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    bungee jumping

    Kenya, renowned for its shorelines, brings to the table more than we might expect or can even envision! The place isn’t just an incredible site to unwind yourself. It also ensures you have a great time when it comes to indulging in adventurous activities Bungee ricocheting is a thrilling adventure that involves bobbing from a tall structure while being fastened by an adaptable string. The tall structure is usually a building, augmentation, or crane.

    The excitement starts from the free-fall and bounce back. At the point when an individual bounces, the rope expands and the jumper flies upwards again, continuing to falter all over. This excitement lasts until the moment you are up again standing on your feet. Bungee jumping in Kenya can be once in a lifetime experience, thanks to its picturesque landscapes and energetic vibes

    6 Places For Bungee Jumping In Kenya

    To make your experience of bungee jumping in Kenya special and sorted, we have compiled a list of most popular spots that are ideal for this adventurous sport. Keep the list handy as you reach this place and visit the ones that tempt you the most!

    1. Bungee Jumping Sagana, Kenya

    Bungee Jumping Sagana, Kenya

    Image Source

    The experience of bungee jumping at Sagana is quite thrilling. Here, you are made to jump from a 60 m tall structure with a flexible rope fastened at your back, so you appreciate the vibe of free falling yet you don’t tumble to the ground.

    The excitement is as much the same as you attempt the free-falling as you get with the bounce back, giving you a thoroughly elating inclination.

    Location: Sagana, Kenya.
    Google Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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    2. Kenya’s Adventures

    Kenya’s Adventures

    Image Source

    People who come for bungee jumping in Kenya can even experience it during the night and get to taste the savory supper. Sagana is the hub for this activity in Kenya. It can be enjoyed as one of the fun group activities in Sagana, Kenya.

    This one is surely promising to help you get benefited with the amazing activities that pump your adrenaline!

    Location: Sagana, Kenya.
    Google Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    3. Rapids Camp

    Rapids Camp

    Image Source

    Another spot in Sagana that lets you enjoy bungee jumping is on the banks of the Tana River offered by Rapids Camp. The stage for bungee jumping is a 60 meter high steel tower. You should climb the pinnacle to bounce off.

    Diverse visit administrators appear to offer changed timings for hop off. You just get 10-15 minutes to decide in the event if you will jump off or not and after that time is up, you won’t be permitted to hop.

    Location: on the banks of the Tana River.
    Google Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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    4. Red Adventures

    Red Adventures

    Image Source

    You are generally put into a well-being saddle which has a versatile string attached to your back. The electric rope normally extends so you will ricochet here and there a couple of times before the line quits moving. There is typically a watercraft on the stream holding up to get bungee jumpers.

    There are additionally different things that Red Adventures provide in Sagana. There is wilderness boating, medium-term outdoors, bramble suppers, and cookout lunches.

    Location: Sagana, in the heart of the place called Kenya!
    Google Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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    5. Fun Times Pvt. Ltd.

    Fun Times Pvt. Ltd.

    Image Source

    This one leading a budget from cost running from 5,000 Ksh. to 5,500 Ksh. contingent upon the administrator. To be on the safer side, plan a budget for Ksh. 6,000 just in case the expenses have gone up.

    There is additionally a stopping charge of Ksh 500 for individuals utilizing the Savages parking garage. The least weight to bungee bounce is 40 kg and the highest is generally 105 kg.

    Location: Sagana, Kenya
    Google Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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    6. Bungee Seizing camps near Sagana!

    Bungee Seizing camps near Sagana

    Image Source

    You won’t get your cash recovered so you would be advised to be assured of yourself that you will do it before getting onto that platform. On the off chance that you are a thrill seeker, Bungee seizing Rapids Camp situated by Sagana River should be your first stop.

    The primary hop is a thrilling 60 meters plunge that tosses you into a repulsive free-fall, making you shout your lungs out. Furthermore, when you’re finished with the drop and you surmise that it is finished, you’ll be surprised with one more thrilling fall.

    Location: Sagana
    Google Rating: 4.1 out of 5

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    If you are planning for an adventurous trip to Africa, then don’t forget to add these spots mentioned above. For a fulfilling bungee jumping in Kenya, visiting these 7 places will do the needful.

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