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    The town of Nainital has always been a reflection of what hill station holiday must look like. But when it comes to a holiday, there is still the worry of too many tourists — a crowd making your vacation destination a crowded and busy place. The city of Nainital is fortunately located right in the middle of all the action. Within a couple of hours, drive once can hop-skip and jump into different hill stations near Nainital with a whole new backdrop.

    24 Hill Stations Near Nainital

    Here are some of the most comfortable destinations next to the main town of Nainital. Each one of these places is more distinct than the other. You can explore plenty of peace, lush greens and valleys that comfort you on your next vacation. If you are looking to hike or just relax, there is a spot for each of these moods.

    • Sattal: For The Iconic Lakes
    • Haldwani: For A Sophisticated Stay
    • Ranikhet: With Multiple Cherished Spots
    • Kumaon: With Significant Hiking Spots
    • Mukteshwar: With Enchanting Beauty
    • Almora: For A Laid Back Vacation
    • Kasauli: For Green Patches Of Lush
    • Bageshwar: For Nature Hikes
    • Gwaldam: For A Cultural Experience
    • Pithoragarh: A Serene Destination
    • Bhimtal: For Splendid Views
    • Naukuchiatal: Lush And Green Valleys
    • Ramgarh: The Fruit Heaven
    • Nathuakhan: A Secluded Village
    • Jalna: For A Satisfying Visit
    • Majkhali: With Numerous Picnic Spots
    • Binsar: Get A Majestic View
    • Berinag: Famous For Snake Temples
    • Didihat: Of Hills And Verdant Valleys
    • Kausani: A Writer’s Paradise
    • Manila: For Breathtaking Panoramas
    • Bhowali: A Peaceful Retreat
    • Sitla: An Unspoiled Paradise
    • Kalika: Uninterrupted Views Of Snowy Peaks

    1. Sattal: For The Iconic Lakes


    Image Source

    The town of Sattal gets its name because it is the home to seven iconic lakes. This town is one of the closest hill stations near Nainital. Many prefer to come to this hill because it is not as densely populated as the other tourist places that surround Sattal. Apart from lakes, there are also many places of interest, like the Nimb Karoli Ashram or the Ghorakhal Temple.

    Ideal for: Families and Couples
    Stay options: V Resorts, Country Inn Hotel
    Must See: Sattal Lake, Naukuchia Lake
    Best time to Visit: October-June

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    2. Haldwani: For A Sophisticated Stay


    Image Source

    The city of Haldwani is the second most popular commercial district in the state of Uttarakhand. There are both budget-friendly and sophisticated stay options for tourists in this hill station. The city has many great resorts for you to sit back with a book and enjoy the cold weather, which is why people attribute it to being one of the best hill stations near Nainital. There are also many pilgrim spots like Dental Devi Mandir and the Kadi Chaur Temple.

    Ideal for: Families
    Stay options: Hotels Castle Inn, Hotel Blue Saphire
    Must See: Flora and Fauna
    Best time to Visit: March-September

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    3. Ranikhet: With Multiple Cherished Spots


    Image Source

    From think green-filled vegetation to the stunning views of the valley hills, this town of Ranikhet has a lot to offer for travelers. The Chaubatia gardens and the Nanda Devi peak are some of the most cherished spots in Ranikhet. There is also the Jhula Devi temple, an ancient site with hundreds of stories embodied within it. Other than Nainital, this is also one of the best places to visit near Delhi.

    Ideal for: Friends and Family groups.
    Stay options: Queen’s Meadow Hotel, Hotel Chevron Rosemount
    Must See: Jhula Devi Temple, Bhalu Dam
    Best time to Visit: April-June

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    4. Kumaon: With Significant Hiking Spots


    Image Source

    This is one of the hill stations near Nainital that gets its popularity because of the many essential spots that surround it. The town is in proximity to the Panchachuli Glacier, which is one of the most significant hiking spots for in Uttarakhand. Other than the many things to do in Mukteshwar, this city is also a hub for travelers who want to visit the Jim Corbett National Park or the Bhimtal Lake.

    Ideal for: Transit between hill stations
    Stay options: The Kumaon, Kumaon Roop Resort
    Must See: Nanda Devi temple, Narayan Ashram
    Best time to Visit: October-December

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    5. Mukteshwar: With Enchanting Beauty


    Image Source

    Located very close to Nainital, the hill station is at a very high altitude making it a great getaway in the summers. The town is home to the Chauli Ki Jali, which is the hub for a lot of adventure sports like climbing and cliff walking etc. The Mujtesgwar Dham is a temple in the middle of the forest with enchanting beauty during the time of mist. There is also the Bhalu Gaad falls, the waterfall with low currents, and calmer waters. There are plenty of resorts in Mukteshwar where you can choose to stay at while on a vacation. 

