali can be reached through Kathgodam Railway Station, 28 Km from Bhowali, where regular taxi services are available.

What is the best time to visit Bhowali?

The most favorable months to visit Bhowali are between March and June and from the end of September to mid-October when it is characterized by a moderately hot climate of between 13 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius that is suitable for outdoor adventures.

What are some popular attractions in Bhowali?

The main list of places to visit in Bhowali is Kainchi Dham a religious site related to Neem Karoli Maharaj; Golu Devta Temple, famous for the temple of bells; Shyamkhet Tea Garden for plantations and tea sightseeing. Naina Peak is located here and presents a gorgeous vista of the outer Himalayas, the Prachin Jabar Mahadev Shiva Temple is a Temple of wooden Shivling.

What activities can I do in Bhowali?

There is no doubt that Bhowali is a true paradise for tourists who fancy various forms of adventure. One can perform the treks from Nainital to Kainchi Dham or around Sattal and Bhimtal and other nearby places. If you want to get a closer look at nature then you can always opt for a camping near Bhimtal and you can indulge in bird watching, fishing, or even look at the stars to their heart’s content. Adventure lovers can go paragliding at Naukuchiatal or can take a boat ride in the peaceful surroundings of Bhimtal Lake.

Where can I stay and eat in Bhowali?

Some of the accommodation facilities in Bhowali include StayVista at Green Crest, The Kumaon Retreat, Colonel’s Cottage, Aqua De Vida Bhowali and Hotel Avlokan. For an outstanding meal, Kirola Restaurant can be recommended for mutton and vegetarian dishes, Aahar Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Bhimtal offers Indian cuisine, and Kesaria at Rewa Retreat is nicely located, though a little remote, Neelesh Inn near Bhimtal Lake also offers Indian food

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