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Located in the Ananthagiri mandal of Visakhapatnam district in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, Bora Caves are one of the largest caves of the country. It is a famous tourist destination in India and is visited mainly by visitors to Vizag. These underground limestone caves are formed by the waters of the Godavari River. These natural formations, stalactites and stalagmites, are created by depositing minerals from water dripping for millions of years and are worth visiting. Interestingly, to reach the Bora Caves, one has to climb down more than 400 steps, which lead from the entrance to the main chamber of the caves. The caves have religious and cultural significance for local tribes. The caves attract tourists, geologists and adventurers. On your next trip to Andhra Pradesh, explore the Bora Caves.

The Legend Of Bora Caves

The view inside Bora Cave

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This region has historic significance, as it is the earliest human habitat in South India. The ancient caves, temples and medieval fort-like structures depict the history of Ancient India. Bora cave was officially discovered by a British officer, William King George of the Geological Survey of India, in 1807, when he was on one of his expeditions in the area. The critical significance of the cave is that it derives its name from the hole in the roof over its central location. The cave’s entrance is about 705 m above sea level, while its lowest point is about 625 m. The cave length is about 200 m.

There are several legends of caves being discovered by the tribals living here. It is believed that once upon a time, a cowherd searching for his lost cow came across these caves. He found a Shiva Lingam inside the cave and thought that Lord Mahadev had helped him save his cow. The villagers built a small and beautiful temple in the cave, which is still a major attraction for devotees and tourists. Another famous and popular belief is that the Shiva Lingam found here has a stone formation of cow above it, and the udder of this cow is believed to be the source of the Gosthani river that flows through the city of Vizag.

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Exploring Bora Caves and around

 The well-lit interiors of Bora Caves

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Bora caves are breathtaking formations built in various forms, resembling mythological holy figures, animal objects, etc., such as Shiva-Parvathi, Rishi’s Beard, Mother-Child, and crocodiles. The central chamber of the cave is awe-inspiring due to its vast size, about 200 metres long and 80 metres deep. Inside the caves, you can see a small shrine of Goddess Durga, revered by the locals and devotees visiting the caves.

The colourful lighting enhances the visitor’s experience as it illuminates the cave’s parts. Well-maintained paths and platforms allow visitors to navigate and explore the caves safely.

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The lush green Araku Valley near Bora Cave

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Araku Valley, located in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, about 130 km from Vizag city, is famous for its coffee plantations. Businessman Prakash Rao established the coffee business in Araku in 1050. Tourists can enjoy the valley’s natural beauty and also learn how coffee is processed from berries to ground, roasted, and brewed into a cup.
The nearby Ananthagiri Hills is a must-visit for its breathtaking natural scenic views.

The hills in the Eastern Ghats have lush coffee plantations, trekking trails, rich biodiversity, and stunning waterfalls. The pleasant climate of the mountains, the experience of local culture, and the taste of local cuisine add to the place’s charm.

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Adventure Sports Near Bora Caves

Camps near Bora Caves, in Araku Valley

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Bora Caves is not going to disappoint you if you love adventure. Enjoy adventure activities and trekking on your visit to Ananthagiri Hills, about 15 kilometres from Bora Caves. This area is ideal for enjoying a scenic drive from Hyderabad and exploring the dense forests, beautiful flora, and fauna. You can trek to reach the topmost point of Vikarabad region. Various scenic trails in Ananthagiri Hills and Araku Valley are dotted with waterfalls and picturesque landscapes, which are ideal for trekking.

Various rock faces and boulders can be explored for rock climbing. Some adventure camps in Araku Valley offer zip-lining to provide adventure-seekers with an experience of soaring over the treetops.

How To Reach

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There is a diversion on the road after the Ananthagiri Hills on the way to the Bora Caves. The nearest airport is Visakhapatnam, 120 km away from Araku. The nearest railway station is Visakhapatnam. The drive through the Vizag-Araku Road will take about three hours through the Ananthagiri Hills.

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Bora Cave is one of the best and most visited tourist destinations in Vizag City. It is also a weekend drive away from Hyderabad. The exciting limestone formations highlighted by the beautiful lighting make the visit to Bora Caves attractive. The temple in the cave is visited by many devotees and tourists alike. The proximity of the caves to the beautiful Araku Valley and Ananthagiri Hills makes the experience wholesome. This makes Bora Caves a famous tourist site that should not be missed by anyone. It’s time to plan your trip to Andhra Pradesh and travel to Bora caves.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bora Caves

What is special about Borra Caves?

Bora Caves are one of the largest caves in the country. It houses millions of years old stalactite and stalagmite limestone formations that are attractive to look at due to their resemblance to various mythological, animal, human or object figures. They are located at an elevation of about 1,400 metres above sea level. The caves are simply majestic and a visual treat for the visitors.

What is the mystery of Borra Caves?

There are several legends that go around about Bora Caves. According to the beliefs of the locals, there was a cowherd, who accidentally discovered these caves, long time ago, while looking for his lost cow. While searching for his cow, he entered the caves and observed a naturally formed Shiva Lingam. Since then, the tribals worship Lord Shiva at the caves.

How many steps are in Borra Caves?

There are more than 400 steps that the visitors to Bira Caves need to descend from the entrave of the caves to the main chamber there. The steps are unique as they make you experience the gradual transformation from the surface to the underground environment of the caves.

.How far are Araku Valley and Borra Caves from Vizag?

Bora Caves is about 15 kilometres away from Araku Valley and about 80 kilometres from Vizag. Bora Caves is a weekend drive from Hyderabad and Vizag.

Is 1 day trip enough for Bora Caves?

A one-day trip is enough to comfortably explore Bora Caves and enjoy some of the nearby attractions without being rushed. However, if you want to combine your visit with Araku Valley and Ananthagiri Hills, you may need a couple of days more to enjoy adventure camps, trekking and other interesting activities.

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