    Ideal for: Adventure, Hiking
    Stay options: Jaswi Himalayan Resorts, Dyo- The organic village
    Must See: Bhalu Gaad Waterfall
    Best time to Visit: All year long

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    6. Almora: For A Laid Back Vacation


    Image Source

    Although one of the smaller hill stations near Nainital , this town has a lot to offer for both nature lovers and the laid back tourists. The winding roads of the city have a different beautiful location around every turn. Simtola in Almora is one of the most visited picnic spots. It’s a large patch of green hills overlooking a valley. The Nanda Devi temple is an ancient temple that attracts many pilgrims from across the state.

    Ideal for: Friends and family groups
    Stay options: Hotel Shikhar, The Himalayan Woods
    Must See: Simtola Hill
    Best time to Visit: April-November

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    7. Kasauli: For Green Patches Of Lush


    Image Source

    This is a small village located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The warm, welcoming nature of the people of this town has given it the popularity it deserves. There are many green patches and hilltops to hike in Kasauli. The Gilbert Nature Trail has been on the top of the list of nature enthusiasts who come to the town. The trail offers a view of the many green pastures, and one can spot rare birds and insects all along.

    Ideal for: Nature trails, hiking
    Stay options: Kasauli Exotica, Bird View Resort.
    Must See: Manki Point
    Best time to Visit: April-June

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    8. Bageshwar: For Nature Hikes


    Image Source

    Located along the banks of the Saryu River, this town has a ton of nature hikes and hilltop views. The Badrinath Temple and the Chandika Mandir are mesmerizing spiritual centers with unique temple structures. The city is also a gateway to the Pindari Glacier. For travelers who wish to scale this peak, the ideal starting point is the rest and recuperation period.

    Ideal for: Friends and family groups, Hiking
    Stay options: Hotel Ashish, Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat
    Must See: Pindari Glacier
    Best time to Visit: April-November

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    9. Gwaldam: For A Cultural Experience


    Image Source

    Tucked away between the Garhwal and Kumaon regions, this is a cozy little village that offers the calm and the quiet ones needed on holiday. Because of its placement, the city is bustling with cultural and spiritual experiences. One can see the Trishul Peak, Nanda Devi Mountains, and much more such views from all over the city. The River Pindari runs right by the town.

    Ideal for: hiking, Sightseeing, Relaxation
    Stay options: Nature’s Treat Resort, Saffron Stays
    Must See: Badhanaggri temple, Angora Farm
    Best time to Visit: March-July

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    10. Pithoragarh: A Serene Destination


    Image Source

    Puthoragh has both the urban lifestyle of a city and the serene beauty of the hills. Located centrally making it one of the famous hill stations near Nainital , the city has a series of small hits and village living that bends perfectly with its many resorts. The Pithoragarh fort is a historic castle built during the Chand period by the King Peru Pritwi Gusain. Kapileshwar Mahadev temple within a small cave is also an exceptional sight.

    Ideal for: Staycation, History buffs
    Stay options: Misty Mountains Hotel, B.N Resorts
    Must See: Pithoragarh Fort, Mosthamanu Temple
    Best time to Visit: April-November

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    11. Bhimtal: For Splendid Views

    Bhimtal- An Ideal Weekend Getaway

    One of the most popular hill stations close to Nainital, Bhimtal has pioneered itself to be a great holiday destination over the years. Get splendid views of the mountains and hills nearby which offer an amazing treat to your eyes. In contrast to Nainital, you will witness less crowds and enjoy multiple activities like boating, nature walks, hiking and trekking. Victoria Dam, Folk Culture Museum, Hidimba Parvat and Nal Damyanti Tal are some of the best places to visit in Bhimtal.

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: V Resorts Monolith Bhimtal, Tag Resorts Lavanya Bhimtal
    Must See: Bhimtal Lake
    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

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    12. Naukuchiatal: Lush And Green Valleys


    Also known as the “lake of nine corners” is one of the popular hill stations close to Nainital. Around the lush and green valleys of Naukuchiatal, you can find opportunities for angling, hiking and bird watching. A hill station can not be better than this, as expected, you have the fewest crowds and with a serene atmosphere, you can expect to roam around multiple places. Some of the best places to visit in Naukuchiatal include Junglia Gaon, Hanuman Temple and Tibet Market.

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Pura Stays, The Allure Hotel, The Lake Resort
    Must See: Naukuchiatal Lake
    Best time to Visit: March-June,September-November

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    13. Ramgarh: The Fruit Heaven

    a bench in a garden overlooking the mountains

    Ramgarh is not a prominent hill station, yet its location within the mountains and breadth of fresh air makes it an important and one of the best hill stations near Nainital. Located in a secluded region, Ramgarh is a serene and cool hill station known for its wide range of fruits and orchards. For this reason, it is called the “Fruit Bowl of Kumaon” with vast vegetation covering pears, apples, peach, apples and apricots. 

