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Singapore is a country that surprises people from all over the world with its huge number of tourist attractions. From museums and monuments to skyscrapers and bridges, the country has countless elements that’ll keep you engaged on your visit. The island city state has a vast history and today the aspects like architecture and technology of this country make it one of the most futuristic nations in the world. If you want to have a look at how far the country has come and know about its art and culture, then visit the National Art Gallery Singapore. You will also get enlightened by the historical as well as modern architectural aspects of this country if you’ll explore the various bridges near National Gallery Singapore. The country is a home to various types of bridges that are either famous since olden times or depict the eventual modernity the country observed over the years.

The Southeast Asian country is one of the most-visited destinations in the world. Being one of the developed nations, it welcomes people from all over the globe. The island city state has been declared as the most technology-ready nation in the entire world. Such major developments in this country has come after it became independent from the rules of the British Empire as well as the Imperial Japanese Army.

3 Bridges Near National Gallery Singapore

Located in the Downtown Core, National Gallery Singapore is one of those art museums in the country that will give you a proper insight into the historical events. It also introduces you to the cultural aspects of the country through the artwork. The art museum saw its opening on November 24th, 2015 and has been welcoming locals as well as tourists in large numbers since then. The building of this museum itself is an architectural marvel in the country.

To have a better idea of the historical and/or modern times of the Southeast Asian country, you must visit the bridges located nearby. Some of the most-visited ones have been listed below!

1. Elgin Bridge

Elgin Bridge

This is one of the vehicular bridges in the country of Singapore that connects the Downtown Core with Singapore River Planning Area. the eponym , Lord Elgin was the Governor General of India in the year 1862. This iron bridge was built as a replacement of the old wooden bridge in the year 1929. Moreover, it was the first bridge that was constructed across the river. Two roads, North Bridge Road and South Bridge road lead to this bridge.

2. Alkaff Bridge

alkaff bridge

This one’s a pedestrian bridge of the island city state that has been constructed across the Singapore River at the Robertson Quay (lying in Singapore River Planning Area). This truss bridge has been constructed with steel and measures 55 meters in length with 230 tonnes of weight. The shape of this bridge looks like a tongkang. The bridge was inaugurated in the year 1999.

3. The Helix Bridge


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Singapore’s true beauty comes out at night amongst all the lights and one of the best places to witness this is the helix bridge. When all the lights are on, then it is nothing less than a spectacle to watch. It is a great place to go for a walk and to take some amazing panoramic shots. The footbridge was originally called the Double Helix Bridge. It connects the South Marine Bay and the Marine center over the Singapore River. The Helix bridge is also the first curved bridge of the world and was opened in 2010 for the public. Currently, a landmark of Singapore, the bridge was designed like a human DNA string to represent growth and rebirth. The bridge stretches to 280 meters and is made using stainless steel over the intricate mesh and fabulous tubular designs that weigh a whopping 650 tonnes.

Location: Marina Bay.
Entry: Free
Hours: Best seen during evening and night times.

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Vacationing in Singapore will definitely be a fun experience if you’ll cover most of the prominent aspects of the country. Bridges in this island city state are prominent sites to behold. The modern architecture blended with historical significance makes your will make your visit to the bridges near National Gallery Singapore a worthwhile experience.

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