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Hotel J. B palace, Hotel Manohar Residency, Hotel Raj Heritage
    Must See: Bhalu Gaad Falls
    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

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    14. Nathuakhan: A Secluded Village


    One of the closest hill stations from Nainital is Nathuakhan, a secluded village located at an adorning height of 1,940 meters above sea level. The village has been divided into multiple hamlets including Mallatanda, Kafaldhari, Tallatanda, and Navada. To experience a traditional life, you are free to roam around in these hamlets. We are more than sure that it will have a memorable impact on your vacation.

    Ideal for: Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Whispering Heights, Bob’s Place, Keanna Village Home
    Must See: Dhokaney Waterfall
    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

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    15. Jalna: For A Satisfying Visit

    Jalna cover

    Jalna is one of the most popular and nearest hill stations to Nainital, otherwise, also known as “a window to the Himalayas.” Nestled amid the hills of Almora and Binsar, Jalna makes for more than a satisfying visit to Uttarakhand and has a few temples to discover. Apart from that, you can explore the range of guest houses, village life, cottages and lots of privacy. We do recommend this place to be a top priority for honeymooners. Sure, there won’t be that many attractions around but you will get a lot of privacy and some memorable times to spend with your loved one. 

    Ideal for: Couples
    Stay options: Saffron Hotel, Hotel Galaxy Deluxe
    Must See: Chitai Golu Devta Temple 
    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

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    16. Majkhali: With Numerous Picnic Spots

    Amazing view and astounding beauty

    One of the popular and nearest hill stations to Nainital, known for attracting few crowds yet offering scenic views, a serene environment and located on top of a mountain is Majkhali. Majkhali is one of the best places with numerous picnic spots where you can enjoy a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. A very ideal destination for nature lovers, you get some absolutely gorgeous views of Mount Trisul, a group of 3 mountain peaks in western Kumaon.

    Ideal for: Families, Friends
    Stay options: Roseville Cottage, Vimoksha Resorts, Rhodo Retreat and Resorts
    Must See: Army Golf Course
    Best time to Visit: April-May

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    17. Binsar: Get A Majestic View


    Binsar is one of the popular and closest hill stations from Nainital offering a set of lush surroundings. Nestled in the Kumaon region, and sitting at an elevation of 2,420 meters, Binsar is known for offering majestic views of the Himalayan peaks including Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot. Some major attractions of Binsar include the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Kasar Devi Temple, Goril Devata, and much more.

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Binsar Forest Retreat, Binsar Adventure Camp, Club Mahindra Binsar Valley
    Must See: Binsar Zero Point and Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
    Best time to Visit: October-November

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    18. Berinag: Famous For Snake Temples

    One of the best hill stations near Nainital, Berinag is very popular for its snake temples. The place is one of nature’s ethereal beauty and a perfect destination for getting away from the hustle and soaking the beauty to rejuvenate your mind and soul. On top of that, you get some refreshing views of the Panchachuli peaks in the Himalayas. You will also get to experience the traditional culture of Berinag as it is a cultural rich zone with its own folk songs and dances. 

    Ideal for: Families, Friends
    Stay options: Hotel Himalaya Darshan Berinag, The Misty Mountains, Summit Parwati Resort
    Must See: Nag Devta Temple
    Best time to Visit: April to June 

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    19. Didihat: Of Hills And Verdant Valleys

    places to visit in kumaon cover

    A very small hill station located near Nainital, Didihat is a truly offbeat destination that is exquisitely rich in flora and fauna offering picturesque views of the verdant valleys surrounded by ridges. You can expect to tour the temples, streams, forests, mountainous peaks which just add to the glory of the hills. Some top areas to venture around Didihat include Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary and the Narayan Swamy Ashram. 

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Askotias Himalayan Guest House, KMVN Tourist Rest House Chaukori
    Must See: Sherakot Temple
    Best time to Visit: Throughout the year

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    20. Kausani: A Writer’s Paradise


    Kausani is the ideal place to visit if you are a backpacker, as it is very popular for the several mountains and hills within its borders. This a quaint hill station, and we are going to stereotype this, but it deserves the distinction of being a writer’s paradise. Sip a cup of hot tea or coffee with your notebook and ideas will just flow through your mind. Take your notepad to visit around the hill station and interact with the locals, learn about their culture, and explore the many refreshing places to visit in Kausani.

    Ideal for: Families, Friends and Couples
    Stay options: Hotel Kausani Retreat, Chevron Eco Lodge
    Must See: Anashakti Ashram, Rudradhari Waterfall
    Best time to Visit: April-June, September-November

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    21. Manila: For Breathtaking Panoramas

    Manila Devi Temple uttarakhand

    Image Source

    This ancient town is home to the revered Maa Manila Devi Temple that brings pilgrims, worshippers, and architecture lovers from around the country. Though small in size, this town is a truly mesmerizing locale that offers stunning panoramas of the Himalayas and a blissful weather that makes people want to stay here forever.

    It’s not just one of the best hill stations near Nainital but also among the most beautiful places near Rishikesh that echoes age-old folklore and keeps its charming heritage intact.

    Ideal for: Couples, families, pilgrims, nature lovers
    Stay options: Hotel Shiv Ganga, Hotel Lake Inn
    Must See: Manila Devi Temple
    Best time to Visit: anytime of the year

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    22. Bhowali: A Peaceful Retreat

    Bhowali uttarakhand

    Image Source

    This little hill station is tucked on the close to many popular hill stations like Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Ramgarh, Sattal, and Mukteshwar other than Nainital. It makes up for a wonderful getaway for those seeking peace and solitude far from urban chaos and clutter. It’s unlike any other hill station near Nainital owing to its natural beauty and untouched splendor that lures in wanderers looking for offbeat experiences in Uttarakhand.

    Situated at a height of 1706 meters above sea level, Bhowali offers stunning panoramas that tend to instill a sense of calm in one’s soul! And when you’re here, don’t miss its expansive orchards of apples, peaches, strawberries, plums, and apricots!

    Ideal for: Families, nature lovers
    Stay options: Tulip Hotel, The Raikwals Hotel and Restaurant
    Must See: Fruit Market
    Best time to Visit: February to April and September to October

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    23. Sitla: An Unspoiled Paradise

    Sitla town himalayan bulbul uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Located at an elevation of 6000 ft above mean sea level, the small yet chirpy town of Sitla is famed for its peculiar colonial style bungalows and villas. A simple glance at its European-looking mansions is sure to transport you into that bygone era!

    Just like any other hill station near Nainital, tourists here have the opportunity to engage in trekking tours of different difficulty levels, both self-guided and those organised by the resorts and homestays here. What really sets it apart is the fact that these treks and hikes will let you explore the totally untouched and unspoilt part of Uttarakhand’s hills and forests!

    Ideal for: Couples, adventure seekers
    Stay options: Ojaswi Himalayan Resort
    Must See: Colonial bungalows
    Best time to Visit: February to May

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    24. Kalika: Uninterrupted Views Of Snowy Peaks

    Kalika temple uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Kalika is located just 40 km away from the delightful hill station of Nainital, and almost 6 km away from Ranikhet, the other hill station near Nainital in Uttarakhand. While for many it’s another hill station in Uttarakhand, but it holds a very special place in the hearts of pilgrims and nature lovers.

    The Kalika Temple is what draws peace seekers and spiritual souls from around North India to this tiny hill town. Enveloped in the goodness of dense green jungles and snow-capped mountains, this charming hill station cannot be missed on your Uttarakhand holiday.

    Ideal for: Couples, families, peace seekers
    Stay options: Himtop Hotel Dharchula
    Must See: Golf Course and Kalika Temple
    Best time to Visit:

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    So, which one of these enchanting hill stations near Nainital will you visit first? We bet it’ll be difficult to pick just one since they all offer everything from amazing weather, stunning views, peace, hospitality, and good food! Let us know all about your vacation in Uttarakhand once you’re back!

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Nainital

    Q. Is Nainital hilly area?

    A. The town of Nainital is located 2,085 meters above sea level. This makes it the perfect climate for cold hill-station weather. The region of Nainital is definitely hilly in nature and has a varied train of lush greenery and rocky hills.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Nainital?

    A. Between the months of March and June, then the rest of the country is burning in the summer sun, the city of Nainital has a calm envelope of cold air. In the monsoon and post-monsoon times of the year, the hills are filled with mist making it a picture-perfect sight.

    Q. What is special about Nainital hill station?

    A. The city of Nainital is an ideal spot for all kinds of holidays because of the perfect infrastructure that it has to support it. It feeds all the basic needs of a perfect tourist destination and if the city gets too cramped there are always the many hill stations near Nainital.

    Q. Is Nainital good for a honeymoon?

    A. The city of Nainital is ideal for couples and honeymooners. They are quiet and peaceful yet very cost-effective to newly-weds. The city has enough choices for hotels and resorts that one can book easily too.

    Q. How far is Nainital from Delhi by road?

    A. The two cities are at a distance of 299 kilometers from each other. The journey can be done easily using government and private buses. The most preferred mode of transport is, however, a personal car.

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